Breast cancer and exercise: The role of adiposity and immune markers

The focus of the study depicted in this paper is to explore the relationship between breast cancer and exercise. The outcomes of this study propose that the exercise decreases adiposity. Adipose cells are in a pro–inflammatory state, hence exercise decreases inflammation induced by adipose cells. Exercise decreases the risk of breast cancer.

  • Currently, breast cancer accounts for a quarter of all cancers and 15% of cancer–specific deaths amongst females.
  • The worldwide occurrence of breast cancer has increased in the last decade whilst the mortality rate has reduced.
  • Exercise can be beneficial to breast cancer patients through changes in adiposity and immune responses.
  • Even though there is some proof supporting the improvement of fat metabolism and immune function after an exercise program in breast cancer, randomized controlled studies are constrained and require further comprehensive examination in this population group.
  • Herein, they recognize the known impacts of exercise programs on adiposity and immunological markers which can improve breast cancer outcomes.

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