Important Health Research Points to LDN Use

Important Health Research Points to LDN Use‬

Here is the citation for a very significant research study which was published just last month in one of the top US medical journals: Stable Peptide of the Endogenous Opioid Enkephalin Precursor and Breast Cancer Risk. By Olle Melander, MD, et al. Journal of Clinical Oncology; 2015 Aug 20;33(24):2632-8.‬ ‪ ‬

‪Olle Melander, MD, and colleagues, from Lund University in Malmo, Sweden, sought an answer to the question of whether enkephalins (opioids made in the body) had any protective effect on the development of breast cancer. In two large studies, enkephalins were measured in fasting plasma samples ‪in thousands of women. The convincing answer was a resounding “YES!”. The lower one’s enkephalins, the higher one’s risk of developing breast cancer! The results were published recently in the oncologists’ “bible”, the Journal of Clinical Oncology.‬ ‪

‪From our viewpoint, to say more enkephalin (or endorphins) is also to say “read here: LDN!” And that is because those who take LDN are surely doubling or tripling their levels of those opioids. So, this wonderful Swedish study reassures us: regular use of LDN has now been shown to be a reliable preventive against cancer—and there is no reason to think this applies solely to breast cancer. We can only continue to hope that clinical trials utilizing LDN for the prevention of cancers of any sort will eventually see the light of day.‬

An Eloquent Video, A Must See — April 2015

Norwegian, with English subtitles

At long last, a most professional, most persuasive video concerning LDN!

It was made in Norway in 2013, with English subtitles. Far from a sales pitch, it tries to tell an evenhanded story. Its sole omission, which one often finds in Europe, is the total disregard for the role of the late Bernard Bihari, M.D., who discovered the human uses of LDN in 1985. Other than that, it is nearly perfect and a joy to watch. It has led to an avalanche of LDN sales in that country (from a mere 300 users beforehand, it is now used by some 15,000 patients in Norway).

Please do not miss watching:

Enjoy it!

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