Oestrogen good for Arthritis

Oestrogen has consistently been shown to benefit joints, and arthritis especially. The various menopause associations all accept this side benefit to using oestrogen. This study below is further evidence of this, and shows that even taking the contraceptive pill, containing oestrogen, helps women’s joints.

Oestrogen helps Arthritis.

Past or present use of an oral contraceptive may protect women from the worst symptoms of arthritis, say German researchers.

In their study of nearly 300 women with early inflammatory arthritis, current or past users of the pill report significantly better outcomes on a wide range of scores.

These include the Rheumatoid Arthritis Impact of Disease Score (RAID), Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease Activity Index (RADAI), the Profile of Mood and Discomfort (PROFAD) and the Hannover Functional Assessment (FFbH).

The researchers from the German Rheumatism Research Centre in Berlin have found that women who have never been on the pill are much more likely than those who have to use glucocorticoids within two years of diagnosis, an association they describe as “remarkable”.

But they say the effects of the pill seem restricted to patient-reported outcomes, rather than in the parameters of active inflammation.

They say their findings “support a relationship between oestrogen use and psychological well-being” in rheumatoid arthritis.

“Protective effects may be induced via central nervous pathways rather than through the suppression of peripheral inflammation,” the authors write in Arthritis Care & Research.

However, they concede that as their study is observational, it is difficult to draw causal conclusion

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