compounded hormone prescriptions reach 26 to 33 million a year

In spite of the best efforts of the conventional medical profession, women show their preferences by supporting the use of Bioidentical HRT. There is good reason for this – women feel better on it, and do better. Although the medical profession may denigrate BHRT, the FDA said that  they have never had a complaint about BHRT.  Note my post of Aug 26th below:

FDA admit no adverse report on Bioidentical HRT

One of the criticisms of Bioidentical HRT is that it is not FDA approved. It does not need to be, as it is not synthetic. It is interesting however that there has never been a complaint of an adverse event to the FDA – yet there are numerous adverse event report about the synthetic HRT. Here is part of a transcript from a recent Press conference run by the FDA.

The FDA had a press conference on BHRT. They generally were negative about BHRT.Here is one of the questions put to Kathy Anderson of the FDA (USA)

Anna Matthews(Reporter): Hi. Couple of questions; one is have you guys received any reports of adverse events or other harm to patients from these products?

Kathy Anderson: Sorry, this is Kathy Anderson. With your respect to your question about whether we received any adverse event reports, we have not.

Untested, unapproved compounded hormone prescriptions reach 26 to 33 million a year

The North American Menopause Society News, 12/22/2015

Despite the risks, the number approaches that for FDA–approved hormone therapies. The number of prescriptions for mostly unregulated compounded hormone therapy for women at menopause has reached an estimated 26 to 33 million a year. That approaches the 36 million prescriptions per year for well–regulated and tested FDA–approved hormone therapy, shows an analysis of the market compounded hormone therapy market, published online this month in Menopause. Nearly 500 pharmacists (118 compounding and 365 independent community pharmacists) completed the survey, which asked about the number of compounded hormone therapy prescriptions filled, the percentage of total volume, the percentages of different types of compounded hormone therapy sold, and what growth the pharmacists expected for these medications in the next 2 years. The analysts then estimated the size of the market based on the responses and the average percentage of compounding reported by the national Community Pharmacists Association and the industry market research firm IBISWorld. The authors highlighted concerns over the lack of clinical data about the safety of compounded hormones as well as fears over the quality of these products. Some contained too much of the prescribed estrogens and some too little progesterone, an imbalance that can allow overgrowth of the uterine lining and lead to cancer.

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