Progesterone protects against Breast Cancer.

This is an interesting scientific article showing something we have known for a long time- progesterone protects against breast cancer. Note – it has to be the natural progesterone and not the progestogens (synthetic) in most HRT.  Women make large amounts of progesterone during pregnancy, which is why it is very rare for pregnant women to develop breast cancer. Progesterone is in most of my Bioidentical prescriptions.
Nature. 2015 Jul 8. doi: 10.1038/nature14583. [Epub ahead of print]

Progesterone receptor modulates ERα action in breast cancer.


Progesterone receptor (PR) expression is used as a biomarker of oestrogen receptor-α (ERα) function and breast cancer prognosis. Here we show that PR is not merely an ERα-induced gene target, but is also an ERα-associated protein that modulates its behaviour. In the presence of agonist ligands, PR associates with ERα to direct ERα chromatin binding events within breast cancer cells, resulting in a unique gene expression programme that is associated with good clinical outcome. Progesterone inhibited oestrogen-mediated growth of ERα+ cell line xenografts and primary ERα+ breast tumour explants, and had increased anti-proliferative effects when coupled with an ERα antagonist. Copy number loss of PGR, the gene coding for PR, is a common feature in ERα+ breast cancers, explaining lower PR levels in a subset of cases. Our findings indicate that PR functions as a molecular rheostat to control ERα chromatin binding and transcriptional activity, which has important implications for prognosis and therapeutic interventions.

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