Perimenopausal and taking HRT

24 Mar 2022

Perimenopausal and taking HRT

Oh My God- I am NOT losing my mind, I am just losing my oestrogen.

What’s wrong with me?

I can’t figure it out. I go to sleep and wake up tired. I’m a mess emotionally. My husband just gave me a framed photo of our dinner menu from our wedding anniversary and I burst into tears. I then turned around and bit his head off because he was breathing out of the wrong nostril. Later on, I was swamped by a feeling of crushing worry, more than anxiety, my mind was racing and then it wasn’t racing, I was just under a cloud, as if all my emotions were fading into the background. 

Luckily, I had already looked into what I was feeling. I happened upon Dr Louise Newson’s Instagram page which led me to her website, to the NICE guidelines on perimenopause and I thought…

Oh My God- I am NOT losing my mind, I am just losing my oestrogen.

What a relief.

I was prescribed antidepressants instead of HRT

So I went to my doctor. She listened to me recall my symptoms, and then she prescribed me antidepressants.

“Oh no,” I said, “I’m not depressed. I think I am in perimenopause and that HRT might be a good option.”

‘Oh’- she said- “no- I can’t prescribe that because of the increased risk of breast cancer.”

“Oh”- I said- “I researched that and in fact it was a 2008 study, now debunked and incomplete, and there is no association between breast cancer and topical oestrogen and micronized progestin.” She just shook her head.

I knew it was Oestrogen I needed not antidepressants

Now, not that long ago I would have walked out of the office and felt defeated. Not that day. I asked for a referral to my ObGyn whom I’d talked to about my symptoms in a prior meeting. I knew he was open to discussing further.

Within a few minutes of chatting to him, he thought I would be a good candidate for oestrogen. I cannot describe the relief that I was being listened to. Sometimes that’s part of the puzzle too, being cared for, and having my concerns validated and alleviated, that my symptoms were not a sign of mental instability. 

And guess what?

Within a couple of days my symptoms were gone, and I was back!

I know HRT isn’t a one size fits all, that women’s health is multi faceted, and that we can do a much better job supporting women in midlife, rather than dismissing them. I was lucky that my ObGyn listened and cared; I just don’t think women should have to be lucky to get the care they need and deserve.

Written by: Catherine Brennan, Toronto  

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