Postmenopausal women need more sex

Postmenopausal women need more sex

17 July, 2015 Amanda Davey 0 comments

A group of US researchers have backed the idea that post menopausal women should have sexual intercourse at least once a week.

Their study confirms previous research that shows older women who are sexually active experience less troublesome vulvovaginal symptoms than abstinent women.

It is thought that regular vaginal sexual activity through menopause keeps vaginal tissue thick and moist and maintains the vagina’s length and width.

While up to a third of postmenopausal women experience vaginal changes like dryness, itching and pain during sex, the latest research shows such symptoms may be more disruptive for those who are also suffering from depression or urinary incontinence.

In their analysis, the researchers show women with comorbid depression report 11-22% greater impact of vaginal symptoms than those who aren’t  depressed. Women with urinary incontinence report a 27-37% greater impact of vaginal symptoms on multiple domains of functioning and quality of life.

Age, partner status, frequency of sexual activity, general health, and body mass index also predict greater impact on at least one domain.

Writing in the journal Menopause, the researchers say their study of 745 postmenopausal women shows that depression and urinary incontinence magnifies the effects of vulvovaginal symptoms on women’s activities, feelings and relationships.

“Postmenopausal women experiencing these comorbid problems may be in special need of evaluation and treatment,” they say.

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