Working women and the menopause.

A major part of my practice is dealing with menopausal women. I am well aware of the great impact menopause has on the quality of life of many of these women. Many men, employers and coworkers have no idea what women have to cope with in the menopause. I have often heard from women that other women are often the worst in being less understanding and nasty about their suffering.This study in Climacteric, the Journal of the North American Menopause Association, puts this in perspective.
Climacteric. 2015 Apr 1:1-4. [Epub ahead of print]

Working women and the menopause.


Women are living longer, working more and retiring later. About 45% of the over 50-year-old workforce in virtually all forms of employment are women, all of whom will experience the menopause and its symptoms, which in some women will be mild to moderate, whilst in others they may be severe and debilitating. About half of these women will find it somewhat, or fairly difficult, to cope with their work, about half will not be affected and only about 5% will be severely compromised. Poor concentration, tiredness, poor memory, depression, feeling low, lowered confidence, sleepiness and particularly hot flushes are all cited as contributing factors. As with any longstanding health-related condition, the need for support and understanding from line management is crucial and can make a major difference to how a woman will deal with the adverse impact the menopausal symptoms may have on her productivity, her job satisfaction and her efficiency. A number of plausible strategies have been proposed that can be realistically implemented in the workplace and which could certainly make a significant difference. Careful thought, planning, consideration and effort may be required but, if instituted, they will, in the final analysis, benefit both employer and employee.

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