Compounded HRT and the Sunday Newspapers.

This old perennial issue raises it head again. What a Beat up. A direct quote from the article: “However, when News Corp searched the database it found six adverse events reports linked to compounded progesterone, including three cases of endometrial (uterine) cancer, three cases of vaginal haemorrhage, one case of breast cancer and one case of endometrial hyperplasia (precancerous thickening of uterine tissue).”

So from the article, they have found 6 cases of adverse events using compounded progesterone. That would be from many hundreds of thousands of women using compounded hormones in Australia. I will repeat a blog I carried some years ago here:

FDA admit no adverse report on Bioidentical HRT

One of the criticisms of Bioidentical HRT is that it is not FDA approved. It does not need to be, as it is not synthetic. It is interesting however that there has never been a complaint of an adverse event to the FDA – yet there are numerous adverse event report about the synthetic HRT. Here is part of a transcript from a recent Press conference run by the FDA.

The FDA had a press conference on BHRT. They generally were negative about BHRT.Here is one of the questions put to Kathy Anderson of the FDA (USA):


“Anna Matthews(Reporter): Hi. Couple of questions; one is have you guys received any reports of adverse events or other harm to patients from these products?

Kathy Anderson: Sorry, this is Kathy Anderson. With your respect to your question about whether we received any adverse event reports, we have not.”


Furthermore, the article did not mention the amount of damage done by synthetic HRT :

Prempro Causes Breast Cancer  and Loses Court Case with Huge Punitive Damages

by Jeffrey Dach MD

A 112 million dollar punitive is a very loud statement.  It states that the jury was outraged by the “wanton and reckless” conduct by Wyeth.  112 Million Dollars in punitive damages was awarded to two breast cancer victims who took Wyeth’s synthetic hormone, Prempro, all the while thinking it safe. The jury was outraged that Wyeth ignored and suppressed evidence that Prempro causes breast cancer. Wyeth paid consultants and ghostwriters of medical journal articles to play down concerns about breast cancer, and declined to study known risks. Once again, company profit was placed ahead of patient safety. This is the tip of the iceberg, as another ten thousand cases are waiting for their day in court.

Premrpro is similar to premarin or premia, as used in Australia.

I have been using these compounded products for the last 25 years, and have had 1 case of uterine cancer in that time. She was cured by a hysterectomy and is still fine today.Endometrial thickening can occur in women, with or without hormones, and, as the article stated, may be caused by obesity.

I will have more to say on this topic tomorrow.

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