This is one doctor’s (well credentialed opinion) and not the last word on the need for mammograms. As you have no doubt realised by now, I am not fan of regular mammograms. See previous posts. However, I believe it is an individual decision that all women must make, as to what they decide is best for them. My complaint is that women are not given both sides of the debate due to various biases and commercial interests. Breast screening and the Think “Pink” campaign is big business and very lucrative for many.  The alternative side needs to be told.

This is Dr Ben’s Bio:

Dr. Johnson’s medical career spans over thirty years, from his graduate work in immuno-pathology in 1976 to his current concentration-writing and speaking on staying healthy, especially for women in the area of breast health. In 1997 Dr. Johnson began to formally combine conventional and complementary medicine, moving back home to Georgia and founding a complimentary/alternative cancer clinic in Atlanta, The Immune Recovery Foundation. Turning in 2004 to breast cancer research and breast health education, Dr. Johnson founded the International Cancer Foundation in Rossville, Ga. Dr. Ben, as he is known, has helped thousands of women, and health care professionals around the world seek his advice.

Diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease in 2003 and finding no hope in either conventional or alternative medicine, Dr. Ben met Alex Loyd, creator of the “Healing Codes™”. Dr. Ben’s subsequent work with Loyd’s procedures-addressing the core emotional/energy issues that control every aspect of our lives-and relief of the “incurable” symptoms of ALS led to Dr. Johnson’s appearance in the best-selling, 2006 documentary film The Secret™ and co-authoring of the best selling book The Healing Codes and The Secret of Health: Breast Wisdom.

Dr. Ben owns Dr. Ben Johnson Services LLC, a business promoting natural health care products, and healthy breast cancer screening for women. Always looking for more ways to spread his message of health and wholeness, Dr. Ben has just finished “Healing Water” released in June of 2011 and a new book on Thermography and the health problems associated with mammography to be released in 2012.


Video of Dr Johnson’s talk can be viewed at : https://youtu.be/L6rrUK54lvg

Dr. Ben Johnson: I wrote a book for women, The Secret of Health Breast Wisdom1 because we, as a medical society, are giving women breast cancer with our demanding that they get mammograms. Mammograms cause breast cancer. Period. So mammograms are not healthy for women. Women should not be getting routine mammograms. That’s crystal clear, published in the peer review literature.

And yet today, if a woman went to her gynaecologist or family doc, she would have this shoved down her throat, extreme coercion to go get this mammogram that is causing breast cancer. It’s not saving lives. You have a 4% increased risk of dying if you get mammograms, period.

Ty Bollinger: So the detection technique that we’re using, the primary technique that we use to detect breast cancer, is causing breast cancer.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Absolutely, it’s a terrible test; you know smashing women’s breasts and then irradiating with cancer-causing radiation. And then it’s so insensitive. For women under 50, it’s only like 52% effective, sensitive. That means 52 is pretty close to 50, right?

Ty Bollinger: Yeah.

Dr. Ben Johnson: So about half. That means that half the women that have breast cancer, it would not detect their cancer. That’s a terrible test. And so there are much better tests. And yet this is what’s still being crammed down women’s throats today. Terrible test, causes breast cancer.

Ty Bollinger: And it doesn’t detect, it detects 50% and causes cancer. You said there were better options. What better options are there for detecting breast cancer?

Dr. Ben Johnson: Well there’s two better options. If you’ve got a lump, if you think you’ve got something, ultrasound is great. It’s a test of anatomy. Mammograms are tests of anatomy. Ultrasounds are tests of anatomy. MRIs are tests of anatomy. So if you’ve already got a lump, you want a test of anatomy.

So, that would be like an ultrasound because they can see the lump, they can see its consistency. They can see where there’s calcium in it. And they can look at blood flow because tumors are going to have increased blood flow. So, for instance, a sensitivity of ultrasound is up around 80%. It’s much higher than mammograms. And the sensitivity is higher too.

But if you’re looking about prevention, if you’re talking about screening, there’s really only one device out there and that is thermography. An infrared thermal camera. Nothing touches the lady. Nothing smashes her breasts. There’s no cancer causing radiation.

As we sit here, we are omitting heat in the spectrum called infrared. There’s infrared, visual, and ultraviolet. So this is the infrared spectrum of light, which our eyes don’t see, but which is very detectable by the camera. The military developed this so that they could see people sneaking at them at nighttime and so that they could shoot down missiles and things because they’re producing heat.

Ty Bollinger: Sure, like night vision goggles.

Dr. Ben Johnson: There you go. Night vision goggles are infrared goggles. So we use it as a medical application to detect hotspots in the breast.

Well long before there was a tumor there, there were cancer cells. Probably 8 to 10 years before there was a tumor, there were cancer cells starting to grow. Two cells, four cells, 16 cells, 144 cells, etc. It takes about eight years until you get to about a centimeter in size for a mammogram or an ultrasound to detect it. Well that’s too late. Because that one-centimeter tumor, about five-sixteenths of an inch, less than half an inch, is about one billion cells.

When you get to one billion cells, the cancer has already eroded into the lymphatic system and the venous system and it’s shedding cancer cells all through the body. So that’s why mammograms—one of the many reasons mammograms don’t save lives,
it is NOT early detection. That’s one of the little lies they’ve propagated along. “Early detection saves lives. Get your mammogram today.”

Ty Bollinger: Right.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Well, that statement’s true. Early detection does save lives. It’s just that mammography is not early detection; it’s too late. And then the cancer-causing radiation. So the long and the short is you’re causing much more breast cancer with mammograms than you are detecting.



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