Dangerous Medicine

I posted yesterday’s story because I have first hand knowledge of how medical care can vary in medical practices and in hospitals. I have worked with some very incompetent doctors in my time, and have felt sorry for their patients. As I tell my family – don’t be afraid to ask questions. Get second opinions if necessary before making a major decision. Transparency is important, so ask to see what they have written about you, and what is on any letter to a 3rd party. My computer screen in my consulting room is tilted so my patients can see every word about them I write. That allows them to correct anything that is not absolutely correct. All doctors should do this. Mistakes happen, doctors get tired, staff get tired and an error gets compounded along the way. When my son was having an operation, I noticed that the medication he was on was twice the correct dose. The nurse had written 1/2 gm instead of 1/4 gm. The result was that he was getting a toxic dose that could have caused permanent ear damage. It was only my medical knowledge that alerted me to the fact of the overdose, and the fact that I checked everything the doctors and nurses did. Those without medical nous would have missed this, and the resulting damage may have been covered up by the people involved.

Message: Be vigilant. Check everything.

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