The Anti-Vacc lobby.

Two articles from Saturday’s Daily Telegraph which align with my thinking exactly (if you hadn’t guessed by now)

Is there a vaccine for idiocy?

IF there was a shot to immunise against haters of vaccines I’d cop a jab of that elixir right now.

Like a reoccurring rash the debate over vaccines resurfaces every few months, often bringing with it a swab of convoluted hippy science.

Reviving the story this week is the National Health Performance Authority which says Australia has about 77,000 children not fully immunised.

The numbers prove once again some parents are refusing to accept scientific consensus that vaccines can prevent children from dying.

The failure to immunise children flies in the face of Australian Academy of Science data showing child deaths by antiquated nasties such as measles, whooping cough, diphtheria, tetanus and infantile paralysis are near non-existent thanks to vaccines.

It’s almost as if the lack of deaths is causing a false belief that these diseases no longer exist.

I’m just thankful I was conceived in the 1980s before Australian parents got the internet because my mother would almost definitely withhold jabs if I was born today.

I love my mother, but she does live in the Sunshine Coast hinterland and has a history of exploring alternative medicines and falling for Goji Juice scams.

If I so much as cough at home she’ll ambush me with a lemon-honey tea, six garlic tables, vitamin C, a multi vitamin and there won’t be a Codral in sight.

As a former Army Reservist I’ve been injected with dozens of vaccines for everything from hepatitis B to meningococcal and I’m thankful for every last one of them.

I don’t ever want to know what shingles feels like or find out if whooping cough is as bad as people say.

I’m no doctor, and neither is Wikipedia, which is why I put my faith in the experts to vaccinate me against whatever pandemic’s floating around.

The truth inoculators will say things like “vaccines cause autism”, “elderberries are the best defence against the flu” or “vaccines are just a money-grab for greedy corporations”.

But until the haters can front up scientific proof vaccines are worse for me than measles, jab me up baby.

James Drew is neither a doctor nor scientist.  Instead of a doctorate in vaccinations, James has a bachelor’s degree in journalism which severely limits his job prospects and value to the human race. When James isn’t telling parents how to do their job, he writes for community newspapers Caboolture Shire Herald and Northern Times.

Follow James on Twitter: @JamesDrewQLD

Sarah Wilson’s apparent support of the ‘anti-vax’ movement irresponsible, writes Caroline Marcus

CALLING for debate on vaccination is like calling for debate on whether the earth is flat.

But while remaining cynical about the planet’s dimensions in the face of solid evidence is just as thick, that type of scepticism doesn’t lead to the death of children and babies.

Not having your kids jabbed very much does.

The anti-vaccination brigade have been a vocal minority, but their nutty claims – among other things, that vaccines cause autism – are swiftly shot down by the mainstream media.

The fact is, immunisation alone is responsible for the eradication in the developed world of small pox and polio, a debilitating disease that saw my late grandmother crippled with a severe limp from childhood to her death.

Measles and whooping cough were also virtually eradicated, that is, until the “anti-vax” movement started to spread.

Two children died on the NSW north coast last year during a whooping cough epidemic that infected 24,000 children, while western and southwest Sydney were hit by a measles outbreak.

It speaks volumes that the work of British medical researcher Andrew Wakefield, who became the posterboy for the anti-vax movement after his “studies” illustrated a supposed link between the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and autism, was discredited as fraudulent and he was struck off the medical register in 2010.

But then we get people like Sarah Wilson, blogger and self-styled health expert, going on breakfast television saying vaccination research was “not conclusive”.

She went on to claim wealthy parents were less likely to vaccinate their children because they were “more educated” and “weigh up all the different research and so on”.

I was on the Kochie’s Angels panel with Wilson this morning and was horrified, even if she had hinted minutes before we went on set that she planned to say something controversial about vaccination.

Since the show, she received a massive backlash on Twitter and has been busy backpedalling ever since.

Wilson later posted a statement on her website saying she was not personally anti-vaccination, yet was still banging on about having an interest in the “other side of the debate”.

BUT THERE IS NO OTHER SIDE. There’s medical proof and then there’s medical proof.

The fact she even calls into question what medical experts agree is irrefutable evidence of the efficacy of vaccines, is – to my mind – criminally irresponsible.

There are ways to voice the thrust of the anti-vaxers while at the same time, discredit them. Wilson did not do this.

In the meantime, the mainstream media must persevere in debunking the ridiculous conspiracy theories that have seen immunisation rates drop to new, alarming lows.

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