Information about my Practice

Hours: Mon 8.40-12.30 pm Tues, Thurs 8.40 am – 4.00 pm.

Tel : 0753 158888

The first appointment will be a long appointment of about 20-25 minutes. Please bring in the completed checklist as listed on this web-site.  I normally run on time, so punctuality is appreciated. You may be charged a fee if you do not keep the appointment, as it is unfair to others who could have had that appointment.

The cost will be about $175, depending on the complexity and length of consultation, when it may cost more.  You will receive a medicare rebate back of about 1/3rd

 Email address:

The Consultation:

A discussion about your health problems will take place, with a discussion about the various options available to you. The emphasis will be on a natural and holistic approach to your problems.  I will discuss these in detail. A physical examination will not occur unless it is appropriate to do so. I do not replace your own GP/therapist, who will continue to look after your day-to-day needs.

You will probably need to have some pathology (blood) tests done after the consultation.

A  follow-up consultation will take place, usually a week later, to discuss the results and plan a management program, normally using natural hormones as necessary. Attending this appointment automatically means that you are giving consent to the use of this treatment, even though the general medical fraternity do not agree with the use of body identical hormones, compounding of scripts and what they feel is not enough evidence regarding their use. Please bring up any concerns regarding these at any of these consultations.

The cost of the follow-up consultations is $100, of which nearly half will be rebated by medicare. I do not Bulk Bill.

You may get a prescription for the Body identical  hormones, obtainable from a compounding chemist.

The cost of these varies from $1 – $2 per day, depending on the ingredients. Rarely may cost more.

There are normally 2 repeats, which equates to a 6 month supply. The selected pharmacy keeps the repeat for you.

You will normally have a six monthly check-up consultation, to make sure your levels are optimal, as they do change over time. Use the path form I give you to have your hormone levels checked before seeing me.

Repeats scripts cannot be obtained without a consultation, so plan this well in advance, as there is often a 3-4 week delay in getting an appointment. If there is an emergency script needed, which may happen in certain circumstances, then a $26 fee is payable to cover various costs.

If you have any major issues with your treatment/medication/symptoms then check FAQ on this website, as you may find the answer there. If the answer is not there, then email  me at:  Sometimes there may be a few days delay in receiving a reply, as I sometimes get over 100 emails in a day, and it can take time to go through them all.

At each visit you will most likely be given a pathology form. Have this test before your next visit.

For distant patients or those who absolutely cannot make a physical consultation, a telephone consultation is available, Cost $130 first appointment, $76 thereafter. . No medicare rebate. It is your responsibility to ring in at the correct time.

Lost script attract a $26 fee to cover P&H.

LDN: Appointments for LDN are in a special category, and are much lower costs than for the BHRT. The cost varies according to the complexity of the problem.

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