I often get ask…

I often get asked why some doctors are negative about bio-identical hrt, They may even claim there is no evidence it works, and is not registered by the TGA.

I have presented many studies from many experts on this website proving that BHRT is safe, has been fully tested and researched, and has the approval of most of the top Menopausal and endocrine societies. How much more does your doctor want? This nonsense about “compounding chemists” is hard to understand. These chemists are your normal chemists who have passed all their exams like any other chemist. They are regulated and checked regularly by the authorities like any other chemist. We trust our chemists when they prepare medicines for us. When I was a child, my doctor would write a script such as ” 1 ml xyz, 2 drops abc, 1 gm cde. Prepare with 5ml glucose solution Make up 100 ml. Take 5 ml daily” Most scripts were compounded then – we did not have the ready made mass produced factory produced products of today. Finally, how difficult is it to weigh and make up 2mg Oestrogen? Not much room for error.

This brings us to a bigger issue – the misinformation and lies about the whole BHRT and natural hormone industry. Much of it is run by people with ties to various pharmaceutical companies, esp those producing synthetic HRT. They often shower doctors with gifts and presents to buy their loyalty. I have seen this same play many times over the years in medicine -vested interests desperate to preserve their influence. This website is devoted to try and help women get a clearer picture of the science behind the various choices they make when using hormones. I can quote many instances where doctors have ignored the evidence to promote their prejudices – the most famous is Dr Semmelweiss. He knew and could prove that washing hands before delivering babies would improve the mortality in childbirth. Doctors did not believe him, with the result thousands of women died in childbirth before cleanliness became accepted practice. Mammography ( look under breastscreening) may become another one of these scandals.

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