Corona Virus.

I return to work tomorrow after a weeks break. The workplace will be very different from when I left – in just 1 week.

Every one is under great stress, especially the staff and doctors. One of the doctors has decided to stay home, and only return when it is all over. One of the doctors had all the signs and symptoms of the corona virus, but fortunately tested negative. The great risk is medical staff getting the virus, leaving sick people unable to obtain medical care- a disaster. Things we have always taken for granted may no longer be available. The medical center is best avoided anyway, as there will be sick people there, increasing the risk of the virus spreading. I encourage as many of you who need to see me to do so by Phone. If you are over 70, or have the virus, or have some other chronic disease, I have the option of bulk -billing you.

Most of my patients are over 50, who are the most at risk of the virus. I will try to speak to as many of you as I can, but that may mean speeding up the consultations, on the principle of trying to do the most good for the most people. These are trying times and I hope everyone will be understanding.

I am taking very good care of my own health, as I am in the high risk category, and will leave many of you high and dry if I should get sick. I am aware of that, so am very careful.

I wrote a book( in conjunction with Michail Borrisenko) in 2002 “Microbe Apocalypse – Man Vs Microbe” – I did not realize I was foretelling this pandemic. The book was about the benefit of colostrum in fighting virus infections. The book is out of print unfortunately. New Zealand Colostrum is best.

I will have more to say in the coming days.

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