No internet Connection.

I no longer have an internet connection at home, and have had to change my email address. This is a long complicated saga but I hope to be back on the net this weekend, but with a new email address. I will let you know this when I get it. My apologies to all those trying to email me, but  this  was out of my control.

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Gp interested in natural hormone treatment for men and women of all ages

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  1. Make an appointment to see me, after the path test.

  2. Hello Dr Holloway. Sylvia here. A patient of yours. I just emailed you and it came back but then went into my emails and saw you cant receive them. ‘Not sure if you will get this one but I think I need another blood test to see the levels as last time the testosterone was 5 . something. I had blood test too close to taking troche. I think I need to go on the lower dose of testosterone. I feel anxious and edgy, Can you advise if I should I get another blood test to see hormone levels. Kind regards Sylvia

  3. You are so kind. Thank-you for communicating this. We have have our own internet saga with upgrading to NBN. So I appreciate your frustration.

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