Natural Ways To Boost Your Sex Drive

Dr. Weil’s Women’s Interest Newsletter

Wednesday 03/19/2014

Natural Ways To Boost Your Sex Drive

Looking for a natural way to boost your sex drive? An herbal possibility is the Mexican plant damiana (Turnera diffusa). Although it has not been extensively studied, it has a widespread reputation as a female aphrodisiac. You can readily find damiana preparations in health food stores. Follow dosage recommendations on the label. If you don’t notice any improvement after taking it for a month or two, discontinue use.

Another way to boost your sex drive is through cultivating physical and mental well-being – both are important to a healthy libido. Think about the interplay of emotional charge, mental imagery and body responses associated with intimacy. Hypnotherapy and guided imagery can help you make the most of the mind-body connection in overcoming sexual problems. Many experts say that the greatest aphrodisiac is the human mind.

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  1. Thanks Colin . The Bio-Identical Hormones work a treat as well.

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