Eating soy is good for women’s hearts – if they start early

Our trip in California has been wonderful. The grandchildren( and the adult “kids” too) loved Disneyland, which surely is a magical place. Now off to Yosemite National Park. Obesity is a huge problem here, not surprising when you see what people eat. Don’t get too smug Aussies, we are just as bad.
30 July 2014, 4.11pm AEST

Eating soy is good for women’s hearts – if they start early

Eating soy before menopause may significantly reduce heart problems post-menopause.

Researchers at the Wake Forest School of Medicine fed cynomolgus monkeys a variety of animal protein and soy foods before and after surgical menopause. Those who ate meat and switched to soy afterwards improved in artery health but those who ate soy throughout saw the biggest results.

The results mirror other studies but emphasise the health benefits of eating soy before the onset of menopause.

About Dr Colin Holloway

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  1. Soy is OK to the best of my knowlege as far as breast cancer goes. The Japanese live largely on soy and have very low breast cancer rates.

  2. Hi Dr Holloway. quick question. I have the brac2 gene. am I better to drink soy milk or almond milk in my daily shake? (approx. 500ml per day) I have been using soy for 2-3 years now. Something came up about too much estrogen in soy milk. my blood tests seem ok. regards Gillian riddell

  3. Yes. I return in Jan. Ring the office and see if they can arrange a temp script.


    Hey doc. I’m back in Qld next week and needing a DHEA script. Will you be on holidays?

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