Impact of progesterone on skin and hair in menopause

Impact of progesterone on skin and hair in menopause – a comprehensive review

S. Gasser , K. Heidemeyer , M. von Wolff & P. Stute Received 27 Mar 2020, Accepted 09 Oct 2020, Published online: 02 Feb 2021


In clinical practice, micronized progesterone (MP) is frequently recommended to treat signs and symptoms of skin and hair aging in menopausal women. The aim of this comprehensive review was to evaluate whether topically or systemically applied MP may effectively prevent or slow down signs of skin and hair aging. Three out of six identified studies reported an impact of MP on skin aging markers in menopausal women. Of these, two studies reported a benefit: one for topically applied MP, another for systemically applied combined menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) comprising MP as progestogen for endometrial protection. Tolerability and safety of MP were good. However, there was no study investigating the impact of MP on menopausal scalp hair. In conclusion, delay of skin aging comprises lifestyle adjustment, antioxidants, and several esthetic procedures. In menopausal women, MHT displays beneficial effects on skin aging. There is poor quality but promising scientific evidence for MP displaying anti-aging skin effects in menopausal women. However, good quality studies are needed.

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