Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)- Possible treatment for Auto-Immune Diseases ?

It is a long time since I have been as interested and enthusiastic about a medical breakthrough as I have about LDN.

Auto-immune diseases are rapidly reaching epidemic proportions. Most doctors are seeing many more people now with auto-immune disease than they did in the past. There are many probable reasons for this, but the despoiling of our environment with all these chemicals, detergents, additives, pollutants and what not may be part of the cause. There is no effective treatment for most of these diseases, which include MS, CFS, Hashimoto’s disease, Coeliac disease and Gluten sensitivity, IBS, Ulcerative colitis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and many more. The drugs doctors use to treat these have some nasty side effects, sometimes quite serious.  They are also very expensive.

LDN may be an effective, safe and inexpensive treatment for anyone with Auto-immune disease. I have been using LDN for the last 6 months in over a dozen patients, and have seen some improvements in those using it. Due to the way it works, the results get better the longer it is taken.

For more information, read about LDN on my web page, or watch these 2 videos which are very interesting. If you have trouble getting it up on your screen, get help from the IT expert in your family/friends.




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  1. Would this treatment be helpful in the treatment of psoriasis? My husband suffers with a hideously inflamed and itchy build-up of skinscales over 1/3 of his body. He would love to try it if it could help.
    Judy L

  2. Dear Dr Holloway
    Thank you for your support with LDN use in your patients . We have been compounding Low Dose Naltrexone for over 15 years and still main stream medicine are reluctant to trial low doses in patients with pain. Our challenge is finding doctors like yourself who will trial this medicine and look for clinical and individual effectiveness.
    The totality of the clinical research to data suggests that LDN is a promising treatment approach for chronic pain conditions and thought to involve inflammatory processes. The clinical data supporting its use is very exciting . LDN may emerge as the first of many glial cell modulators that could be used to treat chronic conditions, with more specifically targeted medications developed in the future. As conventional anti-inflammatories have poor blood brain-barrier permeability, medicine like LDN that are centrally active immune modulators promise to be a huge area of interest in the future. Just wait till the New Naltrexone Isomer is available early research is promising.
    Mary-Louise Condon
    The Compounding Lab

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