Compounding Chemists Recommended

Caboolture Super Clinic Pharmacy

Ph (07) 5315 8866

Dallas Parade, Keperra: 15 Dallas Parade  Keperra QLD 4054

Tel: 0733543992

The Compounding Lab(within) Terry White Chemists

1/45 Crosby Rd, Albion.  Ph 31729096 Fax 31729095

Your Solution – Brendale: 1/6 Pine Rivers office Park, Cnr Leitchs & Southpine rd.

Tel 1300900939

Maroochydore D & N Pharmacy:  107-109 Aerodrome Road  Maroochydore QLD 4558

Tel: 0754436070

Carindale Day  & Night Pharmacy: 834 Old Cleveland Road  Carina QLD 4152

Tel 0733982501

Wickham House Pharmacy. 157 Wickham  Terrace, Brisbane.

Tel 1300 667 827 Fax 1300 737 853.

ACPharm. Unit 1-24 Surfers Ave Mermaid Waters 4218

Tel 1300 my meds or 1300 696 337

Prime Compounding Pharmacy3 William St, Dayboro QLD 4521Tel: 07 3425 2664 & mobile 0491087 571 & Fax: 07 3425

  1. Just a quick note to say that ACPHARM Gold Coast has a new website – – We can still be contacted on 1300 696 337. Thanks

  2. Thanks Christine! We live to please πŸ™‚

  3. Christine Moore

    Just to say I used Prime Compounding for the very first time and the customer service was wonderful, I took my prescription Late Tuesday afternoon and received my troches by post on Thursday, from now on all I have to do is email my prescription and send in the original by post. Would highly recommend

  4. Samantha Hammond

    Hi Danielle,

    Please email us at or call 1300696337 for further information.


  5. Danielle Grinev

    Hi, just checking if you know any other great Drs for bio identicals as Dr Holloway has closed books and no response online anymore and I need one desperately. Any suggestions please, you must know of some bring such a large supplier. I live in Brisbane but happy to travel for the right Dr, thanks so much in advance for your help,

  6. Dear Dr Holloway and Patients,

    ACPHARM Gold Coast have a 24 hour to 48 hour turnaround with all order.
    Bio-identical Hormone Troches from $25 to $40 and postage is $9.95.
    Being Australia’s Largest Compounding Pharmacy group we can offer these amazing prices with the same great quality and customer service.
    You can contact us on 1300 696 337 or email

  7. Thanks Andrew, I have seen a few positive comments with regard to your pharmacy & wished that I lived closer, but if you deliver than I will seriously consider it. Thank you πŸ™‚

  8. You could try us (Prime) if you are looking for somewhere new to try Vanessa. I won’t pass comment on any other compounding pharmacies service as its not how I do business. But to do with me, While its probably just luck, at least a couple of patients have left me happy enough to post here about my compounding Pharmacy.

    We are a little out of the way in Dayboro but its one of the more professionally setup labs in QLD and I can have your compound delivered to you. I can also usually have it sent later on the same day as well.

    Just thought I’d offer anyway:
    Andrew Harvey
    Prime Compounding
    07 3425 2664

  9. Did a ring around before last Troche order in Sep,2015
    1.Maroochy D&N $94 (Pick Up);
    2.Terry White Windsor $70 (+$7 O’night ‘Couriers Please’ to Sunshine Coast, $11 Aust Post);
    3.ACPharm Gold Coast $35 (+$10 O’night ‘Fastway Couriers’ to Sunshine Coast) and these dissolve better than 2. Del did take 2days, driver apologised, normally only 1day. Time will tell.

  10. I encourage patients to compare compounding chemists, as it keep them on their toes and competitive.

  11. I think I may be swapping to Yandina & hope their service is better than Maroochy D & N

  12. I have used Morayfield Compounding Chemist, Your Solution & most recently Prime Compounding @ Dayboro. My pick is most definitely Prime Compounding! Andrew delivered great customer service, their prices were better, their postage is reasonable & the turnaround time unbeaten.

  13. Sorry, pushed send by accident…..

    Also, thank you for taking the time to say something, being in Dayboro we rely almost exclusively on word of mouth for our business. So your words really do mean a lot to us.
    Thanks again

  14. Thanks Adele. Im glad we could help,

  15. Dear Carolyn, please feel free to contact ACPHARM Queensland regarding any compounding order you may have. We offer free delivery and make all medication the following day. We understand how important compounding medication is, we always ensure all orders are dealt with promptly and in a professional manner. Please let us know if we can be of any help. 1300 696 337

  16. Thanks for that feedback. I am interested in any comments about service from the various comppounding chemists, as that will help me decide whom to recommend. Also, any comments about service from my receptionists is also welcome.

  17. I have to agree with Carolyn, it took over a week to receive my prescription from Morayfield Compounding Chemist and the lady was very rude saying they were busy dealing with other patients. I called and spoke to Andrew at Prime Compounding in Dayboro, very helpful and excellent customer service so that’s where I will be going in the future πŸ™‚

  18. Important feedback. Helps others as well.

  19. Your solution at Brendale are tops.. Say Dr Holloway Monday by .wednesday I was on the troches and weren’t expenses at all. Will be using them again… 2 months supply $69 .. Best thing I ever did.. Feel so much better…

  20. If you are still having trouble, my name is Andrew and I’m the owner of Prime Compounding in Dayboro. We provide same day service (pickup) or next day delivery if a script is received before 1pm. I have to put a disclaimer in, just in case there is a really uncommon ingredient that we don’t stock, in which case it may take a day to get it sent to us.

    Our prices for troches are either $60 or $70 flat (depending on the strength and number of ingredients). We have two purpose built labs and we use PCCA ingredients (as Dr Holloway recommends), just so you can be sure we aren’t cutting any corners.

    Oh, and we are generally just pretty nice people πŸ™‚

  21. Dr Holloway, I have a friend in Melbourne who would also love to benefit from your treatment. Is there somewhere in Melbourne she can go for similar treatment, that you can recommend?

  22. Thanks Colin, I’m no longer affiliated with Priceline as we have grown extremely quickly!!! I can be contacted on 1300 696337

    And we also match competitors prices with free shipping and the best customer service. . Thanks Dr Holloway!

  23. I can have them posted today if this helps? I would just need a fax/email copy of the script.

  24. I called them today and she told me they are waiting for an email. So it looks like I won’t be getting them this week!!! I am suffering from lack of sleep and other fun menopause symptoms:(

  25. Thanks for letting us know. They are new on the list since I last looked. I use Terry White Windsor but have not been overly happy with them. They quote one price on phone, then charge more to credit card. At least give credit or refund when queried. I request Couriers Please, they send Aust Post. I request it to be sent to address at Coast where I spend a lot of time, they send it to my other inland address. etc.etc.etc. But their prices are good when compared with others, as I have done a few times over the last 7 years. And Mary-Lou is very helpful/informative if you have questions.

  26. Compounding Pharmacy Morayfield. Shop 12, Morayfield Village. Next to Morayfield Doctors Med. Centre .

  27. Carolyn, it would be handy if you could tell us which compounding chemist is giving you such poor service???? Hope things are resolving for you by now.

  28. This is unacceptable. This sort of feedback is important to me, as it helps me decide which compounding chemists to recommend, which provide the best service, and best value for money. So feedback from all of you as to your experiences of the various compounding chemist is important to me.

  29. I have been off Premarin for two weeks now and the symptoms are diabolical. I saw Dr Holloway one day after stopping Premarin, had a blood test and got my prescription a week later. That was last Monday. I submitted my prescription on the same day. They said they needed to check with the doctor before making it up and would do so immediately. It is now Wednesday afternoon so I called the chemist wondering where my troche is. She rudely responded that they are busy with other patients and that she only spoke to the Doctor Tuesday afternoon. She hadn’t started the troche and she would call me on Friday. I haven’t slept for a week, am moody and irritated, and having hot flushes and migraines all the time. Every day seems long and tortuous without relief. Should I go back on Premarin before I kill my family?
    The chemist needs to understand, our sanity is in her hands, so treat us nicely please. Does Dr Holloway know the scripts take this long? If it’s not ready on Friday it will be three weeks since I have had any hormone therapy. I need some relief soon.

  30. Oz compounding Priceline Gold Coast

  31. Hi Dr Holloway,
    I used to get my troche from Jack Hammond at Broadbeach Amcal Pharmacy and the price was great, but now he has gone and the price has gone up and it tastes different. Do you know where I can find him now as he was always good with advice and price. I hope he is still compounding. Thanks.

  32. Shop around. Most compounding chemists charge much less than that.

  33. I’ve just started on natural hormones….estrogen only….through the Australian Menopause Centre and it costs me $81 per month!

  34. Hi Jenny, thank you for your comment. I have reviewed your concerns and noted the price increase was from the increase of dose one ingredient at 100% and another ingredient 33%. With regards to your pregnenolone capsules, our price for pregnenolone has slowly doubled since you first come to us and last year was the first time we have made a price adjustment to reflect our increase cost so it might have seemed to be a big jump.

  35. Sorry! It was for my trouche – Prog, Ttiest.

  36. What was it that cost $70????????????

  37. Mine recently cost $70 from Yandina, though I see the Yandina Pharmacy is not on Colin’s recommended list.

  38. I have been using Maroochy D&N for my compounding scripts for several years now. Recently (in last 12m) my script prices have increased from $65 to $88 for Prog,Test,Biest Cream and from $94 to $127 for Pregnenolone Capsules. Have other people experienced similar increases or is it time for me to find a new supplier???

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