Compounding Pharmacy statement

In Australia, the Pharmacy Board stipulate the minimum professional practice guidelines that apply to the field of compounding. These standards ensure that the ingredients are of a quality standard and purchased through reputable suppliers, that an appropriately trained professional is preparing the product and that a number of checks are in place to ensure accountability. These are minimum standards. Larger more established compounding labs like the Dallas Parade Compounding Pharmacy (, go several steps further in the quality assurance of compounded medications.

Dallas Parade Compounding Pharmacy is a member of the Professional Compounding Chemists of America/Australia (PCCA) Standards Program. The Standards Program stipulates operating procedures for all aspects of compounding and includes requirements for independent testing of products made in our lab. At Dallas Parade Compounding Pharmacy, we only buy ingredients through PCCA, who supply the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients that undergo the most rigorous testing in the industry.

We are one of only a handful of compounding pharmacies in Australia who meet the strict criteria of the PCCA Standards program, providing a level of confidence in the quality and safety of our compounded medications that significantly exceeds what is required by the Pharmacy Board guidelines.

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