Contaminated Berries

I have been having a handful of Blueberries and Raspberries for breakfast every morning for the last 20 years. Mostly they have been the Creative Gourmet brand of frozen berries. I did this because you could then have berries all year round, and not just in season, and also because they were Australian grown. Unknown to me (and many others), they were changed to Chinese grown from about a year ago. I checked the label originally, but stopped checking the label every time I bought them. Silly me- I should check every time to make sure they have not changed sources. Like many of you, I am very disturbed by what we have found out. Produce can be imported into one country (New Zealand for example) from say China, relabeled, then sent to Australia as product of New Zealand. If you are concerned about this issue, contact your local representatives and let them know your views, as it is essential our government tighten these rules to avoid this sort of scandal. Otherwise, go to and add your name to the petition going around requesting our government look into this issue and make the necessary changes.

Dr Colin Holloway

About Dr Colin Holloway

Gp interested in natural hormone treatment for men and women of all ages

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  1. Thanks for that. Worthwhile information.

  2. I too eat berries on a daily basis. I buy mine from COSTCO. Very reasonably priced and to date they have always been Aussie grown & packed with the exception of the Cranberries that were from America.

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