Information about my Practice

Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs 8.30 am – 4.00 pm.

Tel : 0753 158888

The first appointment will be a long appointment of about 30 minutes. Please bring in the completed checklist as listed on this web-site.  I normally run on time, so punctuality is appreciated. You may be charged a fee if you do not keep the appointment, as it is unfair to others who could have had that appointment.

The cost will be $160, of which you will receive a medicare rebate back of about 1/3rd

 Email address:

The Consultation:

A discussion about your health problems will take place, with a discussion about the various options available to you. The emphasis will be on a natural and holistic approach to your problems.  I will discuss these in detail. A physical examination will not occur unless it is appropriate to do so. I do not replace your own GP/therapist, who will continue to look after your day-to-day needs.

You will probably need to have some pathology (blood) tests done after the consultation.

A  follow-up consultation will take place, usually a week later, to discuss the results and plan a management program, normally using natural hormones as necessary.

The cost of the follow-up consultations is $90, of which nearly half will be rebated by medicare. I do not Bulk Bill.

You may get a prescription for the Bioidentical  hormones, obtainable from a compounding chemist.

The cost of these varies from $1 – $2 per day, depending on the ingredients. Rarely may cost more.

There is normally 2 repeats, which equates to a 6 month supply. The selected pharmacy keeps the repeat for you.

You will normally have a six monthly check-up consultation, to make sure your levels are optimal, as they do change over time. Use the path form I give you to have your hormone levels checked before seeing me.

Repeats scripts cannot be obtained without a consultation, so plan this well in advance, as there is often a 2-3 week delay in getting an appointment.

If you have any major issues with your treatment/medication/symptoms then check FAQ on this website, as you may find the answer there. If the answer is not there, then email  me at:  Sometimes there may be a few days delay in receiving a reply, as I sometimes get over 100 emails in a day, and it can take time to go through them all.

At each visit you will be given a pathology form. Have this test before your next visit.

For distant patients or those who absolutely cannot make a physical consultation, a telephone consultation is available, Cost $60. No medicare rebate.

Lost script attract a $25 fee to cover P&H.

  1. Merely wanna input on few general things, The website pattern is perfect, the articles is very fantastic : D

  2. Hi. Can you help with pre-menopausal weight gain?

  3. Hi Dr Holloway. Well you have a very happy patient. You were able to get me in earlier. Thank you again and after 2 weeks on my troches I do not have night sweats and everything feels normal again. I really am amazed at how quick my body felt normal. I am looking forward to the follow up blood test to see how my hormone levels are out of curiosity as its a miracle. I am glad I looked into this natural hormone replacement therapy. If I feel so good now Wow! the future is bright as ever. 🙂 Sylvia

  4. Cheree Blechynden

    Hi Dr Holloway
    I have 3 Daughters 2 have polycystic ovaries my 24 year old did have really heavy periods so
    her specialist says she is not to have a period so this has been ongoing for about 6 years
    They are both big girls but my 23 has lost quiet a bit of weight which is great
    My 18 year old is my worry she hasn’t had a period for 18 months and the pill doesn’t agree with her ,her weight is really getting out of control. Is there anything you might be able to help us with. They were both on metformin but my 18 year old doesn’t take it anymore

  5. Hi Dr Holloway

    I’m a 30 yr old male suffering chronic fatigue symptoms post Legionairres infection & am interested in having my hormones checked to aid my recovery. Do you do salival hormone testing or blood hormone testing..?

    Kind regards

  6. Hi Doctor Holloway,
    Just inquiring on how i go about booking an appointment.?
    Regards Debbie

  7. Hello Dr Holloway
    So, in relation to booking an appointment, you mention the need for the checklist to be completed, I was just wondering where the checklist is located on your website?
    Thanks very much

  8. Margaret Turner

    Dear Colin, my enquiry relates to my Dry Eye (MGD I’ve been told). I have tried everything that every opthamologist has told me but still I get no relief. David Easton referred me to you however I havent been able to get an appointment until May. My query is, have you treated anyone with this condition with hormone therapy? I have read that post menopausal dry eye could be treated with androgen hormones.

    Am I wasting your time coming to see you or do you think you can help me. I am truly desperate for some answers as my life for the past twelve months has been to sit on the sofa all day with my eyes shut…no way to live!

    Hoping you can help me. Regards Margaret Turner

  9. Margaret turner

    Thank you, your reply has been the biggest morale boost I have had in a long time.

  10. Margaret Turner

    Should I ring reception to see about an appointment change or will they contact me?

  11. I was hoping you could help. I had a total husterectomy about 10yrs ago. I am 51 yrs old. After several different attempt to find balance through bioidenticals I ended up on oral estradiol. I was doing ok for seversl yrs ut about 2 yrs ago I developed several autoimmune conditions including psoriatic arthritis and hashimotos. I am currently on armour thyroid 90. After discovering that ging starch free significantly decreased my jointpain I opted to go off my oral estradiol as it contained starch. I tried biest cream and had horrible mood swings and weight gain. I was then switched to troches, same exact dose as my oral estradiol. I once again exlerience issues with weight gain. I even tried having the oral estradiol compounded so it would not contain starch and same problem. I am not understanding why I am having these issues with what I am assuming is water retention with all these other methods. I do notice that if I stop the estrogen I can be hot flash free for several days which makes me think for some reason it is to strong but the dosage is very low only 0.5 I have tried progesterone cream in the past and that caused horrible depression and weight gain. Help!

  12. Can you treat a young male who has abused steroids recently, in order to restore normal testosterone and LH function, using HCG and tamoxifen?

  13. Dr Holloway, I have a friend in Sydney who would love to benefit from your treatment. Is there somewhere in Sydney she can go for similar treatment, that you can recommend?

  14. Dr Holloway, I have another friend in Melbourne who would also love to benefit from your treatment. Is there somewhere in Melbourne she can go for similar treatment, that you can recommend please?

  15. Hi Colin,

    I am unsure of the details of your practice… I am based in Melbourne, have a Functional Medical Practitioner and an Ayurvedic doctor. I have MS (dx in 2010) and chronic stress, which I suspect lies the problem for scanty Menses (generally in time, but 4 days!)

    My partner and I have been trying for a child for the last year or there abouts… but to date… nothing. That said however, I have had low iron for some time too, so, have been trying to work on numerous health aspects at the one time.

    I was seeing an acupuncturist who had great success at tx women’s infertility issues, however this got quite expensive and not sustainable.

    I don’t care to entertain hormones not natural to the human body, knowing that in the long term, this will undoubtedly cause more harm, than it did good.

    If you are based in Melbourne, would it be possible to grab an appointment with you, if you feel that you can assist?

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards, Michelle

  16. Shelley Van Horssen

    Hi DR Holloway,
    The Thyroid medication you have prescribed is giving me terrible reflux. it wasn’t to bad when I was taking 1 tab a day, however after blood tests it showed I needed to take 2 tabs a day. Although my nails have finally stopped popping of the nail beds and are no longer painful Yay!!! my reflux is quite bad, I am reflux vomiting all day and into the night. I take the tablet with food. I am due for a new script next week. I am wondering if I can get prescribed a larger dose and just 1 tablet a day? and also is there something in the thyroid medication that is causing my reflux. could you please send the new script to the Morayfield chemist so I can get it filled next week..
    Thanks Shelley

  17. Hi Dr Holloway, I have been experiencing debilitating hormonal migraines at the same time each month for 2-3 years (after taking IVF drugs which seem to have sent me into early menopause). My symptoms are hot flashes, irritability, dry eyes, insomnia and mood swings and of course the migraines. I am desperate to try to treat the migraines as they are affecting my life greatly. We are having a baby (by surrogacy) next April and I need to find a way to reduce these symptoms so that I can be the best mum I can be when he is born. Currently I am unable to function for up to a week each month as the migraines are severe. My GP has tried migraine medication which doesn’t work and I take herbs which help a little. Can you please let me know if you can take me as a patient and how long your waiting list is? I am about a 15 min drive from Morayfield so can easily make an appointment if you have a cancellation, thank you, TAmmy

  18. Hello Dr Colin – my son has recently been diagnosed with psychosis (his father has similar) he is on paliperdone, mirtazspine he also suffers from depression & anxiety – is this something you may be able to help with, he is so unhappy? Thanks M

  19. Hi Dr Colin, I had breast cancer 6 years ago underwent both chemo & radiation. 1 year ago I had my throyid removed, Graves’ disease, 2 cold nodules on throyid with hurtle cells. I have been on thyroxine, but I feel it is not working. I have a naturapath that has done the test the Drs would never do. She has recommend you just wondering if you are taking any new patiences. Thank you Lorelle

  20. Thank you. I will ring your office and try and get in asap as I understand you are heavily booked. Thanks Lorelle

  21. Hi Dr Colin,
    Just after some information my husband 49 has a high calcium level which came back in a blood test just few months ago ,our local doctor also did a bloods and it has came back he has a over active thyroid ,would the high calcium level has something to do with that ?,we have been told to do another blood tear in April if the levels are still the same she said he will have to have an op ,do you think this information is correct just a bit concerned ..
    Kind Regards Melissa Dwyer

  22. Marina van Leyden

    Dear Dr Holloway,
    I would like to emigrate to Australia in the next year or two (visa applications allowing), and I have Hashimoto’s. I’ve been on Armour, and more recently Erfa natural dessicated thyroid, for the last 2 years, which I’m prescribed via a private Dr here in London – as it’s not possible to get through the NHS (UK health system). I feel a million times better than when I was on Levothyroxine, but am worried about the move to Australia should I not be able to be prescribed natural dessicated thyroid. I can’t bear to think about having to return to Levothyroxine – Your site gives me hope however. Are you taking new patients?

    • Yes, I am taking new patients.

      • Hello Dr Colin, I am wondering if you may help me. I too am like some of your other patients in menopause and am at my wits end. I am 47 and have been in menopause for 4 years. I have tried to hang out as long as I could before taking HRT but my symptoms of night sweats, insomnia and terrible anxiety/panic attacks forced me to take action. I was prescribed Livial and now after 6 weeks I am a mess. I have severe bloating to the point of looking 7 months pregnant at end of day, (I ac ually had that breathless feeling the same as if I had had a laparoscopy) aching joints, and reflux.

        I have stopped taking the Livial today. I am wondering if bio identical will have the same effects on me, or if I can get some relief from this treatment method. I am desperate. Thank you so much Layle

  23. Marina van Leyden

    Hallelujah! Thank you for the speedy and positive response. I’ll be in touch once I’m in situ. Thanks again.

  24. Christine Murfin

    I have referral letter from Dr Anne Nixon, Pioneer Medical Centre, Mackay Qld. I was her patient for HRT for about 9 years. Could you please fit me in for a consultation? I have enough HRT for 2 months, until early June. Script now is Triest 3mg, Prog 100mg, Test 1mg. I am well with this script. I used to have bad PMT, then with menopause, hot flushes, anxiety & other symptoms. I have used Sertraline for depression since 1993. Thank you. My DOB 29/09/1952. 63yo.

  25. Hi Doctor Holloway. As one of your most satisfied patients over many years, I recommended you to a desperate friend and was dismayed to hear that your receptionist said you are unable to take on any new patients. I know how busy you are, and if this is true, are you able to recommend any other NHRT doctors for her? She lives in Boonah, too. Wish she could see you, as I know what a change you made to my life – but understand if you have to curb the influx!
    Thanks, as always, Deb Jennings

    • I have been swamped with work so have had to close my books temporarily. I am not able to recommend anyone else, but suggests she rings one of the compound chemists on my list and they may be able to help her.

  26. Thanks so much for your reply. I know you are the busiest doctor and for good reason! I will help my friend find someone else, but still hope she may be able to see you in the future – if things ever slow down! Thanks again, Deb.

  27. Good Evening Dr Holloway, I am 47 and have been going through menopause. My main issue is severe anxiety with bouts of depression which are quite severe. I am always very tired and moody, I have started to grow hair just in a patch on my neck about the size of a 50 cent piece. My last period was in March one before that December. I have had a tubal ligation and ablation. I suffer from cysts on my ovaries mainly the right side. When I had my periods regularly about 3 days beforehand I could barely lift my head of the pillow I would have diarrhoea headaches severe anxiety. Once my period arrived it was like a switch I was back to myself again. Now that I am not getting my period regularly I am getting these symptoms but having them a number of times through the month but no period to switch things back to normal. What do you think would help, a hormone test. I only found your website today and we are moving to Tasmania in just over a week. Your advice would mean so much to me.

  28. Do you do phone appointments? I had a total hysterctomy 16 years ago at age 25. No ovaries left. I have seen about 20 drs and cannot find balance. Thanks, Angie Braun

  29. Hi Dr Holloway

    I would like to check if you treat male patients with secondary hypogonadism with HCG and not testosterone to preserve fertility?


  30. Chrissie Atkinson

    Chrissie Atkinson. I’m 48 and live in Te puke New Zealand.
    I have just noticed that I’m hearing into perimenopause and my mum suggested I make contact as she worked with you through her menopause.
    Do you come to nz still or is there a recommended Dr I can work with here who is similar to yourself. I prefer alternative methods of medicine.

  31. Hello my daighter who is 32 desperately need your help asap. Not sure where u are. We are in murwillumbah northern nsw im using a friends email account my name is Helen and my number is 0448219610

  32. Dr Holloway, can you recommend anyone around Newcastle NSW, I have Graves Disease hot nodule goitre, enlarged adrenal, have been on Neo Merconzole for 12 months, not having much luck with symptoms with Endocronologist, severe, anxiety, fear depression since having Graves

  33. Hi there, I am a 43yr lady from Buderim, I was diagnosed with Adenomyosis when I was 34 following a hysterectomy. I still have my ovaries and have had issues with high oestrogen, low progesterone, hypothyroidism and sometimes severe acne rosacea (which I believe flares up with my cycle). I have battled with my weight for years but it has now escalated to a point where I am now a very efficient fat-making machine…with weight steadily creeping on despite efforts with diet and exercise. I feel like no one has answers for me and it is proving way beyond me to figure out how to get things under control. I am hoping to get an appointment with yourself or a referral to someone else who could help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance

  34. Oh Dr Holloway How I wish I had known of you and your good works years ago. I was finally diagnosed with Hashimotos approx 20 years ago (after post natal issues) and life had been hell!! I had an ultrasound approx 3 years ago to be told my thyroid was ‘butned out’. I am still on Orixine but just am not myself. I also have been diagnosed with Raynaud’s and last winter was the first time in many years that I just could not get warm and was not well. Is it too late for me to see you about my issues? I am now 68 years of age and would like the following years to be much healthier and happier.
    Many thanks.

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