Introducing Dr Kemi Adu.

Dr Kemi Adu, an experienced GP, has shown an interest in joining Dr Anne Nixon and myself in treating patients with hormonal problems, using body identical natural hormones. I have been mentoring Kemi in my methods over the last few months. Dr Kemi is now available for consultations here at the Superclinic. Ring reception for appointments. I will continue supervising and assisting Dr Kemi as she becomes completely familiar with the methods Dr Nixon and I use.

In case you are wondering, I have no intention of retiring any time soon, as I enjoy what I do and intend to keep doing so. I regret having to turn away so many who need my help, as I have had to restrict my hours of work to ensure quality of life. Having Dr Nixon here has helped, and now Dr Kemi will help even more.

About Dr Colin Holloway

Gp interested in natural hormone treatment for men and women of all ages

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