Birthday Party

My granddaughter, Annabelle, had her 7th birthday yesterday. SHe arranged for all her friends to come around. My, what a production. Bigger than the Sydney Olympics. In the old days(the  fifties) when my siblings and I had a birthday party, it would consist of siblings, best friend or 2, parents and family dog. My Mum would produce a cake, there would be a present (one only) from those present, and a pleasant time would be had by all.

Now, there are 40-50 kiddies, masses of presents, lots of confection/cakes/ lollies and fizzy drinks, noise ++, overactivity++ and thoroughly hyped up littlies. ,  Though my daughter is more conscious of health than most, so does better than most young women her age in avoiding the worst of these issues.  At least she provides them with fruit pieces, carrot sticks and other delights – usually ignored by the assembled hordes.

What are your thoughts on this ?  I encourage you to enter the discussion.

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