Women’ Health Issues

  1. I don’t know of anyone in NZ who does this

  2. Hi Dr Holloway, I am currently one of your pts. At present my sister is visiting us in Brisbane and appears to be going through menopause and having most of the issues associated with this. Would you know of anyone who offers the same treatment as you who may practice either North of Auckland or Auckland it self that. We would appreciate it if you are able to help her.


  3. Yes, You can come back to see me. We will start from scratch. Hope I can help you.

  4. Hi. I was a patient of yours a few years ago but had to stop when I had cancer and developed a clot with chemo treatment I have since then had heart surgery aortic valve replacement and I am now on daily warfrin. I was under the care of the Australian menopause Institute taking their meds. Before I could commence treatment I did a series of blood tests to check for nany things. I have canceled my treatment s with them and would like to know if given my medical history I could come back to seeing you. I am currently on an alternating dose of 12.5 and 13 mg if warfrin daily

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