What are the Bioidentical Hormones

Three types of oestrogen- oestradiol, oestrone and oestriol. (Triest).

Progesterone. (the happy hormone)

DHEA- youth hormone

Testosterone – energy and libido.

I have discussed them all under separate headings in this chapter.

  1. Contact my clinic and ask for a new script.

  2. Hello Doctor Holloway,

    I was a patient of yours earlier this year and you gave me a script for Biogest. At the time I thought that these were causing my weight gain. However, upon doing a load of research I have found that very low oestrogen and progesterone (which I have) contribute to weight gain. Since I saw you last, I have been piling on the weight no matter what I do to try and lose it. This is causing much strain and pain to my lower back – especially. I want to ask you, please – can you write me another script for the Biogest and I can pick it up from the clinic. I know you are booked out till next year but am hoping that, because I was a patient, you will write a script for me. I await your reply,
    Christina Nixon

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