Green tea prevents Ovarian cancer.

In my Book “Live Well Over 100” I have a chapter on the benefits of green tea.

I mentioned that drinking green tea reduces our chances of getting Esophageal cancer by 60%

Mice given black tea to drink had 59% less tumors than mice which drank water.

Green tea also lowers our cholesterol level, and destroys viruses, like the flu virus.

Now a new study has found an additional benefit of green tea. read below:


Ovarian cancer is a common and often lethal disease.
Finding ovarian cancer at an early stage is difficult and
at the moment there is little women can do to prevent
ovarian cancer. The oral contraceptive pill will reduce
the ovarian cancer risk by 50% and prophylactic surgery
will virtually eliminate the ovarian cancer risk for those at
greatest risk (e.g. strong family history).
Women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer
also want to know what they can do to stay well after
treatment. New research points to the power of green
tea. Its active ingredient is Catechin, which is especially
abundant in green tea. In a recent meta-analysis
published in Gynaecologic Oncology1, results from 17
in-vitro, 1 in-vivo, four case control and one cohort study
were summarised.
In 11 of the 17 laboratory studies, using several
ovarian cancer cell lines, downregulation of a number
of proteins involved in inflammation, cell signalization,
cell motility and angiogenesis, were reported. Most
commonly, Catechin appeared to induce ovarian
epithelial cell inhibition mediated by apoptosis. Women
in the four case control studies (one from China, two
from the USA, and one from Australia) showed that
drinking of green tea reduced the risk of developing
ovarian cancer by approximately 30%.
In one study, mice were inoculated with ovarian cancer
cells. Half of the mice were given green tea to drink;
the other half drank water only. The mice that were fed
green tea had 60% lower tumour volume than the ones
that received water. Finally, a Chinese cohort study
followed 244 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer and
showed decreased mortality in women who drank green
tea daily after diagnosis.
It seems that a randomised trial to confirm these
laboratory and observational results would be needed.
Until such a trial gets funded, I might start drinking
green tea myself.

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1.Trudel D et al. Green tea for ovarian cancer prevention and treatment: A systematic review of the in vitro, in vivo and
epidemiological studies. Gynecologic Oncology, Volume 126, Issue 3, September 2012, Pages 491–498.

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