Message from Dr Holloway

For some time now I have been unable to take on new patients, due to the number of people wanting to see me. . Because of this, I have found a young doctor who is keen to use Bioidentical Hormones, and to follow my methods. He is Dr Daniel Hourigan, and he works here at the Superclinic with me. I have been mentoring him   over the last few months in the use of natural hormones, and he now has enough knowledge to start seeing new patients.  I am still overseeing his use of the BHRT until he has reached the same skill level as myself. Appointment can be made with Dr Hourigan on 0753158888. I have opened my books again and have started seeing new patients again as well, but restricting my practice to the treatment of the menopause,  and the use of LDN in Autoimmune diseases.

About Dr Colin Holloway

Gp interested in natural hormone treatment for men and women of all ages

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