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For some time now I have been unable to take on new patients, due to the number of people wanting to see me. . Because of this, I have found a young doctor who is keen to use Bioidentical Hormones, and to follow my methods. He is Dr Daniel Hourigan, and he works here at the Superclinic with me. I have been mentoring him   over the last few months in the use of natural hormones, and he now has enough knowledge to start seeing new patients.  I am still overseeing his use of the BHRT until he has reached the same skill level as myself. Appointment can be made with Dr Hourigan on 0753158888. I have opened my books again and have started seeing new patients again as well, but restricting my practice to the treatment of the menopause,  and the use of LDN in Autoimmune diseases.

About Dr Colin Holloway

Gp interested in natural hormone treatment for men and women of all ages

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  1. Hi Colin, I am interested in LDN. Would it help my dear niece in England who has Scleroderma which she developed at age 25. She is now 55 (was told that she would not live past 40.) Debra must be in the final stages as she is very sick. She is the bravest and most beautiful person I know and If there is anyway to help her, please let me know. With Thanks, Lynda.

  2. Email me privately and i will see what I can do.

  3. All autoimmune diseases. Check the web-site

  4. Hi Everyone,
    It’s been exactly 3 months on LDN and what a difference. I don’t have the excruciating all over body pain, things at the end of my day are not so overwhelming and I can actually do what I have to do (tidy up or sit downstairs to eat rather than getting upstairs before I can’t move anymore) and its day 4 of my long awaited holidays and rather than previous years being in bed for literally the whole four weeks I am up and doing some house work. I have tears in my eyes telling everyone this because I never thought I would feel any better.
    THANK YOU Dr Holloway, have a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Year.
    I can truly say I am looking forward to 2017.

    For those wondering I have Fibromyalgia, Occipital Neuralgia and Hashimotos.
    Now I have to work on getting riding of the many kilos from being sedentary in pain for so many years.
    Keep searching…..there is hope out there if you don’t give up.

  5. I’m so pleased as I’m wanting to see you again with this confounded menopause and hormones etc..I hope to make an appointment soon..looking after my folks at the moment..Im so pleased also that you have been mentoring and have someone new to help etc as well..

  6. Wonderful news! Hope the new Dr appreciates what a wonderful mentor he has also.

  7. Hi Dr Holloway,

    Which autoimmune diseases do you treat with LDN?

    Thanks Shelley

  8. Thank goodness there is another doctor who is interested in following your way of treating patients, Dr Holloway. Australia is so behind the USA with functional medicine modalities and we desperately need more doctors to come on board with a different approach to just handing out a drugs to deal with symptoms in so many cases, instead of asking “why are you experiencing these symptoms and what can we do to rebalance things” Thank you Dr Hourigan and thank you Dr Holloway! We all thank you very sincerely.

  9. Hi Dr Holloway. Genine Nichols is a friend and patient of yours and I was disappointed when she told me you weren’t taking new patients but now this is good news. I am post menopausal (13 years) but still suffering. How do I make an appointment to see you to discuss my situation?


    Deborah King Contracts Administrator, National Service Administration Komatsu Australia Pty Ltd

    535 Progress Road, Wacol, QLD, 4076 PO Box 308, Archerfield, QLD 4108 T: +61732705584[cid:004f-0001@01d25444.5bda9a0d] F: +61732705578 M: +61408720954[cid:004f-0001@01d25444.5bda9a0d] E: W:

    [cid:004f-0002@01d25444.5bda9a0d] Please consider the environment before printing this email

  10. Christine Murfin

    Hi Dr Holloway,

    The phone number you wrote is not connected. Please correct it.

    Thanks. Christine

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