Green Coffee Bean Extract: Helpful or All Hype?

Green Coffee Bean Extract: Helpful or All Hype?
U.S. News & World Report – Health, 08/02/2013

The hype began in September 2012. On his show, Dr. Oz nationally introduced green bean coffee extract as a “fat burner that helps women lose weight.” And as we know, Dr. Oz has a very strong influence on his viewers, so needless to say, the product took off. So what exactly is green coffee bean extract? “Green coffee” refers to the raw or unroasted seeds (beans) of Coffea fruits. In the typical roasting process of coffee beans, a chemical called chlorogenic acid is reduced. It’s this chemical that is thought to be responsible for several health benefits, including weight loss. There have been several short–term studies suggesting that chlorogenic acid slows absorption of fat from food intake and activates metabolism of extra fat. one of the important things to remember with green coffee bean is that it contains caffeine, just like roasted coffee. And even though two cups of coffee per day is generally safe and might even have its own benefits, more is not better. Excess caffeine can cause insomnia, nervousness and restlessness, gastrointestinal distress, increased heart rate and more. Weight loss takes time and commitment.

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