Essential Medical Studies Not Commonly Reported in Mainstream News

Essential Medical Studies Not Commonly Reported in Mainstream News

Ginkgo Supplement for Stamina and Sexual Performance

Ladies, Ginkgo was found to enhance stamina and sexual performance in male rats. It would be a very good idea to supplement your partner with Ginkgo. In addition, to enhancing their memory, it will improve their sexual being.

Hysterectomies Are Not The Answer

Women with hysterectomies are more likely to have later surgery for incontinence. Women who had given birth vaginally to more than four children before receiving a hysterectomy had substantially a greater risk of subsequent urinary incontinence. The constant repetitious lie that ‘hysterectomies do not cause any ill effect because women don’t need their uterus after reproductive years’ again is shown not to hold. This article was published in the reputable journal that is called Lancet in 2007.

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Birth Control Pills Aren’t As Safe As Advertised

Birth Control Pills aggravate inflammation in women with polycystic ovaries. Polycystic ovaries is a common and debilitating condition in up to 20% of the women that suffer from acne, increase hair growth, weight gain, tendency towards diabetes, and irregular period. Traditional medicine put all these women from a young age on the birth control pill, something that makes no sense to me. The core of this disease is an increase in inflammation. Dr. Meghan M. McKeever has shown clearly that birth control pills farther aggravate the inflammation of women with polycystic ovaries. This practice should be abandoned.

Fosamax’s Deadly Side Effects

Fosamax is a type of drug for osteoporosis that you get brainwashed into using by TV advertising. Fosamax has new reported life threatening side effects in addition to the ones that are already described in my last book. The side effects are serious arterial fibrillation that could potentially be deadly. This was published in The New England Journal of Medicine in May of 2007.

Bilateral Mastectomies Do Not Have Enough Evidence of Effectiveness

More patients with breast cancer are opting for a bilateral mastectomy despite lack of proof that it is efficient. The incidence has soared close to 3 fold since 1999. Oncologists cannot understand why women are doing this, but they have forgotten that they are the reason for propagating this death scare into the minds of the women in this country. This was reported in The Journal of Clinical Oncology in the end of 2007 by researchers from the University of Minnesota public health and medical schools in Minneapolis.

Estrogen Helps To Increase Longevity and Health

Estrogen treatment increases telomere length. The length of the telomere determines our longevity and health. Women who use hormonal replacement therapy have longer telomeres than women that don’t use hormonal replacement therapy. This is another argument for the long term significant longevity benefit of hormonal replacement treatment.

Hypothyroidism Increases Risk of Breast Cancer

Women with hypothyroidism have significantly higher incidence of breast cancer. Many women with clinical symptoms of hypothyroidism are not being treated because they don’t meet the rigid biochemical criteria of hypothyroidism. We may enhance the likelihood that these women will develop breast cancer by delaying treatment for thyroid disease. This was reported in the annual North American menopausal society by Dr. Maria Francheta.

Low Testosterone Studies with No Scientific Evidence

Low testosterone level in European men was associated with an increase in death. The common statement I hear frequently is that if you take hormones, you feel good today but you die quicker tomorrow. This holds no physiological or scientific grounds and is just meant to frighten people from adjusting their physiological need as they get older. Here is another serious study that shows without a doubt that men with lower testosterone levels are going to die faster, especially from cardio vascular disease and cancer, compared to the same people in the study that have a much higher level of testosterone. This was published in Circulation, November 26, 2007.

A Six years follow-up of 410 men sixty five and older in the Chianti area of Italy had shown that higher levels of testosterone, DHEA, and human growth hormone (HGH) would give you longer longevity and a decline in mortality. This study takes the previously mentioned study one step further. It didn’t look only at the testosterone level, but also at the DHEA and IGF-1 that indirectly represents human growth level. We are learning here that all these hormones are the essence of living, and are indispensable to maintain longer longevity. If anybody frightens you into thinking that the use of DHEA, testosterone and human growth hormone will be a long term disaster, they base it on hysteria and not on factual medical science that shows the opposite. This was published by the National Institute of Health in the Archive of Internal Medicine in November 2007.

Curcumin Spice Helps Decrease Fibroid Development

Curcumin the common Indian spice is shown to be effective in decreasing the development of fibroids that are so problematic and common in our population. It probably does it via its strong anti-inflammatory function by decreasing the nuclear factor, Kappa Beta. In my practice I use Body Guard. This includes curcumin, grape extract, pomegranate extract and green tea that all together synergistically decrease many inflammation factors and are proven to decrease the proliferation of fibroids. This was published as a presentation in the 2007 National Fertility and Sterility meeting by M. Malik.

Studies with Wogonin Decreasing Cancer Effects

Wogonin has anti cancer effects in both estrogen positive and estrogen negative human breast cancer cell lines.

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