My Address

Morayfield Doctors,

Shop 13, Morayfield Village,

Morayfield Road,


Tel no  0754 283388.

Fax 07 5428 3320


The medical centre is next door to Rivers, and around the corner from Harris Scarfe.

From the Bruce Highway, Take the Morayfield road exit until you come to the big Morayfield shopping centre. It is next door to that.

From the Sunshine Coast, take the Buchanan road exit, go around the shopping centre until you see Harris Scarfe. the centre is around the corner.

  1. Dear Dr Holloway, I have read your profile and did not realise what a great Dr you are and

    where you have been. You have helped my health and my well being and I am very grateful.

  2. Hi,

    I have found useful information in your website regarding natural hormone therapy for women. As I am suffering from this condition for many years I wonder if you could help me feel gain back my health.

    Since I live in South Brisbane it is hard for me to get to your office to simply give the treatment a try. Thereby I ask you to read below information about my condition and let me know if there is a chance to help me feel better if I be your patient. Then, the long way would n’t bother me at all and I ll make an appointment ASAP.
    I am 32 years old, 49kg, 159cm and have been suffering from irregular periods( always late) and a number of PMS. I have seen many doctors and have done numerous blood tests and ultrasounds. The blood test results come different every time. With the latest ultrasound, everything was normal but I used to have ovarian cysts prior to switching to a new diet (low carb, no sugar).

    chronic stress and high level of anxiety have been with me In the recent years and I started to feel extreme PMS from the last 2 years, including:

    -Lots of hair loss and hair thinning
    -irritable, anxious and moody
    -fatigue, low energy
    -trouble to think, talk and concentrate
    – very low sex drive and libido
    -depressed, bad dreams
    -low immune system, fragile nails
    -skinny legs and fatty waistline
    -very light period bleeding
    – bloated tommy and gas

    Please note that I used to have lots of energy, lean body and big thick hair.

    I do exercise 2 times in a week and I do eat very healthy. I had an abortion last year and was on pill for about a week last winter, then I quit the pill as it made me very sick.

    I used to use John Lee progesterone cream until last year as I didnt see much improvement. Although I know I am low on progesterone. Generally I do better in the first half of the month rather than second half. When my period doesn’t come, the PMS get very bad to the point that it influences my social activities and my appearance.
    Please let me know your suggestion.
    I hope you can help me to get my premium health back,


  3. Dear Dr Holloway

    I will be making an appointment me to see you as soon as i can get in about my hormonrs. I saw you several years ago about depression but my hormones were normal.

    Since then my psychiatrist put me on low dose estalis patches which have helped my mood. Unfortunatley, i am now having problems with my menstrual cycle and cannot lose weight despite a clean diet.

    My question is… Should i stop the HRT patches before i see you and should i do it slowly?

    Many thanks
    Sandra Jones

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