Compounding Pharmacies


I have asked some compounding chemists to respond to the attack on their integrity. Here is the reply from ACPharm (which many of you use)

Here is some information about Compounding and it’s regulations in Australia.

Compounding in Australia is regulated by the state governments and require that a registered pharmacist is the owner. Pharmacists need to ensure they abide by the Professional Practice Standards which include regulations regarding compounding and the supply of compounded products to the public on prescription. All ingredients must be purchased from TGA approved suppliers and the appropriate protocols must be followed to ensure a quality product to the customer.
Smaller compounders are not as highly regulated and may not be following the guidelines correctly, however larger more experienced compounders have strict Standard operating procedures to ensure a high quality product is obtained with each compound. Many larger compounders like ACPHARM QLD also send the raw materials to third party labs to test to ensure the potency and quality of the ingredients before it is used. ACPHARM QLD also test all compounding methods and the end product to ensure it is properly mixed and maintains its integrity until it’s best before date.


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