What has happened to humanity over the last few years.

I had many patients tell me that their GP refused to see them when told that they had not been vaccinated. One GP became very aggressive, shouting at his patient to get out of the clinic because of their unvaccinated status. No doubt this was a widespread reaction. Many of you would have similar stories to tell. What happened to our moral code, our humanity that we treated sick people like this, due to a personal choice they made (Which now appears to have possibly been a reasonable decision) Day after day stories are appearing of people severely injured by one of the Covid vaccines (previously censored- no-one dared publish anything negative about the vaccine.) I would be interested to hear from those of you who suffered as Dr Miller and his patients did in the video below. How widespread was this behavior in Australia? Was it ever reported? The media, to their shame, never did their duty in questioning many of the outrageous happenings of the last few years.

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