Hormone Check List

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  1. Hormones, especially thyroid, may have something to do with it and are worth checking. However, hormonal treatment does not have a good record for fixing weight problems.

  2. Hi Dr Holloway
    I am wondering if you can help me. I have just turned 41. Over the last 2 years I have put on approx 8kg despite being active and eating well (from 58kg to 67kg). All the things I ususally do to keep my weight controlled are no longer working (I run, do strength training and keep food diaries). The only difference in my lifestyle is that I have been working in a very stressful environment as a shift worker. This issue is distressing me so much that I have now changed jobs so I no longer need to work under such stress. Could adrenal fatigue/cortisol be the culprit here?? I would really like to know if hormones and stress could be causing to midline to increase??
    Kind regards,

  3. email me privately and I will see if I can get you a cancellation.

  4. Hi Dr Holloway,
    I have been having menopause symptoms for now 4 months now hardly a day goes by without
    Lightheaded feeling
    Anxious , sore boobs,I’ve had joint pain in my hands for almost 2 years, my cycle is all over the place, I can’t sleep & when I do sleep it feels like I haven’t, I’m very emotional and find it hard to get out of bed some days.. I do have an appointment booked with you at the end of January 2017 not sure what I can do until then 9 weeks feels a life time for me right now. I’m aged 43

  5. blanca.weigel@yahoo.com.au

    Hi Dr Holloway,
    I’m a 35yr old female and I strongly believe and have done so for years that my “issues” are hormone related, the reason I believe this is ever since I got my period a week before it’s due I get really really low to the point of suicidal, I have attempted suicide 11times and all this attempts are a week before my period is due, once my period arrives it’s like a switch is turned and I’m normal again for the past 10yrs I’ve been telling my GPs these but they just put me on another anti depressant or pill. I believe the solution is much simpler please help me arrange the next step, I have a 15month old daughter and 2.5yr old boy and husband that need me.

  6. Hi Dr Holloway
    I think I have a hormone imbalance, prior to traveling I was seeing an acupuncturist once a months and also taking herbs she prescribed for hot flushes and other post menstrual problems,I was treated by her for at least 4 years – I have been traveling and not able to see the acupuncturist however I did make an appointment to see a GP as I felt something was wrong as I had sever anxiety, irritability and depression he prescribed HRT estalis continuous 50/250. I no longer have hot flushes however the anxiety is still present and I have random spotting Can you help I am 52

  7. Your hormones are most likely involved, but it is probably too late too start now. Hormones are best started soon after the menopause, for best and safest results.

  8. DIanne Francis

    Hello Dr Holloway,

    I have had a problem with my feet. I have numbness underneath and now it is going up my legs and more recently nerve type pain like pinpoint pain here and there in my thighs. I realise I am not lifting my feet when I walk as I should be and have stiffness in my ankles after sleeping or sitting. My short term memory is letting me down and I need to be more positive thinking. (The memory problem makes me wonder if my hormones might be involved).

    Would my hormones be effecting my legs? I Have noticed sometimes I feel a little off balance especially if I lower my head.

    I am 69.

    Is it my age? By this I mean I have past menopause.

    I am not sure if hormone treatment helps after menopause.

    I am not sure.

  9. Good Afternoon Dr Holloway,

    I think that fate has led me to your website. In the 30 years that I have been unwell, I have always thought that my problems were caused by some some sort of chemical imbalance within. All my problems started after a diathermy of the cervix in 1985. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue – and if you know of these ailments, then you will know well the myriad of symptoms that I live with daily – the worst of which is pain and fatigue. Over the years the symptoms have waxed and waned but for the last two years I have new symptoms – extremely painful hands and feet – something I did not have previously. Not just the joints in my hands and feet – it feels like my bones are throbbing with pain. Also, my hair – at the top of my head – is thinning out very much and I have fat practically ‘growing’ around my abdomen in a somewhat big roll. I have put on 20 kilos in two years but I dont eat that much at all…. I have been to quite a few doctors in search of answers to all these symptoms that I have. I have asked for thyroid testing, as my brother and one of my sisters has Graves disease and their symptoms sounded very much like mine. My sister wasnt diagnosed for over 8 years! I also have another sister with Lupus. In regard to thyroid tests that I have had – just the basic ones mind you – all have come back ‘within the normal range’ and nothing was pursued further in that regard. I am 57. Menstruation ceased in 2013 after horrendous ‘last hurrah’ of excessive bleeding and expelling huge blood clots. This went on for a month before stopping and never coming back, thank goodness. I have found you at the Caboolture Super Clinic and have made an appointment to see you in May of this year. I couldnt get anything sooner, but I am happy to wait. I am hoping that you can find and fix whatever is wrong with me so that I can have a better quality of life as I get older. Look forward to meeting you, Cheers, Chris Nixon

  10. I can do a telephone consult. Ring and book one.

  11. Dear Doctor Holloway,

    I am 32 years old. Over the past 2 years I have been dealing with a divorce, single mother of 2 young children as well as working. I have found the light at the end of the tunnel with a new partner and life is great. However, now I am wondering what is going on with my body. I am always tired. so exhausted that I can not get through the day., I have terrible PMS. Irritable, etc. I have sleep problems, I have no libido. I can no longer take the pill as it doesnt agree with me. I have had bloods done in relation to iron, vitamin B, Thyroid by my GP and everything is fine. However, I seriously think that I have a hormone imbalance. Am I able to make a teleconference with you or are you able to provide any advice.

    Much appreciated.


  12. I might be able to help, but you would need to see me to be assessed.

  13. Hi Dr Holloway,
    i am 73, have had a hysterectomy 30 years ago, I suffer severe aching joints and muscles,headache etc, especially when the weather is clouding up before rain. I also feel similar when in contact with perfumes ,sprays etc’, as well as having flu like symptoms,which is extremely debilitating. Also have fibro myalgia, and my face gets very red and feels like burning on a hot day, at times.I am sure my immune system is up the creek. Are my symptoms hormone related and is it something that treatment by you will be beneficial?

  14. These are symptoms of the menopause, best relieved by taking oestrogen and progesterone.

  15. Dear Dr Holloway, Please could you kindly give me some advise. I do have an appointment with you in February, 2016.
    I am a 61 year old female. I was on bio identical hormones for approx. 2 years. I have been off them for 4 months. I have started experiencing extreme burning on my arms, torso and various parts of my body. I have occasional night sweats and hot flushes. I had a recent blood test and these are the levels: Oestradiol 43, Progesterone 1, Testosterone 0.8, Free Testosterone 9, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 67. Do you feel I should resume taking Estrogen and Progesterone? I appreciate your help in this regard. Thanking you kindly.

  16. Dear Dr Holloway, please could you kindly give me some advice. I am a 61 year old female. I was on bioidentical hormones for approx.2 years previously. I have had a break for about 4 months. I don’t have hot flushes often but I get extreme burning on various parts of my body mainly at night. This will last sometimes all night. I also get night sweats. I have had a blood test for hormones and the readings were as follows: Oestradial 43, Progestrone 1, Testostrone 0.8, Free Testostrone (calc) 9, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 67, DHEA 550mg.
    Would you advise that I start using hormone treatment again?
    Appreciate any assistance in this regard. Thanking you Rosemary

  17. I will contact soon with an alternative date.

  18. Michelle Kimler

    Dear Dr Holloway
    I had my friend Jill Donnelly contact you about getting me in for appointment to see you you did email me with appointment as you had a cancelation but I got it to late, I really would like to see you as I need to see what is going on with me. Please let me know if and when you have availability please.
    Mobile 0430647469

  19. Email me on colinh1@optusnet.com.au and I will fit you in earlier.

  20. Hello Dr Holloway…I have made an appointment to see you but have to till end of July 2015. I am having hot flushes 24/7 at the moment which is driving me insane. Is there anything I can take to help before getting to see you. Also having hives/rashes in the last 4wks approx and having a allergy test done through my regular GP but after reading symptoms of menopause now wondering if this the cause. I also have autoimmune disease which I am under Dr Paul Bartley. Any ideas to help relieve these issues until our appointment would be extremely thankful. Tina Bowling

  21. The BHRT takes a few weeks to work, so should be doing so by now. Going off anti-depressants often causes some withdrawal effecs, such as those you mentioned.

  22. I am 51 and have been suffering from Menopause systems for over 3 years , my lady Dr has put me on BHRT . Some of my main systems is anxiety and mood swings. The first DR I went to did not listen and just threw me a script for AD , Lexapro I hated it but I took it for a year , then took myself off . When i back to her 6 weeks ago to discuss my hormones she shut me down and said BHRT will not help , so I went back on lexapro , however it was then I sourced another Dr to discuss. , I had my hormones tested my DR decided to put me on BHRT .
    This is why i sourced another DR as every time I went back to the first DR again she said I should take the AD , I have never taken a drug in my life.
    I have been on the BHRT for only 3 weeks , how long will it take to work ?
    And are some of the increase side affects of Anxiety , jittery feelings due to stopping the Lexapro 2 weeks ago.
    Thank you

  23. A lot depends on the kind of HRT, Doses and combination of the various hormones, in order to feel your best.

  24. HI
    I had a full hysterectomy when i was 28 and i have been on HRT ever since.
    I have tried to go off HRT as i am now 57 but i had sever flushes and i have been put back on it.
    I do realize that my arthritis is an autoimmune disease but I’m at the stage that I’m trying anything to help me feel better. I’m sure if i could loose some weight it would help.
    I hope that if you can help with my hormones and weight it might help. I have been trying to get my weight down for a long time with no results.

  25. Psoriatic Arthritis is an autoimmune disease, and I am not sure hormones will be of much help. If youi are going through menopause, then hormones will help with yoiur general quality of life..

  26. Hi
    I have booked an appointment and cant get in till June..I have Psoriatic Arthritis and I’m in terrible pain.I’m hoping something you do with hormones will help with my Arthritis.. Do you think you can help me and is there any way to get in to you sooner?

  27. Kelly Cunningham

    I have made an appointment to see you but cant get in until 25 july and your receptionist told me to log on and do the hormone check list which i cant seem to find???

  28. The only help for your hot flushes is likely to be oestrogen.If given in the lowest effective dose, and transdermally, there should be no increased risk of breast problems. I have given lots of recent evidence from experts on this web site confirming what I have just stated.

  29. Mary Christalen Demetriades

    I have been on Natural Hormone therapy before but without bloodtests to show individual needs. It was feared at my last mammogram that I had breast cancer with followup ultrasound check. The Doctor said that I had accumulated a lot of cystic material and was given a progesterone troche without any estrogen nd kept getting hot flushes. I have since stopped the progesterone and tried Indoplex but my hot flushes have become unbearable.

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