We can all learn from each other.

I received this email from one of my long-term patients (although I don’t like that word much, as it does not really apply to the people I help, but don’t know of a better word). I recently blogged an article on the wonderful benefits of oestrogen (Aug 14 – see under archives), yet more lovely actions of oestrogen keep coming. I encourage others of you with similar stories to share them. At a recent conference on hormones, a wonderful american Doctor, Dr Pamela Smith, spoke about women’s brains being bathed in oestrogen most of their lives, and it is what makes women, women. Unlike men, whose brains are baked in testosterone all their lives, and we know what that does to them.

Dear Dr Holloway,
> Am undergoing tests for fungal pneumonia previously thought to be viral.
> Researching the disease online I discovered that oestrogen offers possible protection from some fungal infections like the lung problem I have and other systemic mycoses.(see attachments)
> My resistance to these infections was lowered when I lost troches at the beginning of 6 mos. overseas trip. (Aug 2011 to Feb.2012). During that time I had to substitute with natural supplements in Chile and Brazil (red clover isoflavones) but doubt it did much good and as you can see from my path test on return to Brisbane (March 2012) there was a significant depletion of hormones.(<43 E2 and <1 Prog.)!
> Then my negligence in maintaining my HRT in the year following has resulted in exactly the same result in last week’s tests! (<43 E2 and <1 Prog ). So, for more than a year my hormones have been minimal or zero.
> In that year of minimal or zero HRT protection, I have experienced two episodes of serious pneumonia/fungal lung infection. (Dec 2012 and Aug 2013) possibly triggered by air travel and/or unclean air conditioners in Singapore hotel accommodation or possibly a paracoccidioido infection, endemic in parts of S.America.
> Hopefully resuming the HRT will reinstate the protection I have had in my previous 25 years of use. How long will it take for the hormones to resume their correct levels?
> Perhaps this correlation of oestrogen and protection from fungal lung disease will be of interest to you?
> Kind regards,
> Dianne

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Gp interested in natural hormone treatment for men and women of all ages

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