My Background

This website is an avenue for communicating with my patients. I keep very up to date with health issues, especially to do with aging and hormonal problems. I will share the interesting bits with you. I have a daily blog dealing with health issues. You can subscribe to this free service by entering your email address in the space provided.

I am a GP working in Caboolture, Queensland. I have a special interest in natural hormone treatments, also known as body identical, and sometimes as Bio-identical hormones. The name derives from the fact these  hormones are identical to the hormones we produce naturally. I am not an endocrinologist, or a Gynecologist, and have never claimed to be one.

I have been using these hormones for the last 25 years, and have treated nearly 5000 people with them.


I have a MB Bch,(Bachelor of Surgery and Medicine).  I also have a Diploma in Obstetrics, obtained from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. As well I have a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, obtained at the Witwatersrand University, South Africa. I am a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of GP’s.  Over my lifetime I have delivered over 1500 babies, an achievement I value highly. Some of those I delivered are now my patients.

Books written:

Having studied diet, lifestyle, health and positive attitudes, I was frequently asked as to why I did not share this knowledge with others more widely. So with the encouragement of my wife, I would get up at 4 am to research and write “Live Well Over 100.”  The first edition of 5000 sold out very quickly, so more study and earlier am starts led to the second edition, which was a lot bigger and more in-depth. The print run of 20,000 sold out fairly quickly as well. I was invited to speak at various health related conferences, something I really enjoyed, as I got to meet people from various parts of the world. I spoke in conferences in New Zealand,  Singapore, Philippines, South Africa and Australia of course. Unfortunately, the book is now out of print, and is no longer current as it was written over 15 years ago.

Live Well Over 100

While touring New Zealand and giving talks at various venues, I met Michail Borrisenko, who had a great interest in Colostrum, and the many health benefits thereof.  Michail and I coauthored  “Microbe Apocalypse- Man Vs Microbe'”.  Michail Borrisenko, is chief scientist, Institute of Colostrum Research,  New Zealand.

Microbe Apocalypse

I wrote “The Medical Vitadiet”, which has sold over 25,000 copies to date. This deals with the benefits of the low-calorie diet to produce weight loss. At one stage I had 5 weight loss clinics in Queensland, with very successful results. Having decided to move on to other aspects of health, I sold the business, but allowed the new owners to continue to use the book I wrote as part of the program.

Women’s Hormones.

Some of the motivation for this web site is to present the medical evidence and research to reassure men and women about the science behind what I do and to refute some of the misleading information   about Natural (Body identical,Bio-identical) HRT.

  1. Hi, I’m 42 years old with 5 children. My youngest is 2 whom I’m still breastfeeding. I have been very unwell for 6 months now with constant debilitating dizziness, headaches and extreme lethargy along with hair loss and thinning, low mood and mood swings. I’ve had test after test and continue to do so but my Dentist seems to think I have TMJ disorder and it has been suggested that I may have Estrogen dominance due to extended breastfeeding. Can you please offer any light on my situation or whether you think you could assist? I can’t take too much more of feeling this way and not getting any relief or answers. Thank you.

  2. Julie,
    Re Hashimotos.
    Im in Adelaide, and had the runaround with maybe 7 GP’s. My first GP did not tell me I had Hashimotos, 8 years ago, I found it in a letter to the endocronologist. All gp’s & endo insisted the answer was Thyroxene. The majority of gps could not read the path labs. Not one told me to be gluten and dairy free. The last GP did put me on compounding T3 and that was heaps better for me but it was never tweaked enough. He did tell me to take a good multi vitamin and to take and swap makes of probiotics. In my last conversation with him I mentioned that I was taking very good multi vitamins, he then commented, perhaps I wasnt methylating. Asked whether I should take a test, his reply no. I had done some basic research on MTHFR and found a doctor who ordered a test. Just speaking to me, he was sure I was positive and he was right. Fortunately, I have only one gene mutuation, that is easily treated with the right food, methylated B12 and folate. Shortly after, I went to an integrative doctor in Adelaide………….He has since tweaked the T3, I am taking the MTHFR suppplements and for the first time in years, I am losing brain fog. When I used to get up in the morning, it was like coming around from an anaesthetic for 2 hours, and I had no drive. Whilst my latest GP at least put me on compounding T3, he did not know enough about diet.
    Integrative doctor gave me certain supplements that I am still taking. Integrative doctor did a blood test (nonMedicare and tested me for 40 foods allergys), and I had problems with bananas, cane sugar, pineapple, green and red kidney beans, the last 2 were very high. When I say I had problems, there was no digestive problems at all, no signs. I dropped 2 kilos just eliminating these foods. I am strictly dairy and gluten free. I also followed Izabella Wendt, a pharmacist from USA. She has a book called Hashimotos Protocol, and my integrative doctor is on very similar lines. My experience with GP’s was painful, there are exceptions, all I can say to anyone with Hashimotos, is find your nearest integrative doctor. Yes, it is expensive, but the food tests and thyroid tests they do give you, are essential. I wasted 8 years, and my life stopped with the service and advice I got from GPs. PS Always do some research on the integrative doctor you are going to.

  3. Hi I have just been diagnosed as Coeliac and also Hashimoto Thyroid Disease. Can you please confirm the troches I am taking for HRT are gluten free

  4. LDN For Burning Mouth Syndrome, also have extreme anxiety, do you think it’s worth a try ?

  5. No – Keep trying. Most people seem to get through so I know it works.

  6. Yes – LDN has been successful in a number of people I have used it on

  7. I have read it and agree with most of what he has written.

  8. Email me privately and I will see if I can see you earlier.

  9. Leanda Van Der Merwe

    Hi Dr Holloway
    I have had menopause for the past 3 years now by recollection and it feels as if HELL has unleashed in my body. That is an understatement for the lack of using way more descriptive language. I have been on an Oestradiol patch as the alternative therapies I tried had no effect. I have now been prescribed another patch but are too scared to try it as I have subsequently also found lumps in my breasts. I did have this checked out and apparently are only sists that I can have drained if is so feel to do so. I also suffer from an autoimmune disease – still to be determined? I can hardly walk at best of times or get out of bed as I am riddled with pain. I also after many x-rays and tests have a nodule of some description on my lungs? Have no idea what all this is supposed to mean my main thing is to get rid of this constant HELL, fury, fire etc. burning my body. I have made an appointment approximately 3 months ago but the first available appointment to see you is the 16th of November which is a lifetime away. I was wondering if there is any chance of this being moved forward please?

  10. Thank the heavens my gp gave me your contact details.Now the journey begins.

  11. Dear Dr. Holloway
    Are familiar with Dr. Jonathon Wright’s book on Bio-identical hormone replacement and, if so, what is your opinion of it please?

  12. Is there anything that gets rid of Burning Mouth Syndrome ?

  13. Hello Dr. Holloway, I have been trying to send you an email but it keeps bouncing back, has your email address changed from the one shown on this site., Thanks Kym

  14. Need to get low dose Naloxone for my mum, stage 3 adenocarcinoma stomach

  15. Hello Dr Holloway.
    I am thinking I will stop taking trouche and see if I get flushes 21st. How do.i stop just stop taking or wean myself off them.. If I get flushes again I will just start again.

  16. I have had very good results to date.

  17. The natural desiccated thyroid may suit you better.

  18. Your problems were du to the thyoxine, not the troches. Continue with the troches.

  19. I left Springhill at least 15 years ago.

  20. Read “Hypothyroidism” on my web-site. It may have some of the answers you seek

  21. Lower the dose. Stay on the dose that makes your feel your best.

  22. You woill need to be seen again and tested.

  23. Asbestos is very toxic to the humn body, as you well know. Good diet, supplements, detoxing and juicing is the best way to go.

  24. I was living amongst friable asbestos and now have Graves disease. Do you know of the connection between consuming and inhaling brown and white asbestos fibers and the havoc it can wreak on the immune system. Is there a way to help my immune system rid these class 1 carcinogens from my body. I know the chronic stress may also be a factor and Eric m osansky suggests I contacted a natural endocrinologist. You are my closest call.

  25. jeannine draper

    Hi i have nearly finished my troches pack after changing the dose post surgery and i am still getting night sweats and irritation of my moods should the dose be changed again thanks jeannine

  26. Connie Fletcher

    I’d increased my LDN to 4.5ml 4 days ago as requested and I’m having the most horrific flare of pain, it’s actually mimicking the pain I suffered when on a 3 day course of intravenous Methylprednisone I had back in May this year with the feeling of carrying a bear on my back and home squeezing me from time to time restricting my breathing when laying down. My question is do I lower the dose back to 3ml or hang in there in the hope it’s just my body adjusting

  27. Maressa Southall

    Hello Doctor Colin
    I am wondering if you may be able to help me. I am 42 year old female diagnosed with hashimotos 9 years ago. As I’m getting older I’m finding it his having more of an impact on my life. I take 150 mg of thyroxine per day and also on Pristiq. I suffer from break thru bleeding on a regular basis of last 3 months. No proper period. Then just recently a extremely heavy period that has been going to now 8 days and counting. I think my thyroid has a lot to do with it? If you may be able to help me. I would appreciate seeing you. Thanks

  28. Dr Holloway,
    I am about to have more blood tests done- you have requested TFT, T3, T4, oestrodiol, progesterone, testosterone, DHEAS, and thyroid antibodies. Could I also have TSH, free T3 and free T4 fine, please? I am struggling with done symptoms still and would like to have thorough bloods done to get to the root cause of the symptoms.
    Robyn Munns

  29. Hi Colin, just to let you know that I went all the way to your consulting rooms in Spring Hill from Melbourne to only to find it under lock and key.
    I am very pleased to know that you are still around and hoping to visit you soon.
    Thank you for the time you spent to treat my wife.

  30. Hi, Can you advise if you can successfully treat HP Axis dysfunction, and how long would treatment take please. thank you

  31. Janet Costin

    Hello Dr.Holloway. I am taking a troche to balance everything out, been doing so for last 2 years. I have been put on a thyroxine 4 months ago, (subclinical Hypo ), the thyroxine medication has left me in all kinds of trouble. After losing 4 kilos in 4 months, racing heart, hair falling out in handfuls my doc tested my levels and they are now sky high (her words). I was advised to stop them immediately but still feel “jittery”. Should I stop taking my troche for a period of time until everything “settles” back down.
    Kind regards

  32. Hi Doctor,

    I had a total thyroidectomy and removal of one parathyroid gland (due to hyperparathyroidism) 6 months ago. Prior to having surgery, I was on carbimazole to treat hyperthyroidism (even though losing weight has never been easy for me) which obviously slowed down my metabolism.
    I had periods of hypothryroidism during this time but eventually got euthyroid prior to the surgery. From when I was first diagnosed to now (about 18 months) I have gained a lot of weight, to the point that I no longer want to go out and am getting very depressed about it. I also have some heart issues and am on BP medication to regulate that, which I fear is not helping matters.

    I saw my endocrine surgeon last week for my check-up and he advised that I am now hypo so has increased my eutroxsig to 125mg, so I guess part of the reason I was putting on weight without changing my eating habits.

    I have started taking turmeric and magnesium supplements and this is helping me feel a bit better (tiredness and aching) but can you recommend what I can do to lose the extra kilos?
    I don’t seem to be eating any differently than I was prior to being diagnosed and certainly not eating enough calories (for a ‘normal’ person with a thyroid) to have put this much weight on.

    Please help!
    Thanks, Karen

  33. I would like to know of your experience low dose naltrexone for rheumatoid arthritis I have read a lot of books and forums which seem very positive

  34. I do not know of anyone in Sydney – sorry – cannot help you.

  35. I would go along with your oncologists advice. Their training and knowledge must be respected, and I think they are acting in your best interests.

  36. Ring to make an appointment.

  37. I stick to hormonal problems and am not the right person to help your son.

  38. They are both bio-identical

  39. My fees and details are on my web-site. I do not know of anyone in Brisbane that does the BHRT the same way that i do.

  40. You may do better on the Natural Desiccated thyroid (NDT) than the synthetic form. Also, should take Selenium 20 mg daily, and be gluten free.

  41. It is best to avoid all hormones at the moment. See me when treatment is over for help.

  42. margot taylor

    hi Dr Holloway..I have recently been diagnosed with low grade breast cancer..have had surgery and awaiting radiotherapy..The doctors have advised me to cease the troches and I am experiencing hot flushes and feeling a bit depressed.My question is.. is there any component in the troches which I could take..I gues new troches.Thank you Margot

  43. I am 63 and have hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed when I was about 50. Just after diagnosis I was also diagnosed with nafl. I am overweight and just can’t seem to lose weight. I have nodules on my thyroid gland. I also get symptoms of hyperthyroidism at times like palpitations, frequent bowel motions, over heat at night. I am so over this. I have a low mood also . I’m pretty sure that all of my symptoms are because of my thyroid. My blood results show that I am prescribed the right amount of thyroxine. I just want to feel like my old self again which seems like a distant memory. Any suggestions or advice?

  44. Hi there may I ask how much for an appointment and do you have an office in Brisbane ? Or could you recommend someone in Brisbane

  45. Hello Is minivell patches safe? I am on progestrone also I was told they were bio-idenitical? thanks

  46. Hi Dr Holloway my son suffers from gout he is 26 and I am concerned that ihe is not maintaining it properly would you be able to help with proper diagnosis and treatment. Kam and myself have been to see you in the last month.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Jay Gohil

  47. Hi. I am going on leave on the 20th April but need to get some hormone cream. I live in Brisbane. Woul I be able to skype before i go?

    Thank you

  48. Christine Dwyer (Teena)

    I would like to meet you
    I’m 64 have lots of thing
    Going on with my hormones
    Hot from inside out
    I just read about your life and whT u cN do
    I hope you can help


    Hello Dr Holloway
    My name is Carleen Augustus and I was a client of yours for many years taking your natural hormone treatment for many years after menopause which helped me a great deal. Last December I was diagnosed with breast cancer and after having a lumpectomy I had 30 radium treatments which finished recently. My dilema now is that my oncologist want to put me on a hormone blocker called Arimidex for the next 10 years. I value your opinion about taking this drug and as it appears to have many side effects..can you tell me your thoughts on this treatment .
    Thanking you

  50. Dr. Holloway, can you recommend a good endocrinologist in Sydney with a specialty in women’s hormones? I’m interested in saliva test for hormones. Thank you.

  51. You can ask your Dr to have a copy sent to me. Estrogen need progesterone to protect the uterus.

  52. I think you would do best seeing a dermatologist. I don’t know of anyone I can recommend.

  53. LDN is your best option. Diet, supplements will help but not signifcantly.

  54. Ring the chemist concerned and discuss you issues with him.

  55. Dr Holloway, you recently suggested I change from the compounding chemist at Morayfield where I was charged $98 to the one at the Super Centre where you work as they only charge $75! Since changing they put the troches in a different plastic container where I have to cut it in half & as there is no plastic line to follow it has become a messy business & I feel I am not getting the right amount anymore as these are hard to cut. I am now waking up with hot sweats whereas this never happened before. I am really wondering now if this is the right way for me to go as I haven’t had a decent sleep in years & the only relief I have from the troches is from the hot flushes??

  56. Can’t wait to see doc holloway to take control of my hormonal weight gain

  57. I am wondering if you work with diet and natural solutions to autoimmune diseases? I have recently been diagnosed with ankolising spondylitis and would like to dietary options to help decrease the inflammation alongside normal medication options.

  58. Hi there I am from Sydney, 21 years old and have managed to lose all self confidence due to oily skin, oily hair and excessive sweating! Ha and I thought acne was the problem, after a 4 year battle of pro-active to apple cider vinegar to acne medications I have been left with an acne free face but am now absolutely covered in oil/sweat.
    I noticed this problem began two years ago starting as a shiny triangle on my forehead this issue has now spread all over my face/scalp leaving me with insanely large pores. This problem has rattled my self confidence seeing as no doctor in Sydney has been able to cure, let alone give a straight answer of the underlying cause So I was hoping maybe you can?!
    Now that the oiliness is increasing I am also sweating constantly on both my face and underarms, i am also very flushed. . even when I’m not hot at all!
    I’ve been told it’s mainly hormonal as i am believed to have PCOS yet I have only been offered topical treatments which are not effective what so ever.. this is what makes me believe it digs much deeper than simply “washing my face and hair too much”.
    If you can recommend anyone in Sydney or even a starting point of whether you’d suggest a hormone doctor or a dermatologist that would be great!!
    Thank you 🙂

  59. Hello Dr Holloway
    It’s robyn keen here.
    I’m not due to see you for a few months. I’m a little concerned about some light pink marks I’ve noticed in my panty liners over the last week.
    I’ve also noticed lower back pain – just like when I used to have a period.
    I was still finishing off the 1st script of troches – 1 quarter every night
    And then in the mornings have been taking the newer troche script.
    I’ve only got about 6 quarters of the night time ones left – should I continue taking this stronger one at night ?
    Or leave them and start taking the same ones at night that I take in the morning – second script -(tweeted one)
    Or just take one every morning for a few days or weeks. ?
    Or do you need to see me ?
    Gregs mum passed away last night after a long 6 weeks of struggling so I’m not sure when I can come in for an appointment!

  60. Thank you for your reply. Can I ask my doctor to do a hormone test and send it to you so that you could help me with this? If I increase estrogen with pueraria mirifica is that safe for breast growth or will it cause problems for me if regards to having children later on? Can too much estrogen cause hardening of the uterus?

  61. It would be a good idea to check them anyway

  62. You will need to see me to work out the best management of your hormonal problems.

  63. Contact me privately via email.

  64. I prefer to me more certain about what I take, so prefer testing for the various hormones we need and then making sure I get the right amount. Taking herbs the way you are doing is a bit hit and miss, and the qualtiy and strength varies tremendously from batch to batch. MAca is useful but i do not know much about pueraria and have not used it before.

  65. Email your doctors number to me privately.

  66. I would like to give you my doctors. Number so that you .can have a referal done need to start seeing you about the condition I have it is rare for people to have it this low with more than I need.I have to take unusual amounts before it functions better.

  67. Hello again Dr. Holloway,

    I don’t mean to rush you with a reply but is my previous message something that you could help me with? It’s just that it’s coming up to the time where I have to take the Pueraria Mirifica capsules again and I’d like some insight on if it’s still safe for me to continue using them or not. If you could respond soon that would be much appreciated.

    Kind Regards


  68. Hello Doctor Colin Holloway My Name Is Adrian Manier And I Came And Saw You About Very Low Levels Of Testosterone. I Had A Testosterone Blood Tests Done And Prolactin Was Fine Yet Testosterone was 4.2 When Last Tested It Was 14 Then 9 to 4.2. I Am Asking If You Are Able To Prescribe To Write A Special Script Of Primoteston Depot Or A Testosterobe That Helps With My Orgasms Intensity As Before My Last Doctor Wrote A Special Script Non-PBS My Orgasms Intensity Was Non Existant I Had Mo Feeling Anymore Yet After He Wrote Me A Script In Next Few Weeks Onwards It Had Improved. The Endocrine Dept. At The Cairns Base Hospital Said I was Dependant On testosterone Replacement Therapy. I Have Been Diagnosed With This Problem Clinically By Them. I Have A Younger Fiancé Whom I Am Travelling To USA Latet This Year To Visit Her. She Said She Had Two Periods In Same Month(lucky it wasn’t three she said) And Is Dying To Hafe My Firstborn. I Want To Sexually Be Able To Perform And Have My Penis Size Developed Properly As Is Small As Soft. Primoteston Depot It Said For Stimulation And Development Of Still Underdeveloped Androgen Dependant Organs One Prefilled Syringe Every Two To Three Weeks. One Doctor Had Every Two Weeks To Take Once. Please Can You Please Help Me To Maintain Erection Development And Organ Development And Help In My Very Low Testosterone Levels. Look At My Latest Blood Tests If You Can. I Would Like To Visit You And Be Seen To Talk About Different Ideas Or Therapies You May Know In Orgasmic Quality Testosterone Deficiency And Organ Size And Increased Libido. Can I Please Make An Appointment To Be Seen By You I Am Due In July Or August To Visit My Fiancé So If You Can Please Reply If You May Try To Help Me Medically I Will Then Make An Appointment As Soon As Possible. Thank You Good Doctor I Hope I Shall Be Available To Be Seen By You Soon As Possible In Near Future. Kind Regards Adrian

  69. Tried the menopause society meds they didn’t do a thing for me and most doctors I’ve seen in Adelaide hills just don’t want to help! More should be done regarding menopause and more research into natural hormones… When I lived in Caboolture you were my doctor… Your the best!….Love your website..

  70. Hi Dr. Colin,

    I’m 32 years old and haven’t had any children yet but I’m planning to in the future. For natural breast enlargement I’ve been taking Purafem Pueraria Mirifica capsules (2 in the morning and 2 in the evening as recommended on the bottle). Each capsule contains 350mg of pueraria mirifica. I took them for the first 14 days during my follicular phase, starting on the first day of my period, then during my luteal phase I stopped taking pueraria mirifica and I then started taking 1 teaspoon of Maca in milk. When my period was due to come again, it came looking like brown, old blood and lasted for 2 days but it was very minimal bleeding not like a normal period. Then about 11 days later my period came but it was really heavy and a lot of large blood clots came out, which was not like my normal periods. Is this normal for the first time taking pueraria mirifica and will be body adjust and go back to normal once it gets used to the pueraria mirifica and maca? Is it because I’m taking too much pueraria mirifica to start off with? Before taking these herbal products, my period was very regular and lasted 7 days. While taking pueraria mirifica I’ve noticed headaches and period pain when I never had these symptoms before. Also I have symptoms of thrush or a yeast infection after taking maca/pueraria mirifica and I’ve never had a yeast infection in my life. I did research and found that yeast infections occur when there’s been a hormone change in the body, so I’m guessing the herbal supplements have been the cause. Will the yeast infection/thrush go away on its own after a while of taking pueraria mirifica or will it always be there? Every time I think it has gone, it seems to come back every time I have sex. Do u know why this is? Do I need to get it treated properly or will it always be there until I get my hormones back to normal? My partner gets yeast infection symptoms after he has sex with me also. It goes away for both of us but comes back after we have sex.

    I read that Maca can be complimentary to pueraria mirifica, so taking it at the same time will beneficial. I was thinking of taking 1 teaspoon of Maca every day even when I have the 15 day break from pueraria mirifica. Do you think that will be a good idea for breast enlargement?

    I also wanted to know how I can take pueraria mirifica for breast enlargement without messing up my menstrual cycle? And is there other herbs I can take during my luteal phase that will help to increase my breast size?

    Is this dangerous to be doing? Will it affect my chances of having children if I haven’t had any yet?

    Thanks for your time.

    Kind Regards


  71. Dear Dr Holloway
    My sister Linda Milne had an appointment with you today and mentioned contacting you re arranging a time for you to see me.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Kind Regards

  72. hi mate im 29 yrs old i was talking to a friend was telling me about hormone doctors and she went to one and she was very shocked how many things she was lacking and she had same issues as i am having and she is feeling great now i was woundering if u make appointments so i can get my levels checked would love to hear back soon cheers Leanne

  73. Thank you for taking this time.

  74. No – hopefully the dizziness is only temporary.

  75. Email me privately and I will see what I can do.

  76. Dr Hourigan is also doing the BHRT. You may be able to see him.

  77. Totally agree!

  78. Hello Dr Hollow,
    Do you include Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis in the tests you order?
    I will be seeing you in February.
    Naomi Klahn

  79. I am suffering from oestrogen dominance. I am unable to get an appointment to see you. Would any of the other doctors at the clinic be able to prescribe hormone treatment?

  80. Good morning Dr Holloway
    I have been recommended to contact you from one of your current patients, but fear that you may not be taking new patients.
    I had a radical hysterectomy in 1974, age 22, and went for a long time with no HRT (you will get over it girlie!!) but commenced regular HRT with Oestrogen and Testosterone implants under Professor Henry Burger at 38 or so years old.
    Professor Burger oversaw my ongoing HRT, but on moving to Queensland in 2009, I have battled significantly to find a practitioner that has an understanding of the impact of endocrinology, particularly the effect post hysterectomy health for such a long time, on the whole body and mind.
    I am 65, work full time and have now been advised by my current GP that I need to accept that at this age all women become ill and lose their capacity, potency and energy. I do not agree with her.
    In the event you have opened your books again to new patients, please advise. Helen Browne –

  81. Dear Dr Holloway,
    I think it is a good idea for you to train up another Dr as I have often wondered what we clients would do when you do retire. I hope you can stay working for a long time as I have so much confidence in you Dr Holloway. On to another subject, can you please send a script to the Day and Night Pharmacy at Maroochydore please for my LDN as I have no more repeats left. I wish you and your family a safe and Happy Christmas and may the New Year bring you lots of happy memories, good health and prosperity, Thank you for being a Dr who thinks out of the square. Warm Regards, Susan Cook of Brooloo 4570.

  82. Good Evening Doctor.
    After my 2nd visit with you, I took my first prescribed does of Troches today,
    Just have a concern, i was dizzy for about 2 hours after taking it, is this normal?

  83. Oh thank you! You have no idea how good that is to hear! I saw the update about you training another doctor in your ways and in desperation I was going to make an appointment with him in hopes he would be as good as you are😊 but if I’m classed as an exisiting patient I will definitely be booking in with you instead! I have just started the Vita Diet on saturday hoping to lose at least 10 kilos. So far so good- 1.5kgs gone in 3 days! The “detoxing” from sugar was hard for a couple of days but my head is starting to get clearer and the headaches no where near as severe. So hopefully by the time I see you I will have lost the 10kgs. Once again thanks so much!

  84. Best to see a gynecologist who specializes in endometriosis.

  85. You qualify as an existing patient

  86. Dr Holloway,
    I used to be a patient of yours about 12 years ago now😊 You did brilliant things for my hormones- so much so that I was able to fall pregnant naturally-twice! Obviously having 2 children, you make yourself less of a priority and as I have gotten older, my hormones have gotten even more out of whack again. Is there any chance you have opened your books up again for- technically- new patients? I’m kind of desperate to get my body and hormones back on track. I’m sick of feeling so horrible all the time.

    Kind regards
    Amanda Bradley (nee Firth)

  87. Do i need to get a gp referral to come see you and/or can u recommend someone to see in ballina nsw??
    Short story: I have history of “mild” endometriosis no problem with fertility (2 successful pregnancies in mid to late 20s) but lots of pain. On ocp continuously (with breaks every 4-6 months) for past 5 yrs. Went off ocp to try for 3rd bub. 3 months is and have missed 2nd period, have ovarian cyst. 34 yrs old.
    Where to from here??

  88. Avoid gluten and take some selenium, will help. Also have your various hormones and Iodine level checked.

  89. I don’t know of anyone. Perhaps someone else on this list might be able to help.

  90. Hi Hannah, I wish I had a quick fix for you, but i don’t. I cannot think of anything else you can do that you have already done.

  91. Hi Colin,

    I am on a never ending researching mission to stop my Cycstic acne on my chin and jawline, before taking the pill yasmin and Diane my skin wasn’t perfect but certainly wasn’t like this. I have been off the pill now for 10 months, trying everything you can imagine – progesterone creams, estroblock which is a DIM, vitamin creams, topical solutions – you name it! I’m pescetarian, eat eggs, never eat dairy. I’m a really active and healthy person, but my confidence is at an all time low. One thing I do remember when taking the pill most recently last year is that my facial skin would be clear but the cystic acne would appear on another place on the body?! Please help, if be so grateful for any advise.
    Thanks Hannah

  92. I have just moved to the Atherton Tablelands. Is there anyone who prescribes biodentical hormones in the surrounding area including Cairns.

  93. Hi. Just want to check something. I was diagnosed with Hashi’s about two years ago and had antibodies in my blood with low thyroid function. My symptoms are getting worse (extremely forgetful and always exhausted and still gaining weight even though I eat very healthy and exercise when I actually have a bit of steam). I went to see GP recently for possible thyroid medication and my thyroid function came back normal with no antibodies what soever, just low blood sugar. I though auto immune disorders can’t be cured. What will be next step for me? I don’t want to sound like hypochondriac, but I FEEL something in my body isn’t functioning properly. I feel unwell. Please given me some advice

  94. Contact me privately to discuss.

  95. I have recently reopened my books, so ring my clinic if you want an appointment.

  96. Hello my name is Robyn Keen and I’m a good friend of Donna Lightowler who’s managed to get me an appt with you next Tues at 3.40. Looking forward to meeting with you then and hoping you can help me feel better hormonally.

  97. Hi i am janice i am living in hervey bay and am very interesting in ur bio-identical hormone replacement
    I am currently suffering severe menopause symtoms from full surgical hysterectomy
    Cheers janice

  98. It sounds that it may be a psychological issue, but I would certainly investigate nutritional deficiencies, particular the B group, toxins, hydration, iodine levels Vit.D3 and most importanly conditions related to the gut ie h pylori bacteria, yeast overgrowth/candida, patasites, poor digestion, leaky gut ect. If you go to Dr John Gray’s site you can view on utube where he discusses various supplements and topics, including a supplement which he highly recommened to treat depression …I think it was called Lithium Orotate which has no side effects. Not to be confused with the drug Lithium to treat bi polar. Other protocols would need to be considered also but I would definately explore that option, in addition, I would be applying magnesium chloride oil refer to Dr Sircus site for a comprehensive report on the benefits and applications of magnesium.

  99. Have you had your thyroid hormones and cortisol levels tested ? You may want to consider doing the DUTCH test to check the above as has been reported to be a more comprehensive and accurate method There are many causes for weight gain but most often, in my opinion it may more likely be linked to hormonal imbalances resulting from a range of reasons including poor diet or/and malabsorbtion of nutrients which can be linked to poor digestion, psychological stresses, toxins in particular xenoeostrogens, and pathogens ie h pylori bacteria, candida/yeast overgrowth etc. If you are on the contraceptive pill it would be useful for you to investigate the side effects and if they include weight gain which is highly likely to be the case.
    Lots of luck

  100. Hi Dr Holloway,
    You have recently put me on estrogen cream in addition to progesterone that I was already taking.
    As the dose increased throughout my cycle I was experiencing nausea for a few days around the increase. I am currently up to day 36 without a period and I have been experiencing the following symptoms :
    – painful breasts and swelling
    – bloated stomach
    – disruption to my digestive system
    – yeast overgrowth – between breasts, above bottom area and ulcers under my tongue
    – heat flushes and rashes forming
    I have ceased applying the cream for the last few days, however symptoms remain the same with my main concerns being the heat and yeast growth
    I am wondering if you can please advise,
    Thanking you kindly

  101. Have you had the full thyroid screen? May also be hormonal (menopause). Have these hormones checked as well.

  102. It is unlikely to be hormonal. Contact Richard Stenlake Compd Chemist in Sydney, as they may be able to recommend someone to you.

  103. I have restricted my practice at present (overbooked) so may not be able to help you at this time.

  104. From what you have written it looks like you may be menopausal. Further testing would be necessary. An AMH is a good test for fertility.

  105. Prices vary from one to the other.

  106. I can arrange a script for DHEA. You can get it from a compounding chemist, but will need a script. You will need an appointment, by phone if necessary.

  107. Hi Dr Holloway,

    I have recently moved to Brisbane from NZ. I have been taking DHEA life extensions 50mg for the last 4 years and wonder if you can help me purchase DHEA.

    If you can supply me DHEA 50mg can you let me know how I go about this? Also would you know of anyone local to Brisbane who can give me b shots..

    Many thanks


  108. Hi. I have just been to a female doc who also specialise in Bio identical hormone treatment. It cost me 147$ and I will need to pay that every time I go back for results and ongoing treatments. I can not afford it. Is that regular price range? Or do specialist varie in price? I live on the Gold Coast. Thx

  109. Hello, I’m 38 years old and I have a FSH level of 170, I have no children but would love too. Can you please advise me if this is possible?

    Feeling very overwhelmed with what to take or not to take!


  110. Hello. I took for 16 months the pill….Yaz and my weight went down to 66 kgs. I was so happy only that when I stopped the pill my weight went up 10 kgs and i can’t lose any weight at all. Im exercising around 7 kms per day walking im eating healthy…
    Can you please let me know if you can help me? I would like to make an appointment with you.
    Thank you very much

  111. Hi Dr
    My husband suffers from anxiety and in the lead up to the birth of our son and now 7 months later, it got progressively worse and turned into depression. He has tried a variety of anti-depressants and is a little better. However, panic attacks still occur and he is defaulting to Xanex ‘To get through’, which is not sustainable. In the past he has had gut issues and chronic pancreatitis – he is 33yrs of age.
    He wants to eventually get off all medication and is continuing to exercise etc but we were hoping to see a hormone specialist to see if there is anything we are missing or can do to help with this.
    Is this something you can help with?
    Are you in Sydney?
    If not, is there anyone you can recommend?
    Thanks so much!

  112. Hi, we are moving to Townsville from WA and I’d like to know how far you are from Townsville?
    I use bio identical hormones and natural thyroid hormones.
    Kind Regards
    Linda Davies

  113. Hi i am 48 years old and would love some help with coping with menopause

  114. Halime abdul Rahman

    Hi very interesting im 43 this year and over the past year and a half I’m gaining nearly a kilo from 78 kg now to 93. Been to numerous doctors and tests nothing has been found my period had been up and down though I do boxing 5 days a week so my cardio and fitness is good but some excersises. I cannot do because my weight is a big issue I’m really thinking it is hormonal and going crazy trying to figure out what’s going on I have 8 children and need to keep fit to keep up I’m so lost and no one has a clue what’s going on plz help me and suggest what tests or who to see in Sydney from size 14 to size 18 my food is as best as it could be and spoken to many people including dietitians Thankyou for your time and effort

  115. Best to see a gynecologist for an opinion.

  116. It would be a good idea to check your cyclical hormones during the times that you have your symptoms. test your oestrogen, and progesterone. If they are not within normal then that may be the cause of your symptoms. I cannot see nurofen or similar being of any benefit.

  117. Yes, it looks like you may have hormonal problems, and the sooner you get help the better. Ask your GP for a referral to a gynecologist.

  118. Perhaps, but that would be rare. It is more likely a reaction to something else.

  119. Unfortunately there is no quick fix, and I have found poor success using hormones for hair loss. A dermatologist is still the best person to help you.

  120. Hi Dr Holloway,
    I’m desperate for someone to solve my hairloss problem that have been ongoing for over 15 years. My local Drs keeps referring me to Dermatologists etc and no resolution, as am expected since I am 100% convinced it is hormone related. I am in Western Australia, really looking to you for help

  121. Hi there, I am 43 yr old, had a hysterectomy 9 years ago due to adenomyosis but still have both ovaries. My current issue is weight gain that won’t budge and skin rashes and papules (similar to hives and dermatitis) that erupt on my face and come and go in a cyclic way…usually three weeks apart..I feel it is almost an allergic reaction to my hormones…is this possible??

  122. Hi Dr Holloway, im 25 yo and my gp found i have low AMH levels of 10.9 – he was checking for indicators of PCOS and a variety of other causes for ongoing symptoms of lethargy, palpitations, tremors and irregular periods. My ferritin also came back at 4. Should i be concerned and seek treatment/ advice on my AMH ?

  123. Hi Colin, I just came across this site and am hoping you can help me. I was on Diane/Juliet/Brenda/Estelle for 25 years and never had any symptoms other than a little sensitive/emotional the few days before my period (very light periods, no cramps or feeling unwell etc). My script ran out, so I thought it would be good to take a break at 45 years of age and see if I was still regular etc (I’ve never been pregnant due to not meeting the right partner and focusing on my career). It’s been nearly a year and I’ve been regular to the day, still have no symptoms (if anything my mood is a little better before my period, but I get a heavier period (only 2 days then 2 days really light) and 1-2 pimples which I never used to get but it’s manageable). However I am a bad sinus sufferer from allergies and have managed to keep it at bay the last couple of years with salt therapy, ki immune boosters, antihistamines and sleeping with a vaporiser during winter (I’m on no other medication at all). It’s taken me several months to realise that I now get sick a few days before every period with a sore throat, bad sinuses, runny nose, very tired etc as if I’m getting a cold/flu and the symptoms completely stop the day I get my period. It’s slowly been getting worse where this month I had to stay home for 2 days and also had bad headaches which I never get (not even with my sinus issues of 18 years). I’ve done some research and am convinced that my hormones are causing this and exasperating this preexisting condition every month now that I’m no longer on the pill. I can’t keep getting sick for one week out of 4 and I’d rather not go back on the pill, so I’m wondering what I can take to stop getting these flu-like symptoms every month. Although I don’t get cramps (fyi I have a retroverted uterus), I’m wondering if it’s an anti inflammatory thing and nurofen may work? Thank you so much for your assistance.

  124. Hi Dr Holloway
    Need to see you urgently, please help, have left my details at super clinic but they said your books have closed for now. Please help! I have every symptom for bio identical HRT

  125. Hi, I saw my gp yesterday for some blood test results after presenting with lethargy / hand tremors/ generally feeling unwell . My ferritin levels came back low but his main concern was my AMH levels which came back at 10.9- my gp told me this was not a good sign considering I am only 26 years old – should I be concerned and is there something I should be doing to improve this ? Thank you

  126. I am not taking any new patients at present. Best to stick with the endocrinologist for the treatment of Addison’s disease.

  127. I am unsure about the importance of this, and am keeping an open mind. None of us have a perfect genetic make-up – there are thousands of minor gene abnormalities, the great majority of them not bothering us much. It is easy for some to diagnose these abnormalities and blame them for everything that we feel is not right with us. So that makes me a bit skeptical at times. Also, be aware that the placebo effect makes most people feel better whatever they take.

  128. I don’t consult in Canberra.

  129. Is it possible to see you in canberra? I truly am desperate for help. I have spent five years in ivf therapy and my hair loss is now so severe that i wear a wig. I am so exhausted. 😂!! I would love to have your advice.

  130. Hello Dr Holloway,
    I trust your opinion on a lot of issues and was wondering if you could comment on Pyrole Disorder or Pyroluria as it has a lot of controversy in the medical community? Apparently I have it and I am an undermethylator. I also have high copper, as well as low iron, low D, low B12 and low zinc. I have been taking the supplement and noticed nothing, though many others on “the forums” are apparently getting miracles! (Some seem incredibly sensitive to even small adjustments to the doses??) It is helping people with Anxiety, Bi-Polar and people on the Autism Spectrum etc. I have noticed no changes. :/ Is it a real disorder?

  131. Sandra Miguel

    Dear Dr a friend of mine who is your patient advised me to try to make an appointment with you but as your books are closed and you have a long waiting list would you be able to recommend another Dr who I could see. I live on Bribie island. Many thanks.

  132. Good morning Dr Holloway,

    I am enquiring if u r taking on any more patients at the moment??

    Many thanks.

    Elaine Owen

  133. I have RA and was wondering can you help with that?
    I tried to book into u but your not taking on any mew patients.
    Can u recommended anyone else as a friend of mine recommended you. Thank u. I live in brisbane.

  134. Hi Dr Holloway,
    I was recommended to see you by one of your patients, Monika. I was diagnosed with primary Addison’s Disease in 2001. I take Hydrocortisone & Fludrocortisone as my replacement medication. I have been going through menopause for 10 years and still not getting any relief (I am now 57) also recently found out I have Osteoporosis & three compression fractures of the spine. I never feel really good, I’m struggling with weight gain (I have always been slim until menopause started) and feel tired most of the time. Do you think you may be able to help with this? With all due respect, are you familiar with Addison’s Disease as most doctors don’t know much about it. I see an endocrinologist at the PCH every 6 months. Thank you Dr Holloway,
    Kind regards,

  135. See me again as changes to your script may be necessary.

  136. I hope to be able to open my books again in the near future. Keep trying for an appointment

  137. Look on the web site for Compounding Lab for a list of doctors who work in this area.

  138. This is too complicated to go into in detail here. Best to see your GP or a skin specialist.You may need to go back on to Diane if it works well.

  139. You need to see me to find out the reason for these symptoms.

  140. I can help,but I am not taking any new patients at present, being overbooked and the waiting time getting too long. I hope to reopen my books sometime in the near future.

  141. Yasmin can cause depression in some women

  142. Try Dr John Lee (wickham terrace) or Dr John Ryan Aspley.

  143. I don’t like the depo injections as they have nasty side effects. Ask your doctor to try something else, or see a specialist.

  144. Yes. Make an appointment.

  145. Christine Gillespie

    Hello Dr Holloway I was a patient of yours about 3 years ago and now I’m suffering badly with imbalanced hormones am I able to come see you again.

  146. Rebecca Foggin

    Hi Dr Holloway. I have been recommended you by Dr Brendan Oakley. Ever since i gave birth to my daughter in 2009 i have struggled with anxiety, weight gain of 20kg. I eat healthy , exercise 5 days a week and can’t lose weight. I have a fibroid and have been getting my period every 25 days. I am 40. I have your number and will call for a phone consult as i live in WA.

  147. hello i need help can you suggest who to see my hormones are really bad im on the dep injection to help with my period cos i been getttin them every 2 weeks lasting 11 to 14 days and im not shore what to do im always moody gettting pissed off have bad attitde all the time feeling like crying every day etc i need help my doc doesnt even know what to do i dont even feel my self im always stress thanks natalie

  148. Hi, I’ve ben diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis but my doctor just keeps sending me for blood tests that fall within the ‘normal’ range and won’t prescribe any thyroid hormones for me. My problem is that the effects of Hashies is making life difficult. Is there any chance of getting an appointment with you, and if not, can you recommend someone for me to see?

  149. Hello Dr Holloway
    I am interested in knowing if taking yasmin has anything to do with depression and anxiety. I have been on pills for long time and now trying to come of it but either way I am suffering a lot.
    Could you please help me and guide me through this tough time.

  150. Chantel Pearce


    Im 36, and think i suffer from pmdd. I am struggling with this and would like some advise and help. Is this a topic you’re familiar with?


  151. Christina Nixon

    Hello Dr Holloway,

    I am a patient of yours. Started the bioidentical hormone troche’s on 1st June at 50mg once a day for a week, then 50mg twice a day. I had a blood test on Thursday – hopefully you will get the results next week. I am emailing because, since starting the hormones I have been terribly dizzy and nauseous. This started around the 6th day of taking them. Is this normal? I am willing to put up with it if there are benefits in the long run. At the moment, I am feeling terrible. Any help would be appreciated as I cant see you until the 16th August.

  152. Hi Dr Colin
    I stopped to take my Pill (Diane 35) back in January this year to get the Mirena device. At around mid march I started loosing so much hair and I also have severe acne.
    When I was 16 something similar happened and that it’s why I had to start the Diane 35 when I was so young.
    I thought that by now that I am 30 that problem had disappeared but it is really bad as I lost significant amount of hair and I have terrible acne.
    Does this mean that I have to go back to the contraceptive pill? or do I actually have to get hormone treatment if I have some kind of androgens problem?

    I would appreciate some guidance with this problem.

    Best regards,
    Thank you

  153. Hi Dr Holloway,
    Could you possibly recommend another Doctor that I could try to get an appointment with? I am 46 years old and starting to go through menopause. I am very interested in finding out about natural hormone treatment.

    Thankyou for your help,

  154. sharon henderson

    Hi Dr Holloway, I am 43 in menopause straight after having a marina removed 2 years ago, at the same time major allergies began to candida/dustmite so bad that I now have severe obstructive sleep apnea, with a full face mask along with type 2 diabeties, I have no bleeding at all, major anxiety, hot flushes and panic attacks so bad iam getting a pulling sensation to my left and my hand curls up, I am out of balance and feel I have something serious wrong with me. I have had lots of tests from my GP which lead to major symptoms related to menopause, and have tried antidepressants to manage anxiety, I have seen an Allergist and have eye drops and nasal spray to keep the reaction at bay, but it is no solution. I went to discount pharmacy at Morayfield and met the lovely, Norma who strongly recommended me to make an appointment, I am on your list please help me, I feel I cannot cope my body feels like its in fight mode all the time, and Iam exhausted even with the fulltime use of my cpap.
    Sharon Henderson

  155. Lana Rode here, I came to you about my bleeding an you sent me for a blood test and said that 95% of women bleed during this time on trouches with my estrogen so high,maybe contributing to my bleeding ……….please confirm any other information regarding my situation as I am still bleeding…………

  156. Ring yoiur nearest compounding chemist for advise on who to see.

  157. Unfortunately, i am not taking on any new patients at present.

  158. She should talk to a infectious diseases expert.

  159. Look under “FAQ – bleeding when on HRT” on my web-site for your answer.

  160. I am not taking any new patients on at present due to being heavily booked. Sorry.

  161. Ring my surgery and inform the receptionist that I have agreed that he get an appointment. I have agreed to this because you are already seeing me.

  162. Hi there Dr Holloway. I am a newbie patient and will soon be coming in for my post 6 week consultation and will get my blood test one week prior. I am 58

    My husband is 68 and has always been a strong energetic guy and runs his own company. However lately he has not been his usual self, tires easily and sluggish. I know that seeing you will change his life.

    He has seen the HUGE change in me in only one month. No more hot flushes and a zest for life.

    I know how busy you are Dr but I would be thrilled if you would consider seeing him. Thanks to the GFC he has to work for a number of years and I am positive that under your care he will be jumping around like a school kid in the playground.

    Please say you will see him……

    Thank you.


  163. Hi Doc Holladay, I’m 57 am menopausal have had my thyroid removed recently and for the last 2 to 3 years suffer from full body sweats. I have tried loads of things that have helped reduce them a little but nothing has worked to get rid of them. HELP

  164. Hello Dr Hollaway, i started taking my new dose of bio hormones 2 months ago, the last month i have had 2 light periods 2 weeks apart, and pain in my left breast, could my oestrogen levels be too high? Thanks Dale

  165. Hi doc im 50 and fined it hard to get back into exercise eg bodybuilding ive been reading some stuff about gen f 20 plus could this help me

  166. Hi doc my name is larry and im 50 ive been trying to get back into exercise eg weights and its hard no energy etc ive heard of a supplement called gen f 20 plus could this help me to get motivated again

  167. Tanya Lawford

    I have a young daughter who has contracted the genital herpes virus only 6 weeks ago and had already experienced 3 outbreaks. She is devastated and having suicidal thoughts as she feels her life is over at 23. She is currently in Darwin…a long way from me in Newcastle. She is talking about viral medication suppressants which she has been warned will place a heavy toll on her liver . Can you recommend a place to begin…either a practioner…or research or an appointment with you of you feel you can help? Thank you Kind Regards Tanya Lawford

  168. Hi Colin,

    I am desperately wanting to make an appointment with you (you have been highly recommended) for hormonal imbalance. I think I have oestrogen dominance – I get really bad pms pains, hunger, headaches. Is there any chance you would take on a new patient?

  169. Hello dr Holloway I’m currently on thyroid medication and have been for approximately 4 years during that time my dose has increased form 100mcg to 250mcg of T4 per day. My sex drive is very poor but did get back to normal for some time, which turned out to be that I was getting my partners testosterone cream on me every day when we made contact with each other. So my issue is two fold in that I have always been prescribed the T4 by my GP but never seen a specialist, my energy levels are terrible I’ve had moments where I’ve been so depressed that I’ve wanted to drive into a tree, and my sex drive is horrible which I really don’t like. I have read on your site that you sometime consider testosterone therapy in addition to estrogen therapy and I feel this may be beneficial too me also. My question is based on the information above do you believe that you will be able to assist me. Kind regards Jenny C

  170. Viki Stasionis

    How can I find it ‘compounding doctor’ in Wollongong or around Sydney southern suburbs? I have no cholesterol (1.8!) and am 57 years old.
    In need of help

  171. Yes, you can take those as they may help you.

  172. Hi Tina, I really feel for you it sounds just like me and I know how frustrated you feel.
    Hang in there and keep researching.

  173. Hello Dr Holloway I am perimenapause my estrogen levels are well below half of what they should be (47 years young). You have been highly recommended to see but found out today that you are not taking on new clients. I use Young Living essential oils and am wondering if I can take Clary Sage and Progessence Phyto Plus together. More so for my emotional and mental wellbeing.

  174. Good Evening Dr
    My name is Bernadette and I am 48years old and was diagnosed with pre-menopause at age 37 due to having myself sterilised after my 4th pregnancy 5 children, the last pregnancy was twins.
    I used to be so very energetic and had my own business but after the birth and sterilization my world started to grind to a halt. Some days I can`t get out of bed, my house looks like a bomb has hit it. I am always depressed and it feels as if my brain has a very dark black hole. I have been from doctor to doctor and they are too eager to put me on anti-depressant. I have use the hormone patch but then the pain in my back and legs get so sever that I cant walk. I was given hormone tablets then I bleed and never stop. Now I take nothing but I know I need help. I am a walking zombie with no energy I have lost my rest for life.
    Can you help me please


  175. Fedra Grillo

    Dear doctor I m going through pre menopause with lots of symptoms as low libido , anxiety ,depression,low hair etc…I m having acupuncture and Chinese herbs which helped me a lot so far but I m not 100% yet I would love to ask u if the bio identical hormones can give my life back
    Thanks a lot for your time
    I m looking forward to hear from you very soon
    Best regards

  176. Dr John Ryan in Aspley may be able to help you.

  177. Check you oestrogen level = to much causes “manboobs” in men

  178. The evidence is now that oestrogen has a lot to do with menstrual migraines. Blood levels need to be taken during and after the migraines to be able to work out the correct dose to be used.

  179. Dearne Allen

    Hi Dr Holloway. I’ve been suffering menstrual migraines for approx ten years now. Prior to the period and right throughout it. I’m having hot flushes and some night sweats. I come to see you about 6 years ago I think and tried the bio identical progesterone. Unfortunately it didn’t help and over the years the migraines have definately worsened. I just can’t seem to get the menstrual ones under control. Not sure whether Oestrogen would be the answer. Will definately try to make an appointment to come along again. I am 44 and have recently had Botox to try and help too. But have had this migraine for about twelve days now. 😔

  180. Good day. I would like some help. I have been looking for a hormone doctor since last year Aug. I have a few issues one of them being need of hormone replacement…. top up!! If your waiting list is long is there some one else you would recommend? I’m near Kenmore. Thank you.

  181. Marina Namour

    Sorry to hear ur plight with your daughters condition. I also have a daughter whith fatigue issues, has not been diagnosed with any condition as yet but her last reading showed very low cortisal levels and other hormonal imbalances. She is taking supplements to support her adrenal function prescribed by her naturopath. In any case I am still taking matters in my own hand as hormone related conditions are very complex and not sure if any practioner knows everything in terms of accurate and comrehensive assessment and treatments. I have found very interesting articles in the Dr Mercola site on hormones incuding a more accurate and reliable hormonal testing system called ‘dunk’ testing and another site is Wendy Myers which includes an interview with Jenny Springer, a natural hormone health practitioner. I’m in the process of sourcing a practioner who has a wholistic approach which is evidenced based , up to date and cutting edge. I will keep U posted if anything comes up. If u wish to contact me my email is :
    Hope that helps and good luck.
    Marina Namour

  182. Danielle Grinev

    Hi Dr Holloway,
    I would be ever so grateful for just one appointment to get me onto some hormone compounds you have the talent of understanding, I have heard such thanks and admiration from friends who see you in the changes they have had and am desperate for the same ability to just meet once to then get some help with what to take, I know you are extremely busy and I am just a woman seeking help, but, if you get a ten minute cancellation I am more than happy to take it to get some relief, warm regards, Danielle Grinev

  183. Hi Doctor,

    I’m a 44yo woman. Many of my family members on both sides have Hashimotos. I was officially diagnosed 6 years ago, however 4 different Endos refused to put me on medication as they said my levels kept balancing out, regardless of my symptoms. I have also tried alterate tgreapists, natural treatments of pigs fat, been injected with 53 glucose injections even in my private parts, and prescribed 13 different natural tablets all at once. I have just relocated from the Gold Coast to Cairns, but would move heaven and earth to see you in person if you believe you can help me as not long ago, I was a very sexy sassy adventurous energetic fit active woman.

    My estranged mother has had Hashimotos for more than 30 years and had her thyroid removed due to cancer. She takes turtloxon instead of thyroxine and is in the process of being tested for a rare strain of Hashimotos.

    Just 2 months ago, I begged my new GP to put me onto Thyroxine as I have been so low that I even attempted suicide last year. She put me on 50mg which improved my lethargy, but within 6 weeks my body crashed again so I increased it myself to 75mg. I also take lemon juice each morning for its natural magnesium but I’m currently at a point where I’m taking steps 2 feet at a time and walk like a crippled grandma. The thyroxine seems to have helped my lethargy and immunity only, all my other symptoms are worsening.

    In the past 6 years alone, I have suffered the following which is significantly impacting my new marriage and my life in general as I have limited movement. Over the last few years I have experienced various and significant external stressors which doesn’t help Hashimotos and my shamed has had 2 mental health breakdowns in past 13 months. I am desperate to improve my health but feel I have exhausted all avenues and wasted thousands of $$$’s each time I try new tablets to treat the symptoms and then just a few weeks later it not work.

    – excessive weight gain of 35kgs in past 5 years
    – I have 2 cysts on my thyroid, biopsy showed them increasing in size but benign so far
    – dramatic hair loss (I won’t even brush it anymore as its too depressing)
    – fatigue, lethargy, low energy
    – significant muscle aches and cramps in the oddest places like arms or hands
    – total loss of all strength to open jars or lift things
    – significant fluid retention – fluid retention tablets and celery not helped
    – almost seized up knees and legs – can’t stand or walk for more than a few mins, sleep with feet elevated but am constantly in pain. Take Panadol osteo and nurofen
    – my profession is as an industry specialist doing business advice and teaching but I struggle to articulate my words and have constant memory issues
    – very low sex drive and libido – gone from promiscuous to nothing yet my mind tells me regularly I want to have sex
    – depressed, irrational mood swings, bad dreams almost every night
    – low immune system – regularly feel run down and have to stop and bed rest for a day
    – very light period bleeding but excessive pain first 2 days
    – bloated stoamch and only go to toilet every 3 or 4 days
    – inability to control my bladder

    Doctor I’m sorry for the length of this email but I really don’t know who to trust any,ore, or who to turn to. My husband and I are both crying as we re-read this realising the person I once just a few years ago.

  184. Greetings, apart from bio identical estrogen, testosterone, progestrogen therapy -do you offer cortisol replacement ? I am seeking a doctor that can provide all of the above , I have salyva test results already . (My fingers are crossed ) thanking you.

  185. Hi doc , I am 28yo and used steroids for about 1 year roughly 2 years ago , will never touch again and regret every second of it ,
    I eat very clean and correct train very hard and still manage to hold estrogen on the lower pectoral looking not what I feel is bitch tits, I absolutely hate it and will not take my shirt off anywhere as I feel very uncomfortable !
    I have researched everything natural to fix , meaning diet , I have implemented this , however it still has not worked ,
    Could you please help me with this problem ?

    Regards , shane

  186. I’ve been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism and i too rang your clinic to find you’re not taking on any new patients – can you recommend any other doctors in the area? I like my doctor but all she wants to do is blood tests every six weeks and watch my levels and i don’t feel this is addressing any of my problems.

  187. Sherrie McElligott, I also suffered from Vertigo and loss of balance, I was referred to a balance Physiotherapist and her name is Meg Richards.3342 4278 If you live in Brisbane your GP will know of her. I saw her at Nundah.
    I also used Anna’s Wild Yam to help with my symptoms until I could get in to see Dr Holloway.
    this link explains Vertigo. Good luck!

  188. Look under “Compounding Labs” on my web-site – most of them have a list of doctors who use Bioidentical hormones.

  189. Absorption through the skin is variable, The amount you need will depend on blood tests to determine when you reach the right level.

  190. I am so heavily booked I have had to close my books for the moment. As soon as I am able to I will reopen them again

  191. Sherrie McElligott

    Hi Dr Holloway,

    I rang your clinic today to make a booking and was told your not taking on any more clients.
    I’m very disappointed you were highly recommended by a friend of a friend.i started pre peripause in 2012 and also suffer from sweating and weight gain and a off balance disorder which i’ved learnt to live with
    after having a hearing test a mri been to a vestibular person and none of this helps i think it has to do with my hormones and thought this man might be able to figure out whats happening with me..I was wondering could you bend the rules for me kind regards
    Sherrie McElligott..

  192. Hello Dr Holloway
    I have just been informed that you have closed your books to new patients indefinitely 😦
    So. . . Where to from here for people like myself who were only informed about you and your greatness yesterday?
    Long hx endocrine issues, never menstruated, Ivf baby, estogen patches weekly and primolut bi monthly. I want off them!

  193. janis pernworth

    Dear Dr Holloway
    Was hoping to book in as a new patient but it appears your practice is closed at the moment. Will keep trying.
    For now, I am finding it almost impossible to access any information on the comparable dosage in DHEA cream to 100mg tablets. I understand it is better metabolized via cream but should I be using 15mg? 30mg? once or twice a day?? Most doctors here seem to have a ‘one prescription fits all’ attitude. Any thoughts?
    Thanks in advance

  194. Crystal Scarborough

    Hi Dr Holloway,
    I have tried to make an appointment with you but have learnt that you are no longer taking new patients. I am 33 and have had a total hysterectomy as well as both ovaries removed. I currently use HRT patches but I am still suffering with menopause symptoms. I desperately need someone to help me. Can you suggest someone please?
    Thank you

  195. Hello Dr Holloway, I am interested if you have heard of PEA (Palmitoylethanolamide) for treatment of neuropathic pain.

  196. I do not know of anyone in Newcastle. I am unable to advise you on an email, with the information given.

  197. This is not in an area I am comfortable with – Ring Dallas Parade Comp pharmacy or Wickham House Pharmacy and ask them to recommend someone who could help you.

  198. I do not know of anyone near Christchurch who can help you.

  199. I do not treat endometriosis, as it is better done in an endometriosis clinic and as part of a team effort.

  200. I use NDT (natural desiccated thyroid) for treating thyroid disease. It must be done correctly as their can be some pitfalls along the way.

  201. This is not in my field and she would be better treated by a breast specialist

  202. Have your thyroid checked. Make sure you have a TSH, T4, T3. Also a FSH, E2,(oestrogen) Prog (progesterone) and TT(testosterone) if your doctor agrees.

  203. Vivien emsworth

    Hi dr Holloway,

    Hope you’re well. I have an appointment booked in June but thought I’d get a head start before I see you. I came off the pill last year and noticed a lot of weight gain after stopping it. I haven’t changed diet/ exercise- perhaps exercise more so and need to get on top of it as I don’t feel balanced. Other symptoms are fatigue, night sweats, migraines, muscle aches.

    Thank you and look forward to seeing you in June to hopefully get me back on track.

  204. Katherine Aberdeen

    Hi, my daughter (aged 35) has been told she had multiple cysts in her breasts. They are painful but her normal doctors dismiss them and offer no help, She has been on depo injections for past endometrius. I had estrogen ‘feeding’ breast cancer last year so she is wary of loading herself up with hormones. Is there anything you can do to help?

  205. Alicia Tavelardis

    Hi dr. Holloway. I have hashimotos disease and have just started taking ndt. Do you have knowledge in this area? I would like to see someone not too far away from me to guide me through my blood tests. Thank you, Alicia

  206. Hi Dr Holloway.

    I am a 26 y/o female who suffers from endometriosis and have just stopped taking the depo provera shot after 5 years and am now on the pill. I suffer from frequent UTI infections and think it might be linked to hormone issues, I have had blood tests/scans etc and my normal gp can’t find any reason why I keep getting these, they just keep suggesting going on a 6 month supply of antibiotics . Are you able to help with this? I am located in Brisbane Northside.

  207. Sharon Williams

    Hello Dr Holloway
    My name is Sharon & my cousin Margie goes to u I live in Kaiapoi NZ I am nearly 50 & starting to go through the nxt stage of life & dont want to use the chemical stuff they pump into u as their is a history of blood clots in my family is their anyone in NZ near Christchurch tht can help my sister & I please

  208. Hi Dr Holloway,
    I’m wondering if you have treat low progesterone infertility / Luteal Phase defects / repeat pregnancy loss?

    I was doing Napro Technology and one of the only things to come from that complete waste of time was a diagnosis of type 3 LFD. I was prescribed 400mg progesterone pessaries 3dpo-12dpo. I have 2 previous pregnancy losses, 1 that was supported with pessaries.

    I have a few questions –
    1. I am in very early pregnancy again now, should I be taking more than 400mg once daily. This was all that was suggested to me in last pregnancy, but books I have read said pessaries should be taken 3 times a day to get a decent absorption.
    2. Do you prescribe it or can recommend somebody who does Bris Northside? I have a script for the next few months but am looking for a new doctor to prescribe it .
    3. Do you prescribe HCG shots?
    4. Do you run any type of hormone profile on patients to identify infertilty or multiple miscarriage reasons?

    Thank You 🙂

  209. Hi, can you please recommend a Dr in Newcastle? I’m a 34 year old female with thinning hair since age 23. I’ve had two children (ages 5 and 6) without any trouble. I recently started on the pill because my menstruation was all over the place after being very regular for years. I eat very well and exercise regularly but I can’t seem to lose weight and my hair seems to getting worse. I also get migraines occasionally – generally during menstruation. Blood tests from my gp are normal including hormones but I wonder if a hormone specialist could help me. I also have a couple of small cysts on my ovaries. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  210. Yes, I use all the natural hormones as necessary.

  211. Endometriosis is difficult to treat, and not pleasant to endure. I do not have any specific suggestions. Best be treated in a clinic specializing in endo.

  212. I don’t consult in Cairns, nor do I know of anyone. Sorry.

  213. Do you ever conduct consultations in Cairns? Or can you recommend a Cairns doctor who specialises in bio-identical hormones ?

  214. ifonlyiwascatwoman

    Hi, I’m 24 and suffer from severe endometriosis. As someone who suffers from ‘unusual’ symptoms and not ‘severe-can’t-get-out-of-bed-cramps’ it’s difficult for specialist to identify why it’s happening and how to fix it.

    I have had three operations and each time the endo has come back worse than before. It spreads to my bowel and bladder, creating symptoms like severe nausea, bloating, gas, uti’s and having to go to the bathroom frequently. I do have bad period pain, but I get on with my day, usually accompanied by a wheat pack and a mini break-down cry.

    Can you help and have you seen endo like this before?

  215. Hi Dr Holloway
    Just wondering if you work with women who are low on progestorone (perimenopause) but seem to suffer from progesterone intolerance? Seems it might be reason progesterone (natural and HRT) doesn’t work for me. I am also now low on testosterone and have always had low DHEAs levels also (adrenal issue i suspect). But the low progesterone issue is now of particular concern.
    THank you

  216. Dear Dr Holloway,
    Thank you for the new script which you have sent to the Maroochy Day and Night who have sent me a text to say that they have recieved a new script which is waiting to be prosseded when required.

    Best Regards,

  217. A blood test is all that is needed.

  218. I have sent you the 4.5 mg LDN. You are to take 1 at night.

  219. Ask your GP for a testosterone, DHEAS, and progesterone on day 21 of your cycle.

  220. Hello Dr Holloway,
    I am hoping that you can please provide me with a little advice.
    I am 32 years old, I have 2 young children, I am not on any contraception as it doesnt agree with me and in the past 8 months I have suffered from terrible PMS. I am always so completely tired and exhausted. The PMS is affecting my life as well as the constant fatigue. I simply can not get through the day. I also have absolutelty no libido. I have had blood tests by the GP in relation to iron, vitamin b, glucose & thyroid and they all came back fine. I am just wondering where to from now?
    Thank you so much for your time.

  221. Dear Dr Holloway,
    I have had my repeat script filled for LDN with no repeats left. Is it possible for you to fax a new script to the Maroochy Day & Night? I will stay on 3 caps per night as you have advised, thank you. Regards, Susan.

  222. Dear Dr Holloway,
    Just wanted to know if it’s necessary to have a urine test to check the level of estrogen after taking bio identical hormones for 4 months? Would just s blood test suffice?
    Kind regards
    Tanya Edwards

  223. My best results are for peri- or menopausal women, which is the reason for the age limit. I sometimes see young women for inappropriate reasons, which wastes my and their time.

  224. Probably not. 4.5 mg daily is the recognized optimal dose

  225. Hormone treatment does not have good results for acne. I have no magic treatment to offer you better than you have already have. Sorry

  226. Yes, I can via a tel consult. Ring my clinic and ask for a Tel Cons re LDN

  227. Hi. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s about 6 months ago and would like to know if I could trial LDN for it. I am on Natural Thyroid 200mg daily and I take sillenium, zinc and have attended dr Cole at Robina for Vit C IV (but can no longer afford them).

    Are you able to help me I live on the Gold Coast


  228. Jeannine Gierke

    Dear Dr Holloway, my 16 year old daughter has suffered from acne for the last 4yrs. We are now onto our last resort by using roaccutane. We have tried washes, antibiotics, topical preparations and the oral contraceptive pill. Brianna had a hemiplegic migraine whilst on the pill and we were advised not to use it again. She has been on the roaccutane now since October 2015 and we have not seen any significant results, her acne remains quite bad. We are hoping if there is anything else we could try to reduce the acne and improve her self esteem.
    Regards Jeannine Gierke

  229. Dear Dr Holloway,
    Susan Cook here giving you feedback on how I am going on LDN.

    I started taking the LDN on the 19/01/2016.


    Feeling a lot happier from the first dose and my bowel is some what better.
    I can think more clearly, have no anxiety, less pain from Arthritis and I feel like I have finally found peace within my-self. All of this has to have a good affect on my Amuine System.
    and assist me to have better health.
    I am now on 3 caps at night and would like to know if I can increase to 4 caps a night to see if I will have even better results?

    Thank you,

  230. Hi Dr Holloway,
    I have an appointment with you in April, I have Hashimoto disease and have just been told that I am going through menapause. My doctor has once again put me adt which I don’t want to take but am having severe anxiety and not coping well at all. I have read through all your article on hypothyriod and I am experiecing most of the symptoms that are mentioned. I understand you are in high demand, but I was just wondering if you have a cancellation at any time could you give me a call.

    Regards Lyn

  231. Hi

    I Recently rung your office to make an appointment but was told you don’t see anyone under 40 years old. I am 39 in August this year and was wondering if you could recommend any one else in the Sunshine Coast area please ??

  232. It can vary, depending on circumstances – but mostly LH, Prolactin, Testosterone, DHEAS, oestrogen.

  233. Hello Dr Holloway

    What are the Pathology tests that you recommend for 55yo men for hormone replacement.

    Regards Royleena

  234. There is no iron in the troches. You will need to discuss this with me.

  235. Progesterone cream is safe and effective for many hormonal problems. You will need to find a doctor who can prescribe it for you. Contact your nearest compounding pharmacy for the names of doctors who can help.

  236. Yes, I can offer a more natural, targeted and comprehensive treatment for your menopause, if you are interested. This means avoiding the “one-dose-fits-all” hrt, and includes progesterone and testosterone, which have many benefits for women.

  237. It is recommended for MS. It is safe and inexpensive, and does not clash with other medication. I have treated many autoimmune and similar unexplained conditions, but none with MS yet.

  238. I do not know of any doctors in Perth who prescribe LDN. However, I do prescribe it via telephone consults. I can arrange this if you are interested.

  239. Hi, Thanks for your information on LDN. I emailed the LDN trust and they sent me two Doctor’s names/numbers in Perth, but when I followed up they had moved on from their jobs at these numbers and no follow on ones. Would you know of any other Doctors in Perth that would prescribe for me? I have Lupus and have been more fatigued lately and also had to get ultrasound on my legs (claudation?) as they have become constantly sore and in a pre cramp feeling. The ultrasound results were okay. I am 63 this year. I am on treatment for HBP, and take Twynsta 45mgs which I thought may be part of the sore legs issue and also off beating of my heart. I said that to my doctor and it was brushed aside. I take garlic C horseradish tab and Vit D tab daily, also half Polaramine at night for allergy.

  240. Hello Dr Holloway, I was wondering if u have any patients you see with multiple sclerosis and treating them with low dose naltrexon .

  241. Hello Dr Holloway,

    I had a total hysterectomy 3 years ago. Including ovaries removed, i have been on estrodot patches since and have mixed views on them and am looking now as to what i should be on or doing for hormones to best suit me now and long term. I am now 38 years old. Can you help?
    Thank you

  242. Hi there I am only 20 years old but I have hormone imbalance- it’s been 8 months ice tried to let it go away naturally but looking into progesterone cream, I heard it’s great and it’s my last option I have! What do you think? And where can I buy it from?

  243. Dr Hollaway I visited you in December and commenced my troches on Christmas Eve . I was feeling fine on one per day but now I am feeling nauseous and unwell. Is there any iron in the troches as I have found in the past this makes me ill. Can I just go back to one a day for a while? I am unable to eat and I am very tired with aching joints. I am only assuming this is the troches as I don’t usually feel like this

  244. Dear Dr Holloway, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for helping me! The natural thyroid tablets, natural progesterone troche, melatonin and low-dose naltrexone you prescribed for me when I saw you 5 weeks ago for the first time have helped me to feel normal again for the first time in probably 40 years! My hair has stopped falling out, I’m no longer chronically constipated and I seem to be getting my energy back and can exercise again! I feel,completely different! I’m so angry mainstream medicine does not offer patients a choice with thyroid meds, (with lots of doctors even maligning natural thyroid hormone). My thoughts are that being on synthetic thyroid replacement for 40 years was never right for me! I am finding my life. Bless you! See you for my second visit shortly. 😄

  245. I don’t take birth control pills I had a termination which has made my hormones become imbalanced. I just want to know if this is normal it’s been 7 months now and I feel like I’m getting no where.. But want to know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel here

  246. Will see you on the 4th and hope I can help.

  247. I could not advise you on the information given. PCOS is a complicated and difficult condition to treat (if you have it)

  248. Sometimes treating younger women with hormones can make it worse, as you hormonal systems are still developing and taking hormones can upset the balance.

  249. Hi Dr Colin , I had a termination 7 months ago, I’m only 20 years old. My body and hormones since then have been driving me crazy. i cant seem to get myself back to its healthy state! i cant lose weight no matter how hard i try, i have headaches, fatigue, restlessness, depression. Please i need your help.

  250. Hi,
    I’ve had several problems with a hormone imbalance for years! They diagnosed me with PCOS, as I had the same hormone imbalance although without the cysts and facial hair etc. the only thing that happened was severe acne. I was prescribed spiralactone and Brenda the contraceptive pill. Everything got better although the spiralactone made me quite naseous with headaches and vomiting. I eventually was weined off the spiralactone and kept on the pill only, which was going fine. I then saw a doctor I don’t usually see who told me I should change pills to a different pill thag wasn’t so connected to having strokes.. As soon as I did this my bad skin problems returned. I returned back to the Brenda pill and the skin problem has stayed the same. I’m sick of being messed around by doctors, could you please recommend what I can do to avoid going back on spiralactone? Or what I actually have a problem with as I am not 100% convinced it was PCOS..

  251. Hi Dr Holloway
    My name is Tammy V, and I am a current patient of yours. I phoned your office today, but they said you were on a break (well deserved I’m sure).
    I have been struggling again lately, approx the last month, with hot flushes, mood swings, depression, aggression, confusion, short term memory loss, lips intermittently very dry with peeling (since dec 2014, initial staph infection), dizziness and extreme fatigue/lack of energy. GP sent me for a blood test on 10/12/15 at QML including FBE, E/LFT’s, lips swab/MCS; blood – vit B/iron studies…all which came back OK. In June I was put on a 24hr Holter Monitor and diagnosed with Ventricular Ectopics. I had a procedure on 15/12/15, an endoscopy with dilatation of oesophagus, and a colonoscopy with EBL of haemorrhoids. I have previously been diagnosed with IBS. My specialist did a UBT and I go back to see him on 29/12/15 for post op review and all results.
    I am concerned that it may be my hormone levels ‘out of whack’ and I finish my troches on 28th Dec. I am hesitant to order a new lot if the dosage is not correct as I cannot afford to keep paying for new orders. I have a path form for QML which you had forwarded onto me from my last appointment in Oct. I have made an appointment with you on 4th Jan. So, I will get my bloods done beforehand and hold off on the new order of troches in the meantime.
    Current daily meds: Lovan 40mg, Calc 1.58g+vitD 8.3mcgx1, Mag 150mgx1, Glucosomine HCL 1.5gx1, CoQ10 50mgx1, Evening Primrose Oil 1gx1, Lactulose 30ml bd
    Hope you have a wonderful break, a Merry Xmas and a Very Happy New Year.
    Tammy V

  252. Dear Dr Hollaway, I do not know of any other Dr’s that give proffessional advise via a post. From all your patients an I, I say thank you for being out of the square. We need more Dr’s like you.

  253. Thank you Dr Hollaway for responding to me so quickly. If only all Dr’s were like you. You are a treasure. Please do not go any where as I and many other patients need your valued advise. Best wishes for a safe and Happy Christmas with family and friends.

  254. I am just up the road from you. Ring 0753158888 for an appointment.

  255. Talk to the compounding chemist about the sweetener or flavouring used. You may be reacting to that. They can always change it.

  256. I have done so. Let me know how you go.

  257. I am taking on new patients, but there is a few months wait. However, Ring Carina Day Night Pharmacy and they may be able to recommend someone.

  258. It depends on your quality of life. If the symptoms reduce your QOL to the extent you would like to do something about it, then see me. If however, you can live with it, then continue as you are.

  259. Hi!
    I have just turned 35, and luckily have beautiful kids.
    My periods have become irregular (or should I say way too regular!) and after some testing, I have been told I am in perimenopause. I feel all over the shop with this diagnosis, but am about to move to Brisbane, so need to find someone up there to help me through this mess. I am currently seeing a Traditional Chinese Dr, who is helping some symptom management but my western medical drs are telling me I need HRT once my periods stop. I am not comfortable with this, and am liking what I am reading here.
    My question is, should I just ride this phase out as much as I can, or am I better off trying to get an appointment with you soon.
    Thanks in advance!

  260. Hi, I wonder if you can recommend any one on the south side, as you are not taking new clients? I am very interested to investigate bio identical HRT after your talk at the Hormone conference at the Mecure Hotel. I live at Redland Bay.
    Your site is a mine of information. Hope you can help.

  261. Dear Dr Hollaway,
    I have taken your advise and looked up LDN and I beleive it would be good for me to take this medication for my condition (bowel) which we talked about today 17/12/2015 at my 3.10 pm phone consultation with you. I would be very happy for you to send me a script for this medication. Thank you so much for your assistance with my well being.
    Best Regards,
    Susan Cook.

  262. My face has been red, itchy and swollen for the last six weeks could it be from my troche.

  263. Everil Radcliffe

    I’d like to make an appointment to see you. I am in North Lakes Queensland.

  264. Possibly. I don’t know the cause of your symptoms, but LDN may benefit you.

  265. I was around 23yo with 2 kids under 2 when I got tubal ligation done. I had to go thru a few gynae’s before I found one who would do it, but only after seeing a psych who confirmed in writing that I was of sound mind and understood the consequences of the surgery.

  266. Hi Dr Holloway,

    I am a 40 yr old female – 7mths post op (hysterectomy and removal of one ovary , bowel resection) due to Stage 4 endometriosis.

    I have consulted several GP’s over the past 7 months with a range of symptoms such as fatigue, general muscle aches and pains, burning tongue/lips, numb tips of fingers, heartburn, burning/tingling sensations over body -amongst other symptoms.

    I have had several blood tests with nothing significantly notable. I have tried iron supplements and most recently magnesium without effect.

    I am wondering if this could all be hormonal? I was advised by my surgeon that by leaving one ovary my hormonal profile should stay intact.

    Would this be something I could discuss with you?

    Thank you so much.

  267. Hi dr Holloway
    I have been using natural products by my naturpath to help with my hornones I get down and moody hot flushes feel very confused. I feel these natural tablets by my naturopath aren’t helping recently my go did all tests including my thyroid as I generally fel tired moody lithification confused etc and all levels wee great except my hormones estero fen was exceptionally low and progesterone to. He recommmmended Hrt but am hesitant a due to the side effects I try to excersise regularly but I find I really have to drag myself to do anything I’m also nausea a all the time like morning sickness. I have recommended to u and have made an appointment to see u but can’t get in until March if at all possible and there is a vacancy earlier I would really appreciate it as I am desperate to get my health back. I get depressed and have panic stacks also. I feel like another person. I work in outpatients at Redcliffe hospital and feel my concentration is poor. Another friend recommended indolplex I thought I might try that until I can see u hopefully sooner rather than later. Whatvdonu think would love to hear from u.

  268. I am 33 years old and suffer from bad melasma and have done so for many years.
    Is this something you have experience in reversing?

  269. Hi Renee!
    I live in Perth! Go to Dr Noel Partridge in Osborne Park! FANTASTIC doctor. Works wonders with Bioidentical hormones xxx

  270. My sister has put me on to Dr Holloway and went for my first visit last week. I suffer from and Under Active Thyroid, High Blood Pressure, Major Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and now Menopause. I have tried so many different medication for my depression etc with no relief and much frustration and suicide thoughts and actions has taken its toll. So I am looking forward for my next visit to see what my results have come back with my blood test and fingers crossed you are my life saver to get me feeling better than what I have done in over 30yrs. I will definitely give my honest feedback on how this goes when I start my new medication from Dr Holloway.
    I am praying this works and gives me a better quality of life.

  271. Yes – I measure his blood levels and design a script appropriately

  272. Ring my office for an appointment ASAP.

  273. Sorry – don’t know of anyone.

  274. Hi Doc, I had a complete hysterectomy at the age of 25 am 54 now. Can you recommend a hormone specialist in Clarkson, Joondalup or Perth, WA please. I really need to start using more natural and better hormones, I only now realize the danger of hormones with my and my family’s cancer history. Thank you kindly, Reneé

  275. Hello Dr Holloway. I am on a contraceptive pill for the first time in over 20 years to try to control problem bleeding and feelings of flatness, irritability and burning in my legs that I developed about a year ago. I am 46 and feel like I’m completely empty, sad, flat and just generally unhappy. I’ve got two friends that have seen you in the last 2 years and are very happy with your treatment. My doctor doesn’t believe that I’m going into menopause but also won’t check my bloods. Can I please make an appointment with you ? I need to get back to feeling like myself- I’m falling apart for no good reason.

  276. Lenora Rasmussen

    Hi Dr Holloway,

    My husband has suffered from ED and depression for over a year now and wants to fall asleep at any given time. He did try the Bio Identical cream a few years ago (not from your clinic), however, I don’t think he gave it enough time. In addition, his blood test also show no marked increase in his testosterone levels. Do you do blood screening test and continue to monitor and tweak dosages? Many thanks

  277. You need to see a doctor dealing in hormones ASAP.

  278. Yes, hormones can sometimes help. See under Womens Health issues”” on my web site – “Mentrual Migraines”

  279. I do not know of anyone in Canberra

  280. A dermatologist is the right person.

  281. Ring 53158888 and make a tel appointment. Make sure the path test get sent to my new clinic.

  282. William Ward & Sharyn Bridges

    Hi Doc,
    How are you, Karen Elliott advised us you had moved to new clinic.
    I, William Ward have been a client of your’s for many years as has my partner Sharyn Bridges.
    Six months ago we moved to Bundaberg area to live permanently, Sharyn and I will be requiring new scripts as our medication is due to expire, no repeats left.
    Is it possible to have a consultation via skype or telephone, or would we need to make an appointment and make our way down to Caboolture to be seen in person.
    We have our referrals for our blood tests which are to be done in NOV 2015 which we have to do anyway, we are just trying to reduce the costs, time and inconvenience associated with travel.
    Please advise.
    William Ward & Sharyn Bridges

  283. Very interested struggling with pre menopause symptond

  284. Hi just wondering best person to see talk to regarding unwanted woman’s facial hair.
    Thanks Sarah

  285. Hi Dr Holloway
    I am a patient of yours. My sister is wondering if there is someone in Canberra you could recommend..

  286. I get a lot of hormonal migraines. I am taking medication (both preventative and pain relief) but these only help for the other migraines I was getting but dont seem to help with the monthly migraines that i get in clusters and rib me of a week of my life each month. Can hormone treatment assist?

  287. Hi Dr Holloway,
    Do you have a book out on bio.identical hormones including progesterone
    For both women and men
    I live in the lower mountains NSW

  288. I am 53 I have been going through menopause is the age 44 I’ve come to the point that I could just curl up and go to sleep not wake up because I am just over all the shit that I’ve gotta go through with menopause and for sex my poor husband hasn’t had any for two years what what the hell is wrong with me

  289. Hot flushes night sweats
    Cry at anything
    Want to kill very one going off at people
    Don’t want to do anything
    Tyred all the time
    Can not remember what I did 20 minutes ago
    Cannot get head around book work

  290. I may be able to arrange a telephone consult. ring my office

  291. Hi Dr,
    I am desperate, at my wits end, don’t want to live anymore…. I have severe RLS, have been taking Sifrol for 4 months and am now Augmentating. I have been for the past few weeks and last night I finally stopped taking them. They’re making the RLS 100x worse than it normally already is. I also have significant PN which is making the RLS worse also. I cannot take anymore! I’ve gone 5 nights so far without any sleep and I’m going mad!
    I have just moved from NSW and have seen one GP in QLD who could barely speak English. I need to find the rare GP who knows more than me about RLS…I need this Augmentation treated, I am in pain and I’m physically and mentally drained!
    Please help me!!!

  292. My husband has recently been told he suffers from stage 3 adrenal fatigue. We have been looking for a Dr or Specialist in QLD who might be able to help him understand and treat his condition. I am hoping that with your expertise in the area you may be able to help us or recommend someone who can. We live above cairns but are happy to travel to find out more.
    Kind regards

  293. I do not know of anyone in your area that may help you. Sorry.

  294. My daughter is 12yr with type 1 diabetes. She is developing hushimotos but her pediatrician denies her having anything wrong. Her TPO was 332 last yr and now 815 Iu/ml
    Her thyroglobulin Ab was 240 last yr and now 500 kIU/L
    Can you confirm my suspicions as to hushimotos ?
    I dont know who to take her too as the diabetes endo that comes from newcastle denied anything wrong as well last yr.
    Im a single mum and hate city driving. Is there anyone you know that visits the mid coast or tablelands that you can suggest. Im at wits end as to who I can trust as her specialists atm are doing her harm.
    Please help.

  295. No, I do not know of anyone in Adelaide I could recommend. Sorry.

  296. I am female, 66. Have been on the Hashimoto merry-go-round for over 4 years. GP’s just don’t get it, and think Thyroxene is the only answer. Had Thyroxene for 3 years, and last year tried a hormone guru who did not read blood tests and overmedicated me with desiccated thryoid. I was having heart palpations and feeling anxious, concentration of a flea, continual brain fog. Went to another integrative doctor who said I must come off medication for a month and then take blood tests. In the meantime, I went to a naturopath who did private blood tests to confirm I was Hashimotos. I was chronically constipated. I am now on mega doses of B vitamins, Adrenal Support, selenium, iodine. Vit D & Zinc at rather inflated prices and have recommenced 1 x 40mg desiccated thyroid. Naturopath insisted I give up dairy as well as gluten. I was already gluten free. When I gave up dairy I lost 2.5kg weight in one month and went from chronic constipation to very loose bowels 2 – 3 times a day. Now I have recommenced desiccated thyroid for 6 days, not going to the toilet as easily.
    Can you recommend anyone in Adelaide that understands Hashimotos and can get to the bottom of it??

  297. The PCCA (Prof.Comp. CHem of Aust.) run frequent courses training people in using BHRT.

  298. Your thyroid is probably not balanced properly.

  299. Have hypothroidism but can’t balance my hormones weight keeps going up. What do I do?

  300. Hi I’m a personal trainer that has suffered hormonal imbalances, I would like to help other woman treat hormonal imbalance with diet and exercise but am not really sure how to go about being qualified for this. I am more interested in treating than diagnosing and was hoping you could help point me in the right direction? Is it uni I need? Or are there some basic courses I could do? Thank you for your time

  301. Hi Dr Holloway, I’ve been back on my troche now for 28 days which I am so glad about as the hot flushes have now stopped & I am starting to get some sleep again. I find I have started to gain weight, am craving sweet things & I’m starting to feel a bit moody. Do you think I should do a blood test so you can see if my levels are not quite right?

    Thank you so much,


  302. I will see if I can fit you in.

  303. Good afternoon Dr Holloway,
    My name is Sharon Bye, I am 49 years of age.
    I have just now come from my GP who highly recommended you to me as I have been suffering for most of this year, progressively worsening, symptoms of peri menopausal hormone imbalances which are severely affecting me. I would dearly and desperately appreciate an opportunity to speak with you and have you recommend and prescribe natural treatments for me. Could you please let me know if there is any possibility of an appointment with you.
    Kind regards,

  304. Read “perimenopause” on my web site.

  305. Email me with your details and I will fit you in.

  306. Good evening I would like to ask if you can recommend someone that offers what you do on the Gold Coast as I work during the week, but desperately need to get my hormones regulated and want to do it naturally. I was given a glowing report on all you do from a friend.

  307. Good afternoon Dr Holloway,

    I have been suffering with the symptoms of menopause for 4 and a half years. my friend has just been to see you and is feeling so much better after just 5 days. I have rung to make an appointment but you are not taking any new patients. Can you please recommend any other doctors doing similar programs to you.

    Thanks very much, Helen Harvey

  308. I have been encouraged by my mother, who sent me your details, to inquire about the bouts of anxiety that suddenly come over me. She believes it is the beginning of menopause. Please let me know if you can advise me or provide some information that I could read. Thank you.

  309. Yes, I use the cream as well where appropriate, and according to my patients wishes. Oestrogen is the most effective feminine hormone, with the best results in women. It is very safe if used correctly.

  310. Unfortunately I do not have any answers for you, and do not know if I would be able to help. Sorry.

  311. I don’t know where to start I am 33 years old. And over the past few years I can see my health decline. I am constantly fatigued, being to numerous doctors who blame depression. I don’t feel overly depressed but I am on on antidepressants. Recently I am experiencing very bad memory loss,brain fog, dizziness, headaches, increase facial hair, sudden loss of libido, salt cravings, puffy face and feet.
    I was referred to an endocrinologist and he said my thyroid is fine despite my gp giving me numerous test for it, putting me on thyroxine which sent my thyro toxic and put me in hospital. My auto immune was slightly raised when he tested me. He has given me no answer and I am feeling like everyone thinks I am crazy and making it all up.
    I am a busy working mum of 3 and I need my health back to 100 percent.
    I am hesitant to go back to dr”s as I don’t want to be labelled as crazy but I physically feel very unwell.

  312. I receive your newsletter regularly and need to find out if you prescribe Bio Identical Hormone creams as well as troches. I am taking progesterone and testosterone BIHRcream and am still experiencing no moisture at all during intercourse. The doctor that prescribed this does not believe in using oestrogen. I feel that it may be the answer for me. Can you advise what you think or your experiences prescribing oestrogen.particularly the safest one of the 3 for my problem. Thank you.

  313. The most effective and best treatment is oestrogen. High blood pressure is no bar to taking ostrogen.

  314. I am going through the menopause,and suffer very bad flushesmy doctor can’t proscribe anything for them as I take medication for high blood there anything I can do to help with big flushes? I rarely get a full nights sleep due to them xx K

  315. Hi Dr Holloway,
    I have searched your website and I am hoping you may be able to offer me some advice. I have struggled with thyroid and adrenal issues since having my children and I am now 35 years old. I have been taking adrenal cortex (recently 4 daily) and have also recently started taking T3 SOD 5mcg daily (from compounding chemist – where I got your details from). I have just had a blood test done and they have forwarded my results to me which shows my TSH is down from 1.2 in May to <0.05. I feel awful, my heart is pounding (all I can feel when I lay down), I have a constant headache, unable to sleep, can't concentrate and am very emotional. I am unable to see my prescribing doctor as he is away for another 3 weeks and I have stopped taking all meds on the 27/8 (when I got my results) in an effort to stop the above but no relief as yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

  316. Thanks, it seems to be tied in my inability to adapt to the cold, I get cold blue hands and sweaty armpits when cold, also goosebumps. Putting additional clothing on does nothing to help, my body still wont warm up. Only way to warm up is by having a warm shower or wrapping myself in a heated blanket.
    Do you have any patients like this? I have always wondered if it is a thyroid problem – my TSH is normal however my T3 and T4 are low.

  317. Hi Colin
    I am not sure if this message was for me but I have emailed you.
    Thanks again

  318. You need to see me for help. Email me privately and I will see if I can fit you in.

  319. Hi Dr Holloway
    I am wondering if you can help.I am 38 and from about the age of 14 I have had a weight problem.No one in my family has the same issue (they are all quiet thin)I feel I have been ignored for years by other gps and when they do hormone or thyroid tests I always get the same response.Oh your boarder line but nothing to worry about.I am at my wits end.I am tired all the time, foggy,quick to get angry,weight is hard to loose,my hair is thin and falls out and I suffer frequent headaches.I would just like an answer as I am sure this is not normal but no one seems to be able to help.Is this something I could see you about.
    Thank you

  320. Yes, you need help on multiple fronts. Email me if want me to help you and I will fit you in as soon as I can.

  321. Hello… I am post menopause and have Graves/Hashimotos antibodies. My TSH is normal and T3/T4 was in the normal range. Mt antibody count was 13000 and is supposed to be below 60. My GP said thats fine to my horror.. I have awful symptoms forgetfulness, brain fog, lack of concerntration, exhaustion, tired all the time but cant sleep, chest pains, heartbeat is slow then it races and can range from 50 to 80 beats a minute on resting, heart palpatations, heart feels like it flutters and can feel it also from my pulse, no sex drive or interest in the opposite sex, very bad hot flushes that I have to pull the car over if driving or sit down, nightsweats to the point Im drenched, panic attacks, swinging between hypo and hyper, lost interest in hobbies and life in general, no care factor about anything, depression but not depressed, My exGP tried to put me on antidepressants Efexor, I am a Zombie on them and discontinued using them. I was on Estalis Continuous, gained weight and didnt stop bleeding the whole time (hadnt bled in 3yrs prior) so I discontinued it after 8 months… Within a week the menopause symptoms came back 10 fold… Im at my wits end trying to find someone who will listen to me as I keep getting told Im fine… Can you please help at all???? Regards Mel

  322. The mini pill is progestogen – not progesterone – big difference. Go off it until you see me in Oct.

  323. No. I am unable to help you.

  324. Hi there
    Have you ever had any patients with acrocyanosis?? I greatly suffer and would love some help.,

  325. Hi there
    I’m in Perth … who was your dr , would love to see a hormone specialist!

  326. hi dr holloway – I’m coming to see you in october and my gp has put me on a progesterone
    only mini pill (not for contraception) and have been on it a month and it has not made any difference – should i go off it now until i see you in october? thanks, J

  327. I am one of your patients. You have put me on a hormone cream… As I am on the Mirana I was wondering if my period does not start after day 27 do I have to wait until it starts to then start counting for my next days of cream?

  328. SOre breasts are a sign of too much oestrogen. Reduce the dose.

  329. You may be better on the Natural Dessicated Thyroid – if it is good enough for Hilary Clinton, should be good enoughfo r you and your doctor. worth considering LDN as well.

  330. I don’t know of anyone doing the same thing in Canberra – sorry.

  331. Hi Dr Holloway, I live in Canberra and was wondering if there were any doctors you could recommend that specialise in Bio-identical hormones.

  332. Katherine keys

    I am 39,a mother of 4 and have Hashimotos too. I don’t like being on tablets and I’m wondering how this natural supplement of thyroid hormone can work? I’m yet to ask my GP for a whole range of new tests and I’ve only just started taking thyroxine again after a 18 month break. Any advise for me ?
    I’m often tired with sore neck and shoulders after having whiplash too 2 yrs ago. My body aches a lot and fatigue has set in. My sleep is not restful either. Exercise does not help me lose weight, and I’m about to remove wheat and gluten out of my diet.

  333. I have been using the trouches for about 5 months now, my breasts are super sensitive, when someone hugs me (like my grandchildren) they really hurt. I was told initially after using the trouches they would sensitive, but is it normal that after five months they are still so sensitive?

  334. Lack of oestrogen can cause headaches. Once your ovaries stop working (menopause) that can last for years. I think you could benefit from HRT.

  335. I have hormone imbalance but recently diagnosed with blood clots. I am hoping your program would work for my situation

  336. Hi Dr Holloway,
    This may sound like a really dumb question. I am 52 years young and have been going through menopause for approx 2 years now, I had a hysterectomy approx 8 years ago one of my main symptoms are daily migraine/headaches. I have tried HRT but made them worse. My GP took blood test recently and said that I was producing no estrogen,does this mean I am in the middle of menopause,end of menopause? Does this mean I should be on HRT or some sort of treatment ? I am very confused. I would really appreciate your advice/help in this matter. Thank you in advance.

  337. There is no evidence that a hormone imbalance causes fibromyalgia.

  338. Hi Dr Holloway, I am 52 years old and have been through menopause. I also have fibromyalgia and have read that this can be caused by hormone imbalance. Is this true and if so what can I take for it to help.

  339. Depot provera has many side effects, which is why I do not use it and prefer other methods.

  340. I need ur help. I am on depo for about 9months now but l started having breast pain

  341. I would advise against using Growth Hormone. It is very expensive, only works by daily injection, and the results are disappointing. I have used it in the past for patients, and stopped as the results did not warrant the cost. At age 21, your growth plates on your bones would have fused, so it would not make your longer.

  342. Hi, my name is Amy,
    I’m after some information about growth hormones, I’m 21 years old and I’m short, I want to use them but I don’t know how they safe they are and if they will make me grow, I’ve been researching and and seen a few different circumstances and side effects, one even said you can grow an abnormally large chin. I just want to know your thoughts and how long I would have to use them for?
    Thank you.

  343. Too much testosterone can cause anger, and may need to be reduced.

  344. Natural thyroid (armour Brand) is preferred by many who would rather use someting better. Read up on my web site or (Dr Dach – about natural thyroid. Then you will need to find a doctor who will prescribe it for you.

  345. Morning, I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Have been to 2 Dr’s (one a GP the other a Specialist) and both are pushing for me to take thyroxine. I am really interested to find if there is a natural alternative. I have been told there is no side effects with the drug thyroxine. Can you advise. ….I’m in Grafton NSW …Roz

  346. Hi Dr Holloway,
    I just wanted to touch base and let you know that we have moved our Cape Byron Compounding Chemist to 34 Ashmore rd, Bundall. We are also located in Byron bay (since 2013). Previously i was the owner of the Mortar & Pestle Compounding chemist at Miami on the coast which i sold to Broadbeach pharmacy 2010. I remember compounding a few of your prescriptions then. Still an avid supporter of bioidentical hormones , now close in age and stage to my customers! I was recently speaking with an obstetrician /gyn on the coast who had returned from the European menopause conf in Madrid, the Mayo clinic had presented on bioidentical progesterone and he is now using this in his practise and vows never to prescribe synthetic pg again..(Which is great) . Our website with our contact information is Happy to refer enquiries to you . Michelle Loschiavo
    BPharm (UQ) BNurs (Newcastle)

  347. great issues altogether, you simply gained a new reader.
    What may you suggest about your put up that you made a few days
    in the past? Any positive?

  348. Helen Dillon

    I’ve been on my troche’s for nearly 2 months and although you’ve tweaked my script I haven’t got them as yet. My question is will the new script stop be from being seriously angry all the time? I haven’t felt any of the ‘happy’ yet. I couldn’t be on the pill as this is what it was like then too.

  349. Ring my office on 0754 283388 for an appointment.

  350. Dr Holloway
    I was wonder what we need to make an appointment with you, I am 47 years old an in full menopause. I had my tubes tide after the birth of my twins when i was 37 since then it was down hill for me, nothing has been the same my life is hell but it seems that no one cares about the hell my life has become

  351. I do not know anyone in Perth who I can recommend. I cannot help you with your problem, as I don’t know why your hair is contimuing to fall out. Sorry.

  352. Hi Dr Holloway
    I was on the birth control pill Yaz for about 5 years and Brenda for around 5 years before that. I came off Yaz nearly 4 years ago due to the melasma I was experiencing at even the mere mention of sunlight! The melasma has improved since being off the pill, however now I have noticed an increase in hair fall. This wasn’t concerning for the first few years as I have always tended to shed a bit of hair, but I always had a lot of it as well. But now 4 years on this hasn’t stopped and my hair is visibly thin and still falling out constantly. I have no bald patches on the scalp, it’s more an overall thinning affecting the lengths and I have to keep cutting my hair shorter to disguise all the uneven lengths. I’ve had blood tests come back normal for thyroid, estrogen, testosterone and vitamins/minerals. I am a healthy 35 year old, normal weight range and not taking any medications. All my family have nice thick hair so I doubt it is genetic. When will my hormones adjust after years on the pill?! I would love to come and see you, however I live in Perth. Is there any Specialists here that you could recommend? Many thanks for your time. Cheers Marie

  353. Ring my office 0754283388.

  354. Hi, just wondering how to make an appointment please
    thank in advance

  355. I had this test done in 2013 and everything was great

  356. Yes, I do. Also check LDN (under bits and Pieces on my web-site) for a new promising development in treating all autoimmune diseases.

  357. Unlikely. The results of treating acne with hormones is generally disappointing, which is why I don’t do it. Best to see a dermatologist.

  358. I recommend an AMH test. Check my web-site for AMH. This is a simple test to see how fertile you are. Your doctor can arrange this.

  359. Hi Dr Holloway,
    I am 29 and until recently have regular 30 day cycles but lost about 10kgs over 2 months Jan-Feb, through a mix of stress, poor dieting and excess running exercise, my BMI was just in underweight range (started at 61kg dropped to 51kg being 165cm tall). I stayed at that low weight and poor eating/over exercise for about another 2 months. My last period was late Feb and since then i have not had another period or ovulated.
    I understand this to be anovulatory due to my weight loss and poor nutrition so over the last month I have been eating more with a lot of lean meat and veg and changed my exercise to strength training instead of running and have put about 3kg back on, now at 54kg,of which i am sure would be muscle as well.
    I have had all my hormones tested and they are all looking good and an ultrasound shows my lining is good and no PCOS or other concerns, just a follicle sitting waiting.
    Is there anything i can do to encourage my ovulation to return so i can continue to try for a baby?


  360. Hi,

    I am a 33 year old female and have had acne since 18. I was a sprinter once (didn’t take drugs) and I think my acne is hormone related. I have had two children and both times I had acne free skin while breastfeeding and as soon as I stop breastfeeding my acne returns. Would bio-identical hormone treatment work for this?
    Thank you!

  361. Michelle Fallon

    Just wondering if you treat autoimmune diseases, like Hashimotos?
    Thanks for your time 🙂

  362. si l’on sait que celle employée pour beaucoup
    d’autres problèmes aussi, le petit ami digne de confiance peuvent souvent venir avec quelques – aspect des résultats imprévus .

  363. The best person to help you is someone who specialises in endometriosis. I dont, and there are no easy fixes, unfortunately.

  364. Hi dr Colin ,
    My name is renee I’m a 34 yr old female with severe stage 4 endo . I just had my 10th excision surgery 3 months ago . Last year I had 5 hr surgery as all organs where stuck ! My last one 3 months ago had be adhesions . However my pain is no different if not worse and it’s high under my rib cage on the left . I have just moved to bundaberg and was wondering if you can help IM DESPERATE as I want to do IVF but this diesease won’t give me a break HELP ME PLEASE !

  365. It is worth checking your testosterone level.

  366. Hello, I am 41yo. I have put on a substantial amount of weight since giving birth to my two children but have started to lose weight with duramine, exercise and diet. I am newly diagnosed with diabetes and have started a very low dose of metformin. But my biggest problem is my complete lack of any sexual desire. I find having sex a chore but will orgasm moderately easily and quickly during intercourse. But leading upto the actual penetration….I feel nothing. Before kids I had a very very high desire for sex. Its been 3 and a half years since I had my last child…. and still I feel no sexual drive.

  367. hi dr holloway i went today to my dr because of my hot flashes because as i told recently she put on progestron & pregnelone so my hot flashes didnt get better now she put me on pregnelon to take 50 mg in morning & 50 mg at night with b12 sray 2 spray in morning only but no troches is it safe what iam doing because iam worried may do me harms because of the chages all time please let me know thx isabelle

  368. What’s up everybody, here every person is sharing such knowledge, thus it’s fastidious to read this website,
    and I used to visit this web site all the time.

  369. Sharon Schooley

    I have not lost my weight from my last child he is 11 I have tried everything and still maintain it’s my hormone I have recently had cysts on my overies pmt getting really bad have not been able to find a Dr that can get to the bottom on my problem

  370. Trust your doctor, as she is in the best position to know if you are on the right track.

  371. hi dr holloway i have been taking troches 500 progestrone &1 triest for 5 years i was good than for the last year till now every 3 month insted i take half troches at night i take quarter in morning & quarter at night bcause my hot flashes &sweat get worst thats the only problem i have went back to my dr she made a blood test for my hormone everry thing come back good now she put me on 500 progestron i take quarter in morning & quarter at night with one capsules of pregnelon she found i have viral infection thats why i still feel hot flashes she gave me vitamin c powder to take 1 teaspoon a day please tell me if iam doing the right things ( iam 60 years old thank you hope to hear from you )from south australia

  372. This is very unusual of course, and I really don’t know what is the cause of your sweats. It isa unlikely to be menopause at age 72, but I suppose it is possible.

  373. I have tried HGH with some of my patients over time. Besides being very expensive, I was disappointed with the results. Research tends to confirm that result. I do not use it anymore, preferring other methods. Are you sure you are getting enough protein?

  374. dear dr holloway I am 50 an do a lot of high intensity training I have my rest periods and have a good diet but am finding that my muscles are not gaining could human growth hormone help and if so can it be subscribed

  375. Hi Dr. Holloway – Thank you for an interesting web site.
    I’m 72 years old and since October 2014 I have profuse sweating at any time of day or night. My body goes so cold and then I sweat – not hot flushing but sweat that runs down my back, face and hair; I always have to rub my skin to try and dry the sweat on me as it just keeps coming till the episode has finished.
    I will feel cool/cold and put on a cardigan but as soon as my body warms up the sweating starts; then when the heat has gone from my body I either feel cool or cold again till the temperature stabilizes. Nights are terrible as when I feel cold and pull a blanket over me I sweat untll the episode has passed and my body temperature has stabilized again till a few hours later when I can be woken up with the body being too hot again and everything has to be thrown off and a hand towel found to wipe the sweats again.

    I have seen several doctors and have had numerous tests done; all are at a loss to the reason of my severe sweats. I have had thyroid tests; chest xray; ultra sounds on liver and kidneys and adrenal glands and one has now suggested they do a CAT scan as all else has failed to reveal anything??? They took me off the blood pressure tablets to test if that was accelerating the sweating.

    I have been prescribed the troche 30 units triest EEstrone 10%; Estradiol 10%; Estriol 80%) 2mg. Progesterone 200mg; Testosterone 1mg. that I’m now dissolving 1/2 a tablet of a night in the mouth that I’m now trying.

    Can you please help me to what my body is doing???
    Thank you,

  376. I would need to see you and evaluate all your hormone levels to see if correcting that may help.

  377. Hi Doctor Holloway
    I have suffered major depressive disorder and complex PTSD from my childhood but was only diagnosed 18 yrs ago when I gave up alcohol. I was put on antidepressants. Prior to this and up to five years ago I managed to function quite well uni, good job ect. However at 45 yrs of age I’m now 52 I suffered bullying at work and was diagnosed as having PTSD as the workplace was reminiscent of my childhood. However my MDD has not got better in this time. I have tried everything including different medications and ECT. I was told by a few close people that my suicidality was cyclic and appeared to be hormonal. So I tried HRT Well I got worse because of life situations and I feel the HRT because I actually attempted suicide for the first time and got my period the next day in hospital. For three months horrible things happened just before my period. I went to see an endriconogist who told me to stop the HRT but couldn’t help me with anything else. I’m desperate and wonder if you think you could help me. After research my sister believes it’s cortisol and endricon related.

  378. I am not aware of him, or his methods.

  379. Best to see an endocrinologist and get some help

  380. The mirena consists of a synthetic hormone, so will not effect any hormone tests.

  381. The pill is composed of various hormones, which naturally will have various unwanted effects on your body. The safest contraceptive methods are the barrier methods like the condom and the diaphragm. Sometimes the IUD may even be preferable.

  382. I have hypothyroidism and may have endometriosis (I’m having the surgery in a couple of months to find out for sure). I always have pain in my legs no matter how much I exercise or take magnesium. I also have trouble maintaining my weight even when working out an hour a day and eating healthy.

    I have read that taking the contraceptive could be causing me to have estorgen dominance and this could be harming my thyriod and cause these issues. Is this correct? If so what contraceptive would be best for me without harming my thyroid.

  383. Hi,

    I have hypothyroidism and may have endometriosis (I’m having the surgery in a couple of months to find out for sure). I always have pain in my legs no matter how much I exercise or take magnesium. I also have trouble maintaining my weight even when working out an hour a day and eating healthy.

    I have read that taking the contraceptive could be causing me to have estorgen dominance and this could be harming my thyriod and cause these issues. Is this correct? If so what contraceptive would be best for me without harming my thyroid.

  384. Hi dr Hollaway…I have been on mirena for 2 years advised by geanocologist. I was wondering if you can do hormone test whilst on mirena. Still getting hot flushes and exhaustion….fatigue anxiety and mood swings. But because I have had no period for over 10years she insisted it would be ideal so I dont fall pregnant…Im 43 and struggling with all these symtoms and adrenal fatigue

  385. Hi again dr holloway. Do you do similiar treatments and stuff as dr mark Gordon the endocrinologist in the usa?

  386. Hi doctor, do you also treat men with the hormone therapy such as bioidentical hormones?

  387. Hello doctor. I am a 35 year old mother of 2 beautiful kids. I have excessive facial hair. I have PCOS and have a history of irregular periods. I am of indian ethnic and have dark skin colour. due to my facial hair my confidence level is nearly zero. I have to wax or tweez my hair on a daily basis and sometimes say no to outings and invitations. I am very depressed and dont know what to do.

  388. Yes, i do deal with PMDD but due to the numbers wanting to see me, I have decided to mainly concentrate on treating peri and post menopausal women.

  389. This is a very unusual problem. I have not come across this before, and am not sure there is much I can do about it. It is also important to avoid tampering with a young girls hormones, as they have not fully developed yet at 17 years of age and anything done may interfere with this process.

  390. Kathleen Lewis

    My daughter is 17 years old. She is 164cm and weighs 51kg. Two years ago she started getting a tingly mouth swelling tongue and anaphallactic symptoms. After a couple of months and lots of doctor visits and hospital visits it was linked to an allergy to her own progesterone.
    She has been on Loette for the last 2 years which has settled it down but I do not feel she is firing on all cylinders.

    She has no stamina and gets wicked headaches.

    Do you think u could help.

  391. is pmdd something you know about and maybe able to help me

  392. Ring my office to arrange an appointment. There may be a few months wait, unfortunately.

  393. Does anyone have any comments on the above, and feel able to help Shaz

  394. Check out Dr Dan Purser – he’s got a Facebook page and has recently released a series of videos you can check out… it’s a goldmine of information.

  395. Hi there!

    In 2011on vacation in Sri Lanka, I took Unani/Ayurvedic medicine to help me conceive. The doctor said “my tubes were blocked” and gave me a variety of herbal and hand rolled meds. The month after i had a heavy period. Subsequent months saw the period intensifying and getting longer until 3 or 4 months after id begun the treatment, i was bleeding nonstop and like a tap (with no pain or clots but very dark and thick) As I’d returned to Australia, he couldnt treat me further and a gynacologist here put me on progesterone pills and a laparascopy/hysteroscopy revealed no blockages, no cysts and a perfectly ovulating system. Two months later on my 28th birthday I found out Id conceived my second child on one round of Clomid. She has Down syndrome but is otherwise healthy and typically developing.

    My period after her birth was understandably irregular and/or scanty as i was breastfeeding too. But around 10 months i noticed my period becoming more regular. The moment it did, the hormonal bleeding kicked in again from where it had left off. This time ponstan, tranexemic acid worked some then it didnt. and my gynacologist put me on progesterone pills again and seemed to work but when i tapered it off and stopped, it came back with full vengeance and paid no heed to any meds. After two months of incessant bleeding, this time with cramps and clots, i threw all caution to the winds and stopped all meds. Thankfully the bleeding trickled to a stop. Then i had regular periods until now. Last month i stopped breastfeeding her and this month’s period is just going on and on 😥 im terrified and don’t know how to push this ordeal into the past and be done with it for good. Could this have all been triggered from that Unani medicine? did this hormonal imbalance cause trauma to my eggs and bring about Down syndrome to my daughter? How do i treat it and put a stop to my body going off on a tangent every time there’s a whiff of a hormonal change? How will this affect my future chances of conception. Please advise as I’m at my wits end 😦

  396. I’m was very interested in the information provided is very informative. I have a relative Denise Crampton who attends your clinic.
    I would like to arrange an appointment time.
    You can contact me by email or phone 0402 345 544.
    Kind Regards

  397. Hi I am a 39 year old woman with a young family and have suffered serve pmdd for many years to the point it is destroy my life and my families. I have tried lovan with little help, the pill which I was on for 4 months and made me worse. I have done the whole diet and excerise with vitiams with little relief. I don’t know what else to do, this is not a quality of life. I have all the signs and symptoms of pmdd and have been diagnosed from my doctors at Burpengary, who sent me to a gyno and they put me on the pill for 4 month when that didn’t work they said they could no long help me. I was told about you by my mum who’s friend see’s you and said u were great with hormones. please I am desperate for something to change my life because right now anything is better than living this life with this horrible hormone disability. i have sent you and email awaiting your response and praying to god you can help me.

  398. You need to see your GP or referral to a specialist. Your problems are too serious for me to give you a quick fix via this medium

  399. I am 26 years old but only 42kg. I am very thin and weak. I always feel tired and sleepy. I have a baby who is 1 and a half years old and I can’t carry her for long because my arms are too thin and week. I eat as much as I can but to no avail. I am also concerned that having periods for a week every month may have some bad effect on me. I am looking for options to gain more weight. Please give me some advice. Thanks

  400. Email me direct at and I will see if I can get you in earlier.

  401. Marion(Maddie) Greenning

    l have just been recommeded to Dr. Holloway by a heart patient yesterday. l have been having severe hot flushes, anxiety and feeling so stressed my hormones seem to be crazy after going into menopause 2 years ago. l had a heart attack in 2009 with 3 stents put in my right artery and another one put in the left side last October and didnt think l was able to have a trus which so many women swear by. lve just rang and apparently u r book out till July. lam desparate to get some help. ls there anywhere else u can recommend or can l get in earlier maybe if there is a cancellation.

  402. Contact one of the approved compounding chemists on my web-site, and they will give you a list of doctors using natural hormones.

  403. Unfortunately you cannot, as I am based in Australia. Best yu find someone in South Africa who does the same thing.

  404. Dear Dr Colin,

    Do you know a doctor in Brisbane who provide natural hormone replacemet ?

  405. I would realy love to have a consultation with u Dr,how do I get a hold of u,im based in gauteng,south africa

    My contacts are 082 291 6577

  406. Do you prescribe clomid if required? His last free testosterone was only 2 ref (10-33) qml thanks

  407. This is very unusual(as you probably know by now. I do not know whether it is hormonal or related to your UC. A complete hormone check may be a good starting point and go from there, depending on the result. A doctor who deals with hormonal problems (not a gynecologist) may be a good idea.

  408. Hi Dr Holloway,

    Hope you are having a good day!

    I found you on the internet and was wondering if you could help or suggest somewhere I can go to get some help.

    My name is Carla and I am 49 years old this year.
    I am currently still on the pill Brenda-35ED 28 (2 years) but was previously on Triphasic 28 before that and have pretty much been on the pill since I was 19 years old with perhaps a year break in my late twenties.
    I have heavy periods lasting 7 or more days, I can also get stomach cramps, upper stomach tenderness and indigestions quite bad at times.
    I have a Fybroid approx. 10cm
    I had Ulcerative Colitis but had my large bowl removed and now have a J-Pouch which I have had since I was 30ish.

    My problem is that over the last 10 years I have been getting a watery discharge. It started off as a slight discharge when I used to exercise and now it has built up to everyday and it is quite heavy and I have to wear a liner.

    It mainly happens in the morning and early evening but can vary if I sit in a certain position or push on my stomach at a certain point( I have a cervix that tilts back).
    It is constant and I have it even when I have my periods, it is heavier before, during and at the end of my period.
    There is no odour, the colour is clear but sometimes with mucus.
    I have had a pap smear and nothing shows up.
    I have been to a gynaecologist who found the Fybroid and suggested that I go onto the Mirena as I shouldn’t be on the pill, which I am reluctant to do as I have heard it can have some side effects and can be dangerous if it dislodges. I have had major bowl surgery, so I do not want to take the risk.
    The gynaecologist has not heard of this and didn’t seem too interested.

    I am now getting to the point that it is affecting my daily life and need to do something about it. My doctor thinks it may be hormones and that is why he referred me to the specialist.

    Do have you any idea what this is or refer me to someone who might know?

    Your help would be very much appreciated, I look forward to your reply.

    kind regards

  409. This has been done. Sore nipples are caused by too much oestrogen. Contact Regina.

  410. HCG is one of the means of increasing the testes own output of testosterone. However, clomid is often better and safer. It depends on the cause of the low testosterone. If the testicles have failed completely, then this wont work.

  411. Sandra Stapleton

    Dr Holloway, I have had my follow up/ check up blood test in Huonville Tasmania while travelling. They are going to send the results to you. Would you please write an interim script for my trouch to last me until May when I will be back home and able to see you. I have very sore nipples atm and wondering if you can give me advise in the meantime of how to adjust the dose I am taking now. This script I am using now will run out in 30days. I can phone the pharmacy near you tomorrow and ask Regina to post the script to:
    PO Boc 931, Launceston, Tas, 7250
    I will phone your Office and pay for all this by Cr Card. Thank you in advance.
    Sandy Stapleton

  412. Hi, my husband is51 fit and healthy until starting to get erection problems last year. Go said was his age or psychological. Saw my hormone doctor who only come to Brisbane monthy. Found he has low testosterone. Wa put on cream in oct and dhea. He was really good for two. I this a new man, then it stopped working. Do you use hcg injections to premote the testes to produce tesosterone? Thanks

  413. A good first step is to have an ultra-sound of your pelvis to try and find the cause of your problems.

  414. Clare Widdicombe

    I am a 44 year old women who has always struggled mid-cycle (ovulation) with extreme fatigue and extreme tenderness just above my pubic area, so tender that it hurts to sit down. For the last three months around ovulation time I have noticed that I have been experiencing vertigo like symptoms, nausea and fatigue. At first thought it was something not related to ovulation however it seems too coincidental that this has occurred three consecutive months around ovulation time. These symptoms last approximately 7-10 days and really effects my work and home life. Is there anything I can do to alleviate these symptoms.

  415. I have booked a appointment with your but have to wait until until end of June,would it be possible to see you before as I go to the USA in 8 wks & would have liked to have been feeling a bit better for the trip.many thanks

  416. It is difficult to advise you with the information provided. Keep trying to find an obgyn who can help you.

  417. Yes, I may be able to help you. Taking testosterone at age 39 would be a mistake, as it would lead to less testosterone production long-term. There are other ways of increasing testosterone production from the testes, which looks like the way to go for you.

  418. Try bigger doses of Melatonin -4-6 mg and the sustained release form made by a compounding pharmacist. Also, progesterone is a very relaxing and sleep producing hormone, so a larger dose (150 – 200 mg) taken an hour before bed-time.

  419. Hi Dr Holloway
    I have tried a variety of HRT since June 2013, including triest troches and progesterone troches. I have had persistent severe insomnia for over 20 months. Since October 2014, when I started taking Estrofem 1.5mg and 200mg progesterone troche, my blood estradiol has risen to 77 (from <I9) and I have seen some definite improvement in my sleeping. From little to no sleep even with a cocktail of sleeping pills, I am mostly get 4-5 hours a night, using small amounts of mirtazapine and melatonin.
    However, I still feel very tired. I tried increasing the estrogen to 1.75 mg for 12 days but that seemed to have negative effects on my sleep.
    This insomnia is the worst, but not the only one, of my menopause symptoms and I do not experience symptoms of estrogen excess.
    Am I doomed to feel like this forever, or is there something else I can do?

  420. Hi Dr Holloway

    I have been to the doctor for low Testosterone(i am 39 years old),after tests were done it also came back low fsh and lh levels.In his conclusion the reason was unknown(as they done test for tumor in Pituitary gland ) and did not want to send me to a specialist.After first test results he was talking about sending me to a specialist for hormone replacement but he sent me for the same tests a month later and the results were the same,but after the test results he gave me the run around and did not want to do anything more,just gave me a trial box of ed pills.I have tried other doctors but the same thing.Apart from the usual symptoms of low T-levels,i am always feeling tired and my my memory seems foggy.
    So would you recommend me to ring up your office to make and appointment or any other recommendation.

    Thank you


  421. If you want to improve your experience simply keep visiting this web site
    and be updated with the latest news update posted here.

  422. You will have to find a doctor who will prescribe it for you, and then a compounding chemist to dispense it. In the USA you can buy it over the counter.

  423. I want to go on 25 mg DHEA where can I get prescription ?

  424. I have, and still experience the ill effects of eager legs. This issue has continued for almost 4 years, and I have been to a scope of masters and common treatment experts, that in spite of their certifications, none have had achievement. Anxious legs can be dealt with utilizing prescriptive medications, and I have attempted these, however the reaction from the medication was as terrible as the issue. I likewise experience the ill effects of hypothyroidism, and despite the fact that effectively treated by thyroxine.

  425. Good evening,
    I am 32 yrs old & have had painful periods for 20 years (naproxen & tramadol no longer work). Also spotting before periods for last 7 yrs (gradually worsening). 2 yrs TTC with no luck (husband has 1% morphology). I have seen numurous drs over the yrs who said I had nothing wrong w me. I researched myself and thought I may have endo so found a specialist and just had a laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and d&c where left ureter endo was found and excised. I have just started my first period since the op and still had spotting 7 days before (a lot better but still there) and pain (same/ worse than before). Is this normal and will it improve or do you think I have hormone issues too? I thought that if the cause was just the endo then the spotting should have stopped? I am v frustrated and don’t know what to do. Thanks.

  426. i was put onto 250 mg of progesterone supposedly to help with my chronic insomnia thru menopause which started right at end on menopause. terrible stuff. after a week i was getting break thru bleeding and terrible lower bloating and pressure. worst pms ever. yet i havent had a period for 10 years. compound pharmist suggested it.i ditched it after a week and went back on troches. hoping it will have an effect on the sleep. am on 2.5 biest, 200 mg progest and 2 testosterone. what i found about a year ago that the st johns wart i had doubled the dose i was on and after a while hrt was less effective. was unsure why it had stopped helping and had been messing around with it ever since till the other day i came across an article where they did trials on st johns wort and how it effects the hrt. most women in trial using it had beak thru bleeds . the women not using st johns the hrt was stable and effective. interesting.

  427. With such a low AMH, you do not have many, if any, ova(eggs) left, so I agree with the specialist. Hormonal treatment cannot produce eggs you do not have.

  428. Unfortunately, weight is an issue for most women, and especially after childbirth. Hormonal treatment is not likely to help much. Sorry.

  429. Ring your nearest compounding pharmacy for help. I do not know of anyone in the ACT.

  430. Thank you for the great info! Gives a lot of hope to people who are suffering with hormonal imbalance and think their only options are HRTS

  431. Hi , very interested and have been recommended your hormonal treatments .I live in Canberra and wondered if you could recommend anyone here?
    Thanking you for your time
    debbie waters

  432. Hi Dr Holloway,

    I am a 39 year old Mum of 4 who has struggled with my weight since having children. I was always thin as a child and young adult. Interestingly enough whenever I am pregnant I lose all my weight and have no trouble maintaining it but the minute I stop breast feeding it piles back on again. Can your treatments help with weight issues? Could this be hormonal? I am at my wits end with my life evolving around my battle with my weight. Thank you so much for your time!

  433. Hello, My acupuncturist has recommended you. I am 37 with an AMH level of <1.1. I have gone through 2 IVF cycles on Gonal F 450. I have only been able to produce 1 follicle that was half the size it should have been and my hormone levels were non existent. I really want a baby but my Fertility Specialist believes I would just be wasting my money going through another cycle. I have been on the pill since I was 16. Is there something you can do to help me produce follicles/eggs so I can have a baby? Thank you

  434. Find your nearest compounding chemist and ask their advice. I do not know of anyone near you.

  435. Could you please recommend a natural thyroid specialist for my 17 year old daughter struggling with hypothyroid Seeing naturopath for 6 months with no results We live on tweed coast
    Many thanks

  436. Very helpful 😃

    I have an appointment in March ’15 with Dr Holloway so very excited!!!

  437. There are no easy options with both these problems, and you would do best following your Gyno’s advice

  438. These diseases are mostly caused by autoimmunity, and will not respond well to hormones, so there is not much I can do to help you.

  439. Hi Dr Holloway,
    I was wondering if you are able to help me? I am 36yo and I have rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and depression. Can your treatments help me at all?
    I’m on methotrexate , prednisone, zoloft and would prefer not to be on them if I could.
    A patient of yours highly recommended you.

    Kindest Regards,

  440. Hi doctor.
    I’m 23 I currently have pcos and possibly endometriosis. I have been to a gyno as my husband and I are wanting to have a baby the only answer I ever get is fertility drugs. I don’t ovulate on my own is there anything I can do other then jam my body full of fertility drugs.

  441. Something does not seem right. If your testosterone did not increase on using it, then something is keeping it down. You will need specialised testing for LH,SHBG, Prolactin and DHEAS, Oestrogen to get a clearer picture of what is happening.

  442. .I am a 56 year old male and I have been on treatment for low testosterone. I originally started on the troches when my testosterone was around 5. After about a year with no improvement rather a lowering to 4 I tried testogel. No Improvement.It was then suggested that i do a sleep study to check for sleep apnea. I have been on a CPap machine for 2 years. I take testogel every morning and my last blood test showed a testosterone level of 3.I am depressed have no libido and wonder where to next. Any Suggestions. do i try the capsules, or go for the injection?
    any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  443. Hi doctor
    I am a 43 year old mother of 4 😊 living in brisbane, I am having several problems with my hormones. I had a mariner implanted 5 months ago and have had several reactions and side effects from it so far.
    My specialist recommended it for my extremely heavy periods. I spot 25 days out of the 30, headaches every day, bad fluid retention, mood swings, swollen breasts, weight gain etc..
    My 2 sisters come to u and u have helped th a lot 😊
    I rang your clinic today and was offered an appt next April 😞 I was hoping you could reconsider an appt for me or recommend another doctor ?

  444. Yes. Your age, 45, means you are most likely perimenopausal, with hormonal changes occurring. Your ovaries are never the same after a hysterectomy, as the operation effects the way they will function.

  445. Hi I am 45 and had a hysterectomy 5 years ago, still have my ovaries and also diagnosed with hypothyroidism around the same time. Staring to get really sore breasts and cysts(all checked out and are fine) for up to 2-3 weeks a month, no sex drive and mood swings. No hot flushes as yet. Do you think I could get help from seeing you? Thanks in advance.

  446. See A doctor who specialises in bioidentical hormones.

  447. A good first step is to see your own GP. If your GP is unsympathetic, or not comfortable treating menopause, go to a gynecologist, or alternatively contact youir nearest compounding chemist for the names of doctors that treat menopause using Bioidentical hormones.

  448. Hi there, I am a 45 year old women that I think is going though the menopause. I don’t know what medication to take as I am experiencing quiet a few changes. at the top of the list which is becoming a pain is sleep disturbances due to hot flushes about every 2 hrs during the night. Would you be able to point me in the right direction of how to manage this.

    Kind regards


  449. Thank you for your prompt response. When would I be able to see you, as I understand you have a long waiting list. My Oncologist is Dr Reardon, at Maroochydore.

  450. Yes, I can help. As it is a very delicate balancing act to get the right mix of hormones to help you, It will need an in depth discussion with you. Whatever we do, I will only do with the approval of your oncologist. Women don’t realize that oestrogen can be used post breast cancer, under certain conditions. Oestrogen is the only hormone that will fix the hot flushes and help you sleep.

  451. Dear Dr Hollloway
    I am 57 and 7 years post breast cancer, for which I was treated with Lumpectomy, Chemotherapy and Radiation and one year of hormone blocking agents (arimadex and tamoxifen). I understand the risk of taking HRT especially as the cancer I had was oestrogen and progesterone sensitive. I have had 7 years of wicked hot flushes and night sweats which have decreased finally but still I have not had a full nights’ sleep since treatment. Now I am experienceing lower back, hip and knee pain, and recent MRI identifies a torn meniscus. I feel stiff and inflexible, with joint pain in my fingers as well. I am unable to do the exercises I used to, and working is exhausting. I’m terrified this is the beginning of an arthritic life. Do you think you can help?

  452. Very energetic article, I liked that a lot. Will
    there be a part 2?

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    site dailly and obtain nice facts from here everyday.

  454. Hi there! This article couldn’t be written much better!

    Reading through this post reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He continually kept talking about this. I most certainly
    will send this information to him. Pretty sure he’s going to have a good read.
    Thanks for sharing!

  455. Thank you Sandy – I am willing to try anything! Will get in touch with them to see if they can help.

  456. Tracey F this link may help you get you some relief from the hives. good luck

  457. It is very unlikely hives are due to hormones. They are due to allergies and, you cannot really be allergic to your own hormones.

  458. Hi Dr Holloway
    I am unsure if you are going to be able to help me but I am now almost at the end of my tether. I am 52 years old and have been suffering from hives for over a year now. I have had every test under the sun which all come back clear of anything. Someone told me that it could be hormone related but when I have hormone tests it says that, although I am pre-menopausal, my hormones are fine and the GP’s want to put me onto a mild HRT, which I am not happy taking to be honest. My sister is a patient of yours and she is of the opinion that, if it is hormonal, you might be able to help me. I have tired to get an appointment to see you but unfortunately I was told that you are no longer taking new patients but I have asked them to put me on your cancellation list. I suppose that my question for you, is do you think that these hives could be hormone related? I look forward to hearing from you.

  459. I’d like to receive regular information about thyroid conditions and treatments. I have one myself and would value your input. Thank you.

  460. Yes, testosterone adds oil to your skin. If it becomes a problem, then a slight reduction of TT will be necessary.

  461. I have been taking bio identical thyroid and testosterone for about a little over a week now and can already feel I am gaining more energy which is highly unusual for me. I’m still waiting for my hair to thicken up again hopefully it won’t take too long but so far so good. Thank you Dr Holloway your amazing and I really appreciate your help. I have noticed that my facial skin has become quite oily and am breaking out a bit more than usual. Would this be the testorone cream?

  462. I don’t have my own gp coz i never been sick since I came to this country I came to Australia in 2008 so it’s about 6 years I m trying to find a best doctor in here if u have any idea plz thanx for replying before .

  463. I suggest you see your own GP and ask for help.

  464. I m a boy but my body developing in wrong way means I looks like women I got tits and big ass I have no hair on my chest and my chest is small than my bottom my legs getting fat day by day which is embarrassing me I have to cover myself in public but sex is alright I m so worried about my health if u can help me please reply me ASAP thanx

  465. WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for loss

  466. Email me privately and I will try and get you an earlier appointment.

  467. Hi
    Have made an appt with Dr Holloway, but can’t get in till 2015 as I am a new pt.
    Urgently needing advice/ treatment for my menopause and very sensitive skin on my face turns red.
    Any advice until then???

  468. I am fully booked out this year, so cannot help you. Check on the Compounding Chemists for doctors who practice natural hormone treatment for someone who may be able to help you.

  469. Hi doctor,
    I am doing some research n found out that my periods , weight gain , jaw line acne, n facial hair growth is due to hormonal imbalance. I m getting married soon but these imbalance is so depressing n my partner start complain abt it from some time. Can you please help
    I really appreciate an early appointment

  470. Keep trying – cancellations occur often .

  471. Hello Dr Holloway,
    I have been waiting to see you for months now after being given the runaround via “the system” trying to get treatment for low testosterone. I have seen and endocrinologist who was sitting in a room full of drug-samples for diet pills… who, surprise surprise told me to lose weight (with his pills) first and see if my levels come up by themselves and gave me a free box of Cialis (and charged me $350 for the visit). I was referred to see another doctor at Caboolture Hospital for a second opinion who pretty-much said that he wouldn’t treat me unless my T-levels dropped to just 1 or 2 and he said I couldn’t possibly have low-T because I have facial hair.
    My T-levels have dropped from 26 around 6 years ago (from the QML screen) and are now at 7-8, In that time I have been diagnosed with bipolar, have ED troubles, low energy, brain-fog, have recently had troubles holding down/getting a job due to depression/anxiety and have put on nearly 40kg in the last few years despite living pretty healthy and more active than many people I know.
    To me, it seems obvious that a more “optimal” level of Testosterone may help me with a range of my issues, I realise that lifestyle changes play a part too. But, in your opinion, why do you think it is so hard to get treated for these problems? It just baffles me that they would rather pump you full of diet pills antidepressants, mood stabalizers and Cialis rather than try something that BELONGS in the body??
    I have really become disheartened by it all recently after my experiences but I really want to get to the bottom of it now and make some changes. I came across your site ages ago and have heard good things about you in the local community I have an appointment for late July.
    Can you tell me if you get many cancellations or if it is worth ringing the office to see if any spots have opened up?
    I look forward to meeting with you anyway.

  472. You may need to persevere with progesterone. It is a safe hormone with many benefits. The dose may need adjusting – trial and error.

  473. Hi Dr Holloway,

    I have had very bad symptoms leading up to my cycle during and also continuing after.
    Very swollen sore breasts, pain from my armpits going down my arms, and from armpits down my side.
    I had a Thermographic breast scan and the results came back that I had nonspecific lymph congestion.
    My naturopath did some tests and found that I had e -coli in my breast tissue and also that I had high estrogen and lower progesterone that the estogens maybe getting trapped because of my lymph blockage.
    I have had blood tests and saliva test about 4 months ago that had confirmed that I had high Oestrone 197pmol/l and high testosterone 157pmol /l.
    The doctor told me to take progesterone which I did. after the first day I blew up a couple of kgs from fluid retention so I ceased taking, my doctor said I must not be able to handle progesterone.
    After doing a bit of research I see that this is a side affect that will usually pass..
    I am not looking forward to the lead up of my cycle as it is 100 times worse

    Do you think it would be ok for me to try again with progesterone? or will having a lymph blockage affect this? or maybe help this?

    Unfortunately all the good hormone specialist including yourself are completely booked out so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks

  474. Email me privately and I will see if I can see you (fit you in) in the near future.

  475. Julie Saville

    Hi Dr Holloway,
    Have had very high recommendation of your work and am desperately seeking an alternative to standard HRT. I am 49 yo 1st ovary removed 9 years ago due to cysts and had the other removed 3 months ago. Have Mirena in place (put in 3 years ago due to very heavy periods). Gyno decided to renew Mirena to help with menopause as well as using Sandrena gel each day. The menopause symptoms have not really eased at all. Night sweats, mood swings, hair loss and just generally feel unwell. The effects of the Sandrena are severe migraines and the medication to help counteract this also makes me unwell. Can you please let me know when you may take on new patients or suggest another specialist in this area. Thanks Julie

  476. PCOS is very difficult to treat. She would be best advised to see an endocrinologist.

  477. Ina Vlaanderen

    Hi Dr Holloway.
    I noticed you have closed your books for the year, but could you please give me some advise about my daughter. She is 16 years old and has extremely painful periods. The doctor sent her to have an ultrasound and the results were; “Features are suggestive of PCOS and clinical correlation is advised”.
    She has frequent migraines, and a headache nearly every day. After trying several different health products that had no effect, we put her on the pill. She is on her third different pill, which doesn’t really help as she is still in a lot of pain for up to a week. She feels sick, does not have much of an appetite, often has diarrhea when she has her period, and has extremely heavy bleeding. She does not show a lot of energy, and is moody during that time. She doesn’t sleep well because of the pain, which is often so bad that she is shaking. Her iron levels are normal. Could you please give us some advise as the pill is not working and we do not know what to do next.
    Thank you so very much for your time.

  478. Sorry I forgot to also mention I have been training with personal trainers and controling my diet for the last 4 years and Have not lost much weight (have toned and strengthened a bit).
    I get alot of fluid retention monthly!

  479. Thanks for your resonse Doctor, My main problems are anxiety, depression, lack of energy (I can fall asleep at the trafic lights some days) very foggy memory (i cant remember who I spoke to last on the phone 10mins after the conversation) cramping and lack of sex drive. Whilst this all seems to be consistant over the month it all becomes worst the week before my period, especially the anxiety and depression. I am on 50mg Pristique tablets daily, and on returning to the doctors to ask for further help, I was percsribed 100mg tablets for the PMS week or whenever I feel myself going down. I have been on a Mental Health plan and have been seeing a psychologist for the last 6 months, and while that has helped a lot Im finding my mental health is very much influenced by my monthly cycle. My Mother is one of your patients (Faye Harvison) and recommended I see you.
    Thanks in advance for your help. Tania

  480. What sort of problems do you have? I will try to help you if I can.

  481. Tania Attard

    Hi Dr Holloway, Ive just rung your clinic only to find you have closed your books for the year. Please Please Please can you recommend someone else for me as I am really struggling and I need help. I live in Mackay Qld but am willing to go anywhere to get help.

  482. Yes, you can, with the proviso that it is transdermal(cream or troche) and the lowest dose that works. I have a number of women on BHRT who have had DVTs and worse(pulmonary emboli) with no problems. The evidence is on my website under safety of BHRT.

  483. Hello Dr Holloway
    I am 52 yrs old and have been on Sandrena and Testosterone for several years as I went into early menopause after having a hysterectomy and one ovary removed. I developed a DVT last yr in may that travelled to my pelvis. The Drs at the hospital told me that I had to come off all HRT due to having a DVT which I have done. My question is can I go onto natural HRT?

    Thank you

  484. Thank you – will ring for an appointment

  485. I have another patient with the same problem. One of the better treatments is with Testosterone drops/and or testosterone transdermally. It is available locally through a compounding chemist.

  486. Good morning – really interested to come out and see you as I have been trying to find a good hormone doctor in the north of Brisbane and I will contact the office, but just wondering if you have ever treated dry eyes with testosterone or dhea drop? I have had dry eyes for a long time (tried all the usual drops and taken fish oil etc but no success) and have read that there has been this treatment in America and some doctors in Australia but I have not been able to locate one. Thank You

  487. Stress, lifestyle, diet, supplements and hormones all effect your thyroid. Selenium is essential for effective thyroid function, but be careful not to overdose, as too much can be toxic.

  488. Hi.
    I have trouble with my thyroid. It was fine before. When I was pregnant with my 2nd child it went a bit low then it resolved itself in pregnancy but now I still have problems, nearly two years later. Have been started on thyroxine meds. But still can’t get the right dose. I’m on 75mcgs during the week and 50 mcgs on the weekend. How can my thyroid just not function properly is my question and how much thyroid meds am I going to take to get it in range.? I can’t feel any goitre there. Do you have any suggestions?

  489. You will need to see me for a discussion about your results

  490. Ring your nearest compounding chemist and ask them to recommend a doctor who uses BHRT near you

  491. These symptoms are typical of menopause, which is a result of losing your ovaries. This an area I specialise in, so would be able to help you.

  492. Hi. I am 46 years old and had a hysterectomy about 2 years again leaving both ovaries. Since than I have had 2 large cysts resulting in 2 more surgery. The last one was laparotomy about 2 weeks ago and they removed left ovary. Since than been very emotional, having night sweats and flushes and very tired and low mood. I have been told that having one ovary I shouldn’t be having these symptoms. Would you be able help?

  493. Hazel Kleviansky

    Dr Holloway

    I’m familiar with bioidentical hormones. I’m thrilled I found your website

    Can you please recommend a doctor/endocrinologist who prescribes them in NSW. I’m menopausal. In kliovance and am having issues and want to change to bioidentical hormones. Have an appointment with Professor John Eaden but am about to cancel it as I don’t think he’s a prescriber of bioidentical hormones

    Looking forward to hearing from you

  494. Irene Elphick

    Hi Dr Holloway. I had a phone consultation with you recently and you suggested I try the new prescription for a couple of weeks and have another blood test if the symptoms hadn’t settled. I had the blood test yesterday and they said that you should receive the results tomorrow, mid day. I am still having some night sweats but less than previously and small problems still seem challenging. When would you like me to phone you to obtain the test results and discuss this further? Many thanks.

  495. Thank you Dr Holloway. I will do that.

  496. Contact your nearest compounding chemist to find a doctor near you who does the natural hormone treatment.Natural progesterone has many benefits to women, even after a hysterectomy.

  497. Hi, I am 62 and have been using estrodial (Sandrena) and natural progesterone since my hysterectomy in 1997. The oestrogen was my gyno’s idea, the progesterone was my idea. He was not keen but said I could choose. Recently my GP sent me back to my gyno to review my taking these hormones for 17 yrs and he said – no progesterone, halve the estrodial and I requested testosterone, so he provided a script.
    I would dearly love, without engaging my GP or my gyno, to access natural oestrogen, progesterone & testosterone.
    Can I do that?

  498. Find a doctor who uses BHRT to get the help you need.

  499. Hi I’m looking for some help regarding menapause night sweets are driving me crazy. Have been using hrt for 5 years but want to try a natural remedy that works
    thank you regards Robyn

  500. Your sister’s problems may well be helped by correcting her hormones. Find a doctor near you who does this, or if you do not know of anyone, contact your nearest compounding chemist and ask them to advise you of someone who can help.

  501. Hi Dr Holloway, My sister has recently been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Her moods seem to fluxuate at different times of the month. My Mum used hormone creams at Menopause and I suggested that my sister looks at doing the same. The doctor my Mum saw has moved to Perth so seeing her is not an option. We do not know of any other doctors working in the same way. My sister is currently on antidepressants but I was wondering if some hormone creams would help her? She did get her levels tested by a Gynocologist last year it did not show drastic level discrepancies but maybe it was not the right time of the month. What are your thoughts?

  502. I do not know if your problems are hormonal, and whether I can help you. GAD in not caused by hormones normally.

  503. Contact the chemist- there is most likely an ingredient in the troche you are reacting to- like the sweetener or flavoring.

  504. Hi Dr Holloway

    I have been to moray field doctors for years for my kids but only recently discovered your there. I’m hoping you could help me.
    I have GAD which is under control, I am always tired aand by tired I mean dead tired. My short term memory feels like it’s worse. I have gained a lot of weight almost double my size and I can’t seem to lose it. I’m a migraine sufferer and also had low AMH so used fertility treatment to have my children.

    Hope there is treatment to help me over the years I’m told I’m fine but I just don’t feel it.

  505. Hello Dr Holloway, quick question I’m on troche and the sides of my mouth are splitting. I have noticed this since changing chemists, is there any possibility the troche formula could be causing this? I feel there is something different about the formula. Many thanks.

  506. Have your DHEAS checked – yoiu may benefit from it as well

  507. Iam 63 years old and want to get back to being very active as earlier. I have slowly become more moody tired and lazy no energy etc over the last couple of years. I have had a quad bi pass operation. In 2001. I have developed the usual problems plus have had to take pill to supplement. My doctor has been injecting me with 2x250mg of primoteston depot in the one needle for a long time now. I don’tfeel any different after each injection. I have heard that free testosterone at higher levels than are showing for me will improve my well being. Could you give me some good advice or take on treatment so I can start to feel good again.

  508. Thank you for your response. It is very much appreciated. Tammy

  509. Hi Dr Holloway,

    Please read this and let me know if you could help me so I make an appointment ASAP.

    I am 32 years old female, 159cm height and 49 kg weight.

    I have found useful information in

    For years, I have been suffering and still am, from irregular periods( always late) and a number of PMS. I have seen many doctors and have done numerous blood tests and ultrasounds.

    The blood test results come different every time. With the latest ultrasound, everything was normal but I used to have ovarian cysts prior to switching to a new diet (low carb, no sugar).

    Some doctors quickly jumped to the conclusion that this is PCOS, but some wiser doctors told me it is not as I don’t have PCOS symptoms.

    Some naturopaths blamed my thyroid and adrenal glands ( definitely some issues are lying there) and were trying to detoxified my body to build my health.

    Except all the efforts, I am still suffering and I feel it is getting worse each month. For example I used to bleed for 6 days in my period but recently it lasts only 3 days with lots of spotting and cramps.

    Excessive chronic stress and high level of anxiety have been with me In the recent years and I started to feel extreme PMS from the last 2 years.

    They include but not limited to:

    -Lots of hair loss and hair thinning
    -irritable, anxious and moody
    -fatigue, low energy
    -trouble to think, talk and concentrate
    – very low sex drive and libido
    -depressed, bad dreams
    -low immune system, fragile nails
    -skinny legs and fatty waistline
    -very light period bleeding
    – bloated tommy and gas
    -inability to control my bladder

    Please note that I used to have lots of energy and laughter, lean body and big thick hair. But in the recent years I have lost them all. I always push myself to think positive, doing yoga, exercise and keeping a healthy diet.

    I had an abortion last year and was on pill for about a week last winter, then I quit the pill as it made me very sick.

    I also used to use John Lee progesterone cream until last year as I didnt see much improvement ( maybe I didn’t get enough of it).

    I know I am low on progesterone. Generally I do better in the first half of the month rather than second half. When my period doesn’t come, the PMS get very bad to the point that it influences my social activities and my appearance. This makes extra stress for me. I am an artist and sadly I see that even my creativity has been effected.

    Sorry for the long text,

    Looking forward to hear from you,
    Best Regards,

  510. Hysterectomies have been the saviour of many women, who have put up with years of pain, heamorrhaging and discomfort. The operation itself is quite simple and easy now, and choosing a good and experienced surgeon is important. However, your hormones are likely to change afterwards, and you may need to go on some form of hormone treatment to maintain your best quality of life.

  511. Hi, Dr Holloway. My friend has referred me to you as she says you are a miracle worker! I am currently peri menopausal and suffer bout 95% of symptoms (in fact, lost my apprenticeship and job mostly due to it). I have been having very heavy bleeding, flooding, clotting for at least the last 3 years, though it seems to have lessened a little the last few months (I have always had trouble with my periods my whole life.) I’ve tried all options to lessen the problems and now have been booked in for the last resort, a hysterectomy in March. I’m still a bit hesitant to go this last step, being a major operation. I have a multiple of other health issues, on top of this problem. I would like some advice please as to whether I should have a hysterectomy and how I can take back control of my life, as I simply cannot cope anymore. Help please. bubblygal no more 😦

  512. Sandy Stapleton

    i think your date / time stamp is out on your website. i posted my comment about 930am on 28th January 2014. My comment shows it was posted on January 27, 2014 at 11.15pm?

  513. You will need to have your hormones sorted out. WHat has been done before has obviously not been adequate. Get other opinions until you find something that works for you. You do not have to put up with this!!.

  514. Dear Dr Holloway, i have persisted with the trouch as you prescribed and am feeling much better . My energy levels, libedo and moods have improved and I am feeling much better. I am feeling hopeful and look forward to the next blood test results and a visit to see you to discuss them.

  515. Hi
    I am interested in menopause and the treatment of its side effects. At 32 I underwent a partial hysterectomy due to 15 years of constant gyno problems. At 35 I had to undergo further surgery which resulted in me losing my last ovary and therefore I went into full surgical menopause. For the last 3 years I feel my life has been robbed. I suffer from sleeplessness and constant hot flushes, constant tiredness and at time feeling irritable and down. On top of this my libido is NIL!
    I was on bio dentical HRT but to be honest only felt slightly better 😦
    As a result I am now on “the pill” until I have an appointment in April to see an endocrinologist. I have put weight on also despite walking daily and eating well. I feel helpless and really wonder what the next 20 years will be like! Any advice is appreciated. Sleepless and sad in Townsville, Trish

  516. Sandra Stapleton

    Hi Dr Holloway,
    I have stopped being sad& miserable
    and started wanting to fight & argue with everyone.
    A couple of rude shop staff have been told what I think.
    Libedo has slightly improved ; tiredness slightly improved;
    joint pain is still an issue.

  517. How have you been going with your other symptoms? Too much testosterone can make you irritable, so less next time may be necessary.

  518. Sandra Stapleton

    I have been taking a 1/4 of the trouch each day since receiving them in the mail on 10th Jan 2014. I haven’t increased to 1/4 morning & evening because I already feel really irritable &cranky as if I am on prentazone. What can I do?

  519. Thanks Dr. Holloway. Will continue with HRT. I appreciate your input.

  520. Your hormones change over time, as a natural part of aging. Stress, illness, medications, supplements and exercise all will have an effect on your hormone levels, necessitating changes to your treatment.

  521. Look forward to seeing you. Hope I can help you.

  522. Hi Dr, I am only 36 and have just made an appointment with you as when doing your checklist I answered moderate to severe on majority of the questions. I have just weaned myself of anti depressants after taking them for 6 years and I have found myself to be extremely irritable, emotional, and a snappy mother which I am ashamed of. My mum and sister had hysterectomys at the age of 30 and had changing signs then. I am hoping my visit with you (in May) can make my day bearable. I look forward to meeting with you.

  523. Hi Dr.Holloway, I had complete hysto in 1994. Took extra test for 6 mo. Now 19 years later my hormones are out of whack. Why is this happening? I started bioidentical hormone treatment in Sept. (Estrogen & tester one pellets)& progesterone cream. Will this be beneficial?

  524. Thank you Dr Holloway that I could see you earlier. I appreciate this so much and today I started the Troches. I am so excited and looking forward to feeling the difference this will make. I am confident after reading so much of the material on your site. Thank you once again. My girlfriend will be ringing you. I am just so glad there is this natural option. 🙂

  525. I gave you a form to have your hormone levles checked 4 weeks after starting the hormones. You were to see me 1 week later, as writtne on the form. so that I can adjust your script as needed.

  526. Hi Dr
    I am on my first prescription of hormomes as prescribed by you. These have almost come to a end. When do I need a blood test.
    Many thanks Louise Foley

  527. patricia keating

    can you please advise any at the Gold Coast. My sister lives in Ballina NSW she would like to check into as has Bowel disease.
    thanks pat Qld

  528. Hello Dr Holloway. I have an appointment with you 10th of March 2014 the earliest one available you have for new patients. I am really feeling terribly cranky ( My hubby is telling me understand I am going through menopause but frustrated) Power surges are happening 6 x plus during night and during day as well, I have no desire for sex. I want to but so weird not feeling anything. After reading comments etc on your site I think eostrogen lack of is what is happening. What can I take in oestrogen like a cream or something to help me feel better as its 4 months before I get to see you. Is there something you can suggest I buy or is it better to wait till I see you so you get a true reading of my hormone count etc.
    Kindest regards Sylvia

  529. I am a 55 year old relatively fit & healthy woman, but of late struggle on a day to day basis to control my emotions , which in turn effects my mental way of thinking?. I am person of good nature, strong & organised surrounded by loving friends & family … and never to depend on pills ever. But now … I cannot control these urges to alienate/withdraw , cry at a drop of a hat / blubbering mess…This is not who I am & it’s depressing.

  530. It may certainly be hormonal, but there are other causes of your symptoms as well. (overwork, stress, thyroid disorder – to name a few.) It is your decision whether it is worth the cost to see me and work it out.

  531. Hi, my mum is one of your patients (Margaret from North QLD) she is always raving about your natural hormones and how I should come and see you. My joints do play up – especially my hip, knee and jaw down my right side. I am tired and moody but I just put it down to raising our three boys. Could it be my hormones? Is it worth a trip in to see you?
    Thank you

  532. Email me and I will try to give you an earlier appointment.

  533. Hi Dr Holloway just rang your office and was told there is no appointment’s available till the end of february14,

  534. These changes may be hormonal. The best way to find out is to do blood tests on your hormones through the normal monthly cycle, and then have it interpreted by someone who knows what they are doing.

  535. Different doctors try different approaches, some of which I disagree. I can’t promise to help you, but I often get success where others have failed. You can make an appointment by phoning mo office on 0754 283388

  536. Hi Doctor Holloway, I am 52yrs and I have suffered from hormone inbalance for yrs, have tried all types of replacements and still have alot of trouble, I am suffering from Lichen Sclerosus which I only found out about 3mths ago. I would like to find out how I can make an appoinment to see you, Thank you Sharon Wilson.

  537. Brigette Gillies

    I have been reading a lot of the comments about hormonal levels in women, I think I must be going thru the same thing as I am so up n down all the time, I’m tired and moody, my sex drive is non existent and I feel like I just can’t do it anymore. Can u plz help? I don’t know what else to do..

  538. Hello Doctor. I am thrilled with my energy and libido and mood improvements. I am wondering if you have seen or know of any expected skin tone improvements I might be able to look forward to? I have only been on your prescribed bioidentical hormone replacement since August….my skin has been appearing sagging on my face and body for over 12 months….I am hopeful. But would like any testimonial or clinical observations that can give me hope for a better skin tone.
    Thank you again for getting me this far.

  539. I would like to thank you, Dr Holloway, for your kind, professional and wholistic care. Bioidentical hormones have made a huge difference to how I feel, physically, mentally and emotionally. My recommendation to everyone is to give it a try. It makes so much sense to bring the hormonal system into balance. Give it a go, and as with any worthwhile therapy, give it some time to work…..some of the results for me were instant, and some have taken a little time, but everything has improved! It’s like having your batteries recharged and more. Jamila

  540. If you ring my office (0754283388), you can make an appointment to see me. If you have trouble getting one in the next 3 months, then email me again and I will see if I can fit youi in.

  541. Marie-Angele Labonne

    Few years I had a total hysterectomy and have been using bio-identical progesterone/Testosterone for one year and have recently stopped the use of same due to high cost.Please let me know if I can have a consultation.I start feeling the effect of lack of hormones in my body.Please help me if you can.Thanks you. Marie-Angele

  542. Big thank you for setting my health and moods back on track. I have been using your prescribed bioidentical troches for just over 2 months and feel stronger, calmer sexier and happier than I had in ages. Thanks for the thorough explanation and empathy in dealing with what had been shrugged off by GP’s previously. I feel encouraged about my future.

  543. is there any thing you could do to try and help her? or is there someone else you could recommend

  544. Re my 17 year old i didnt realise you answered sorry – As I said they thought it was endometriosis but it isn’t she has had the procedure and all is good and as I said her gynecologist has no answers so now I am searching for another answer for her problems with her periods if you are unable to help as I fist asked could you recommend someone else the young lady throws up, passes out from pain and is now not eating properly

  545. Yes, you can continue with Remifemin. It will not interfere with anything I do. It is better than nothing, but the problem with it is that you don’t know what you are getting, and it is ” one size fits all”

  546. Hi Dr Holloway,
    I have an appointment with you on 19th of Nov. have been experiencing menopause symptoms particularly hot flushes and irritability. My friend recommended Remifemin, and I’m now taking it. Is it ok to continue taking it before seeing you?


  547. There can be a number of causes of causes of her problems. The best person to be would be a gynecologist with an interest in endometriosis. A hormone doctor is not the best person for her, as it my be more to do with problems withe her uterus and ovaries.

  548. Hi I have a 17 year old daughter that has horrid periods they thought endometriosis but that proved wrong and now the doctor has no other ideas other than this can happen and when she has a baby it will get better we are in Darwin and I have found no one able to help I was googling hormone doctors and found you is there anything you maybe able to help with. I am now starting to worry about her mental health as the pain, vomiting, nausea constantly is wearing her down – if you are unable to help would you know of another doctor who could. This kid can’t take much more and I don’t know where else to look for help

  549. I also treat patients by telephone. Have the tests done in WA. Ask the lab to send a copy to me. Book a Tel Cons 2 weeks later. The compounding lab can post the scripts to you in WA.

  550. Hi Doc. I’ve been a patient for the last 12 months but have recently moved to Karratha in WA. My prescription for DHEA trouche has run out. Is it possible for you to still treat me from Qld if I get blood tests here and forward?

  551. Thank you! I live in Brisbane…

  552. I should be able to help you. Where about do you live?

  553. Hello! I have been seeing a Dr for nearly four years complaining of excessive fatigue, ongoing monthly acne, long periods, concentration problems and low energy levels. I have had occasional low iron levels and was referred to an endocrinologist for suspected has hashimotos, which was negative and am still not feeling any better. I am convinced its hormonal as my moods fluctuate a great deal throughout the month. I have previously tried a number of birth control measures incl the mirena but the negatives far outweigh any remote positive. Can I please book in to see you; or are you able to recommend anyone else so I can get another opinion. Thank you.

  554. You will find this under “information on my prqactice” and “Address”on my web-site. I don’t bulk bill.

  555. Hi just wanting to know where in morayfield you are and do u bulk bill? Thanku

  556. Check under “libido” on this website for the possible reasons for your loss of sex drive. Hormones is the main reason. Either see another doctor, or arrange to see me if possible.

  557. Hey dr holloway thinking of getting an appointment with u but unsure if my issue is hormonal I had a baby 2 years ago now and totally lost my sex drive I no longer get arroused or have any interest in sex even when I want to be intimate with my partner its just like my body no longer knows how to participate is there anything that can help me and are u the guy to see as when I talk to my gp he just dismisses it

  558. Tansey Collier

    When I was speaking to you, you never mentioned the testosterone levels. Will that be included with the others in the troches?

  559. Ring my office, tell them you have my permission to make an appointment for your daughter. I don’t want to raise your expectations as PCOS is very difficult to treat and to get a good result. There is no cure for it – all we can do is try to improve the quality of life of those with PCOS.

  560. Jocelyn Byrnes

    My daughter is 16 she got pcos her moods are all over the place she is starting be depress because of it just reading what you can do you are the one that may be able to help please can you help us i rang and unable to get in to see you even through a staff member recommend you and we already go the morayfeild clinic


  561. No. u.T.I is caused by bacteria. Rarely, it can be caused by a bladder irritant, such as too much acids or other chemicals.

  562. Just wondering could a side effect of bioidentical hormones be a urinary tract infection ?

  563. I may be able to help as you appear to have menstrual migraine, which often responds to correcting the drop in oestrogen that causes the migraine. Acne may have a hormonal cause (rarely) and sometimes responds to hromone manipulation. At the moment my bookings are very heavy and I am not taking on any new patients for the time being, but I will reopen my books as soon as I am able to do so.

  564. Hi Dr Holloway,
    I’ve been referred to you from the positive life store.
    Im 28 been suffering jawline acne for approx 9 months. Also for about 5 yrs I’ve been unable to take any form of contraceptive (ocp, nuva ring) as they give me lots of health issues, mainly migraines.
    I do suffer migraines still without any contraception about a week before my period (i believe this is a drop in estrogen?) So I think I may have some hormonal issues.
    My main concern at the moment is clearing my skin up as it effects my confidence.
    I’m wondering if you would be able to as I saw an earlier reply that said you may not be able to.
    Thanks Tara

  565. Morayfield Doctors, 0754 283388.

  566. thankyou so much. i will be seeing you soon….. i have an apt in a couple of weeks……

  567. Yes, it is ok to take it, as long as it is monitored by your doctor to make sure you do not take too much.

  568. Hi Dr Holloway, is it ok to take dessicated thyroid if you have a high reverse T3 reading?

  569. Thankyou so much Dr Holloway, I have made an appointment on the 24/7/13, would it be possible to have a referral from you. Regards Judy

  570. The best person to see is a Dr Scott Webber, a dermatologist in western Brisbane. His number for an appointment is : (07) 3871 3437

  571. Hello Dr Holloway, I am 35yrs old and suffer from excessive underarm sweating. This has been happening for about 7yrs and continues to get worse. I have seen GP’s who say change deodorants, and have had a blood test and thyroid check recently but the doctor said it was all good. I have made an appointment to see you in September, and wanted to know if you could help me or suggest who could help me…I cannot cope and need something done. Thankyou Judy.

  572. Hello Dr Hollaway I am 55 and am experiencing stiffness in my hips, lately my right knee has become painful. I wish to start some treatment. Cheers Louise

  573. Find a doctor who will do the Tubal Ligation. I cannot see any reason why they wont do it.

  574. Oh an i am 23 married with 4 children 6 and under. I asked to get my tubes tied an the docters gave me a big no because of changes in the future that might occur ( new partner ect).

  575. Ok so what would you recommend?
    Im not good on the
    Iud, injection or pill..

  576. No. See under “Women’s Health Problems – Mirena” on my web site. You will see that Mirena has many side effects that doctors rarely tell you when they insert it. The benefits must outweigh the negatives, and generally they do not, depending on your circumstances.

  577. It is not necessary to stop any treatment, including hormones, before seeing me. I can take this into account when assessing any tests that may be necessary, and make the right adjustments thereafter.

  578. Hi Dr Hollaway, I have recently been put on HRT by my Dr but am struggling with side effects. I am wanting to come and see you but wanted to know if I need to stop taking the HRT beforehand so any tests won’t be effected? Lynda

  579. Do you insert the mirena? thanks

  580. Fine down appearing on the face is normal as we get older. It has nothing to do with hormones, but is a naturally occurring event. When you were on hormones, I checked you were not getting too much testosterone, as that can cause facial hairs.

  581. Leanne Fuller

    Hi Dr Holloway, I was a patient of yours for many years until age 60 enjoying good menopausal health using troche treatment. I am now 65 and in good health, however, have noticed that down like hair is appearing on both sides of my face and throat. I recall that was something you used to check on a visit. I don’t like it and wonder what I need to do to stop this. Leanne

  582. Janelle Wellsteed

    Hi Dr Holloway, I am not due to see you again for a couple of months. I am great except for the Anxiety and panic attacks. Doesn’t affect anyone except me. I have had to cancel a trip on the Murray because I was worried about the small area on the boat and even sleeping in the cabin. Also had trouble recently in a motel, couldn’t sleep in the bed. Other people seem to invade me also, I get quite stressed. Is this related to menopause and can it be treated in my Troche. Or do I just put up with it until I get over it,

    thanks for your continued help. None of my sisters and mother understand because they never had Symptoms of Menopause. Lucky me..
    Thanks again

  583. Karen Clarke

    Would like to make an appointment to see you which surgery are you at please, and the phone number Cheers jaren

  584. Stop your hormones before seeing me so that the test will be more accurate.

    Dr Colin Holloway

  585. Tansey Collier

    Dr Holloway, I am coming to visit you in August to get my hormones ‘tweaked’. I mostly control them with progesterone in Vit E oil that I get from America but haven’t quite got it right yet. Should I discontinue the progesterone prior to coming to you as I assume you will want to do tests for my levels and if so how much prior.
    Regards Tansey

  586. It’s remarkable in support of me to have a web site, which is valuable designed for my know-how. thanks admin

  587. In the results paragraph of the Study of Hormone Therapy and Alzheimer Disease In Dementia (From Cache County Study)


  588. Where on my web site did you find the term “opposed” estrogen-progestin compounds? I am just trying to work out the context of the statement.

  589. Hi Dr Holloway,
    I have been reading with interest the study on your blog regarding AD and Ht Therapy and would like to know what are “opposed” estrogen-progestin compounds (Excuse my ignorance),

  590. Dhea is a wonderful anti-aging hormone, especially useful for older men. I have been on it for the last 16 years. I treat men for a a andropause as well. Ask your dr to do a Dhea level on you.

  591. Hi dr holloway do you test men I’m 60 and have adrenal fatigue , I thought DHEA might help
    Regards Vern knight

  592. Christine Arena

    Thank you for your prompt reply , you are terrific . Chris Arena x

  593. I do not know of anyone in your area that prescribes Bioidentical Hormones. The best way to find out is to contact your nearest compounding chemist and ask them.

  594. Christine Arena

    Hello Dr Holloway , Can you tell me of a Dr in my area who can prescibe Troche’s . I have just moved to Maryborough . I was taking Troche’s , prescribed to me by Dr Bruce Farnsworth , my Dr at the time ,for about 5 yrs previously . My local GP back in NSW thought I should have a break from them . But at 58 , HOT flushes , irritability , my husband can testify to that lol , insomnia and anxiety are taking over my life .I would greatly appreciate hearing from you as my life is far from over and I need relief NOW !

    Than you ,

    Christine Arena .

  595. It can be very painful, most of the time. Usually worse with periods. She certainly needs further investigation and help with her pain. There are other reasons for severe lower abdominal pain, which the specialist will investigate.


  597. Acne has many causes, including hormone imbalances. These usually involve testosterone excess. However, hormonal treatment tends to be disappointing as results are generally poor. This is because excess testosterone is a rare cause of acne. The right balance of oestrogen and progesterone is helpful. I may be able to help you, but the chances of me being able to do so is not great, to be honest. I am happy to see you, but I do have a few months waiting list.

  598. Hi
    I am a 35 yr old female battling jawline acne. I am not on any hormones. I am trying to avoid the pill and accutane. I did try spiro for 3mths last year. It did help but I had other side effects. Can your hormone testing help me at all? Is it hard to get an appointment with you?

  599. Bioidentical hormones are the safest and best way to treat menopause. This is proven by extensive research, which is available on this website. This treats menopause by using exactly the same hormones as you produce during your lifetime,and, more importantly, the dose is individualized for each person. This takes into account the fact that each of us is unique, with a unique set of requirements.

  600. Joanne Willoughby

    Need advice on the best treatment for menopause. I am 43 and first diagnosed when I was 40. Early due to endometriosis and hysterectomy.

  601. Perhaps. I would have to check your file to see what changes I made to see if it could have an effect on sleep.

  602. Carol Stewart

    Dr Holloway
    Just wanted to ask a question. You changed my Troche scrip recentlyt and after taking it for 4 days I had trouble with my sleeping which I never do. Could there be a correlation?
    Carol Stewart

  603. Chris Hibbert

    Hi Pauline,
    I haven’t had any results back as yet, so no treatment has started. It would seem I could be deficient in DHEA, which may have an effect on my restless legs, however, until I start on any treatment for that I won’t know if the restless legs can be assisted. In the meantime, I take Valerian and Magnesium, which have a mild effect to help.

  604. Sometimes oestrogen will fix the problem, but not always. There is not any one effective cure for restless legs.

  605. i would be interested in knowing how you got on with Chris Doctor as i am booking in with you regarding my flushes and am wondering whether it will assist with the leg thing also………..mine is not too bad, it occurs when i exercise the way i always have, but my body reacts differently now.
    Pauline 2/3/13

  606. Restless legs has many causes. One of them is hormonal – mainly oestrogen. Men need oestrogen as well, but in small amounts. Magnesium may also help some people.

  607. I have, and still suffer from restless legs. This problem has gone on for nearly 15 years, and I have been to a range of specialists and natural therapy practitioners, that despite their credentials, none have had success. Restless legs can be treated using prescriptive drugs, and I have tried these, however the side effect from the drug was as bad as the problem. I also suffer from hypothyroidism, and although easily treated by thyroxine, I have read that there may be a link between hypothyroidism and restless legs. Restless legs and hypothyroidism apparently, affects more women than men, however I am male aged 58, so I add to the number of males affected. Would be keen to hear from anyone else in the same condition. I have of course made an appointment to see Dr Holloway.

  608. Barbara Ann Bishop

    In 1965 at the Townsville General Hospital I gave birth after 48 hours of labour to a little boy who suffered oxygen deprivation & was born blue later turned yellow due to jaundice.. My heart failed & I was given adrenilin injection during the delivery Blood pressure was dropping at the time During labour I was given a piece of leather to bite on & because I had a private Dr my baby was “held back” by a nurse waiting for my Dr to arrive. All this in a very cold sterile impersonal environment. I wasn’t sedated but as the baby had turned & was sideways my Dr had to manually get him into place. I am glad Dr Pietzch didn’t use forcepts as my son suffered so much at birth. He had siezures up’ til 18 years of age & now suffers a mental illness. He had many physical problems & allergies also was on ritilin for behaviour problems for many years stunting his physical growth. He has a tendancy to react violently to situations & looks to his now anti-psychotic drugs to get through life. He can’t function in the world as I see it but lives rather isolated with bouts of paranoia. Has poor self esteem.
    Like other mothers who had difficult deliveries with problem children I can’t say who or what is to blame but I have my opinion that we all could have benefited from a better attitude towards birthing. Also I was prescribed Ergotrol for migraines before I conceived & was never told to give them up when pregant by that particular GP. Dr Pietzch my GP that I went after I felt I needed a better Dr, when he learnt I was taking them said they must be discontinued immediately & he was very concerned.about the babys’ developement The previous GP was lacking–! I feel Dr Pietzch,Thomas Tibor, who was Austrian I believe, had more general medical knowledge that many I have know in my life time.
    Thank you Dr Holloway for being concerned for mothers & their babies to make “birthing” a better experience. You are a good man who deserves to be cloned—
    Barbara Ann Bishop

  609. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about best treatment for acne.

  610. Hi Colin, Gill (Schubert) here. This is a great Website. Well Done. I have an appointment to
    see you on Nov 2. I am ‘power surging’ all over the place!! Look forward to seeing you soon.

  611. I can tell you many distressing childbirth stories that occurred then. Maternity hospitals were generally unfriendly places and some bad things happened. Lets hope we never make those same mistakes again, and treat women so badly. Unfortunately, women doctors were aften not much better. One women doctor I worked with said to me ” You are obsessed with breast feeding. It is much easier to bottle feed them.”

  612. Mrs Jill Roebig.

    I gave birth to my son at the Mater Hospital, South Brisbane. This was in 1976. He was “whisked away” from me as he was born with club feet, plus, he was diagnosed with XYY syndrome when he was about 13 yrs of age. The birthing experience was terrible, split from front to back and was forced into having a 24 hour labor with him, thus, causing him and myself a lot of stress. When he was born, forceps (sp)?, he had a large lump on his head. I often wonder if he was damaged during this sort of birth, resulting in him XYY. I will never know. Jill.

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