Stress affects performance

Stress affects performance

Stress affects performance

Max-Planck-Gesellschaft Research news, 06/07/2016

Hormone causes decline in cognition after social stress.
Scientists at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry for the first time, they have identified a brain mechanism that explains why the cognitive performance of mice is reduced after being exposed to social stress. This finding will help to improve understanding and treatment of disorders involving cognitive decline in humans. The so–called Corticotropin–releasing factor (CRF) controls our reaction in the prefrontal cortex; however, which exact role it plays was not clear previously. In order to find out more about the role CRF plays, the scientists blocked the action of the peptide using a drug, a so–called CRF antagonist. This time, the performance of the mice did not decrease several hours after the stressful event; they were able to perform the required tasks as successfully as they had done without stress.

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