Is Bioidentical HRT TGA approved.

I attended a medical conference recently when a gynecologist repeated the untruth that Bioidentical hormones are not approved by the TGA. This is the party line given out by the Big Pharmaceutical Companies, to protect the sales of their products. The hormones I use consist of Oestradiol (approved by the TGA in many hormonal products, including the pill), natural Progesterone(Approved by the TGA and used in Prometrium) and Testosterone, which is now approved by the TGA for women with loss of libido.

The other untruth repeated at this conference, was that BHRT is very expensive. In fact it is much less costly than the standard HRT used by most doctors. The average cost per day of the troches I use vary from $1.0 – $1.50 per day. Thirty days for about $30-$45 average, depending on the chemist. A troche last 2 months. It pays to shop around, but be aware that quality and service is not the same with all compounding chemists.The average cost of the standard HRT as prescribed by most specialists and GPs, , is about $20 per month if it only contains Oestrogen, to $140/month if it contain all 3 hormones most women need. Not all women need testosterone, and some doctors may not give progesterone if you have had a hysterectomy, so the cost will be lower. However, progesterone has benefits for most women whether they have had a hysterectomy or not. Search”” Benefits of Progesterone”” on my website.

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